March 30, 2017


Every once in awhile I feel the urge to write a post with no meaning behind it, just a post full of "what I've been up to lately". It's like having a conversation with you all, and that's so much fun :)
I know spring is here when the snowdrops in our yard finally bloom. :D
Lately I've been reading....
A Tangled Web by L. M. Montgomery. This is the first time I've read it since I was very young, so the story is practically all but lost from my memory. I only remember that the first time I read it I didn't much care for it and that poor Gay had Noel stolen away from her by the horrible Nan. Now, as I'm reading it again, I'm finding how much more depth and humor and drama the story contains than just the pages about Gay's romance. :P

I'm finding myself rooting for Peter and Donna, laughing over the fight at Aunt Becky's funeral, smiling over the humor of Big Sam and Little Sam's estrangement, yearning for Hugh and Joscelyn to get back together, and pitying so many characters—poor Margaret, and Brian, and Roger.

Altogether I'm enjoying this story much more than I expected. :)

The Lunar Chronicles. Now, I want to add a disclaimer before I continue. The Lunar Chronicles are a series of popular YA futuristic fairytale retellings. I've heard some good things about them, and being the fairytale retelling fan that I am, decided to give them a try. And I'm glad I did. However, there were certain things in the series I was not comfortable with, notably some description of violence. I combated that by skimming as much as I could, but I wanted to forewarn anyone. If you ever try these books careful. They may not be for you. ;) In fact, they barely made it on my "standards" meter, but the characters and stories are so endearing I just...couldn't help myself. I had to keep at the series for them. :)

 (Now if there are any fans of TLC, can we please talk about them?? Because these characters. I love them so much; I need someone to sympathize with me!)

Cress and Thorne by taratjah on DeviantArt || A beautiful couple that would make amazing characters:
Lately I've been watching....
Okay. This is exciting. Guess what?? My family decided to try Clearplay's online streaming and now it feels like a magical door in the movie world has been opened to us. So far we've watched Top Gun, Captain America (!!!), and Indiana Jones. Captain America was my personal choice. I've been wanting to see it for years, have watched so many fan videos of Steve and Peggy, and have long considered Steve one of my favorite fictional heroes, even though I had yet to see his film.

Well, now I'm an official fan. And just as much in love with Steve as ever. :)

My brother and I are also on the third season of BBC's Merlin. I'm not entirely sure of my thoughts/approvals on the show, but on the whole it's really funny and thrilling. It's making me want to read more about Arthur and Merlin and all the lore of Camelot, that's for certain.

PS. I ship Arthur and Gwen so hard it hurts.

PPS. But then Lancelot comes into the picture and I just....I've never been so torn in a love triangle before....

Their faces are priceless!! This makes me laugh every time :D

Lately I've been sewing...

I know, this is a new one, right? Not many of you know I sew, do you? Well....that's because I don't. At least, not well enough to earn the distinction. My mom and I are working together on sewing a dress, but without her I'd be lost. :P

But, I have done a little altering and such by myself in the past and guess what? Over the past two weeks I've finished a tank top I created out of an old skirt, and finished altering a dress I bought from the thrift store. All by myself. I'm so happy. 
(It's also worth nothing that I started these projects about a year ago, so the relief in finally finishing them is extreme.)

Here is the dress. It used to be longer with skinny straps, and so I shortened it in order to make thick straps. 

Lately I've been listening to.....
Celtic music! I discovered the group Celtic Thunder via this blog post, and was instantly made a fan, much to Jessica's (Prescott) delight. :D This is one of my favorites at the moment. :)

Lately I've been writing....
Not a whole lot. :( But, I keep trying to chip away at my villain's backstory for my Princess and the Pea novel. I feel like the more time passes, the more I realize how much I still have to learn about my characters and their stories. *sigh* 
"You have heard that sermon before." 10 Ways You Know You're a Pastor's Kid | Project Inspired. Pretty much!
Arthur, looking disgruntled and confused for me because of my writing troubles
But, in the meantime, I'm planning on joining my dear friend Éowyn for Camp NaNoWriMo! Are any of you participating? 

(I re-did my writing page with a little more information on my stories. Check it out. :))

Springtime things I've been enjoying...
Late afternoon sunlight streaming through my window and hitting the lovely flowers on my desk.....drizzly, rainy days (like today).....little green shoots popping up all over the yard....air that doesn't freeze your nose (:P)....watching Pride and Preudice  1995 with my mom....plans for spring cleaning....pulling your spring/summer clothes out of the closet....

my flowers :)

Lastly, I'd like to tell you about two new, exciting things I did recently. One was that I tried out for a local theater's production of Beauty and the Beast!! I actually got cast as part of the ensemble (which is what I hoped for!!) (I still can't believe it, to be honest), but had to turn it down due to various reasons. I actually don't mind at all, because it was truly the trying out that I really wanted to conquer. I've always wanted to be in a play, but the thought of auditioning always scared me half to death. But, in Christ I can indeed do all things. He gave me the strength and courage to get up there and try, and I'm so glad I did. It was a really great, confidence-boosting experience. :) 

This is exactly Peter's thoughts right here. << sooooo perfect!:
literally me

A second scary/exciting experience I had was my first job interview!! It was for a position at the library, one I hadn't actually applied for, but it sounded intriguing. It's been awhile since it occurred, so I don't think I got the job. But that's okay. :) I'm still really thankful for the experience. 

Well, I'll bid you all farewell, now, and leave you with this adorable gif of Harrison Ford, which I didn't realize was from Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark till we watched it these past couple of days. :P 

PS. I feel like this gif needs some sort of witty caption, but my brain is not cooperating. Any ideas? I was thinking something along the lines of "My face when someone asks...." 

March 20, 2017

The Moon-Spinners

The Moon Spinners

What is it about some stories? The ones that cling to your heart the moment you meet them. The ones that you still love, after years and years and years. Perhaps you haven't even been reacquainted with them since that first meeting. But then you read it or watch it again, and find that nothing's changed. You still love it. Isn't that the best feeling?

✯ Full Moon:
Disney's The Moonspinners is one of those stories for me. I can't remember the first time I saw it, but it was a long time ago. I've seen it multiple times since, but every time cements it only deeper into my heart. 

This isn't a review by any means, but rather a list of reasons I love this magical story. It's not all extensive, and it will probably make no sense to you if you have not seen the film. If that's the case, I can only hope this post will make you want to see it!

Peter McEnery and Hayley Mills dancing in The Moon Spinners, (1964):
~I love Mark's character. When he's first introduced in the story, I'm a little unimpressed. Nikky looks out her window, soaking in the Crete sun and blinking against the dazzling light on the waters. Then he appears, sun tanned and athletic in his motorboat and she gets all swoony over him. ;) (Okay, not really, but it's obvious she likes him from the get go.) When she officially meets him, he seems a friendly, fun sort of chap—just the kind you'd like to meet on a foreign trip. But beyond that, my impression leaves me thinking he's kind of silly and shallow. But oh—no he is not. The Mark we know at the end of the story is so different from the Mark we meet at the beginning. Not because he changes, but because his shining character is revealed to us, bit by bit. He's a hero—always was—but it takes time to realize that. Much like real life, don't you think? In stories the hero is always identifiable, maybe even obviously so, like in fairytales when they come riding up on their white chargers, brandishing a shining sword. Nothing's wrong with that, but it's not real life. Real heroes aren't always evident. But they are there, all the same. It just takes time to realize it. 
Passageway to the sea on the Isle of Crete, Greece • Note: a comment on Murray's webpage has this passageway in Rovinj, Croatia:
~The blue waters, the golden warm sun, the sandy beach and hills—the landscape in this film is gorgeous. Every time I watch it, it's almost like traveling there myself (which I really want to do, so if you're planning a trip to Crete, please invite me!). The magic of such a glorious place is simply breathtaking, even in a Disney film from the 1960's. (One might claim that makes it more magical than it truly is, but I simply don't believe that. :))

~The suspense and tension of this film can set me on edge even after I've seen it so often. Yes, it's rather silly and unbelievable at times, but I still find myself deeply drawn into the story and the danger. The nighttime escapade on the rocky shore, the windy, harrowing moments on the windmill (with Mark looking adorably worried about Nikky <3 <3 <3), the fight between Stratos and Mark on the's all thrilling, every bit of it.
Haley Mills, Peter McEnery - Disney's "The Moonspinners":

~Speaking of thrilling, are not the old church and the tombs another element of this story that just adds so much? I love it.

~Alexis. He's hysterical. I mean, for crying loud out, how could you not love such an adorable kid? ;)

Moonspinners - crisp white dress with a beautiful backdrop:

~Nikky's wardrobe. I have a notorious habit of expressing my admiration for movie costumes aloud when watching a movie with my family, and Nikky's outfits always make me do so. I love her sun dresses, her pink top and pants, the party dress she wears at the wedding.....I just really want all her clothing! But, my favorite is probably the green dress she wears at the end of the film. (I found this really cool post by someone who made her own dress based off of Nikky's green one. Isn't it stunning? Note: I have not checked out the rest of her blog, so I can't endorse it, content-wise.)
moonspinners- Hayley Mills:

~THE KISS. Does anyone else love that moment? Please? Anyone? I just.....warm fuzzy feelings, guys. THEY ARE SO CUTE. I love how after all this time of her liking him, and him acting like he doesn't really care for her in that way, he just kisses her. No words beforehand. No admission of love. He just kisses her, telling her to be safe, and knowing he may never see her again.
(Also, can we talk about how protective Nikky is, always telling Mark he's going to get himself killed if he's not careful? Always trying to keep him away from danger? Let's be real, Mark doesn't know how to stay out of danger. She shows how much she loves him by her actions and her words. Her line of "I just don't want you to get hurt," before he kisses her is SO SWEET.)

~I really want to read the book, though I've heard it varies from the movie. Can someone send me this copy, please? (Isn't it lovely??)

Well, 'tis late and this post is long enough, methinks. ;) I will leave you now with this adorable photo of Mark and Nikky (though it isn't actually from the movie....a press photo, perhaps?). <3
The Moon-Spinners - Hayley Mills & Peter McEnery - 1964:

Have you seen The Moon Spinners
Do you like it? 
Has my post convinced you to try it? (Please say yes!)

March 13, 2017


Helloooo, my friends. Here I am today with not one but TWO tags, because that makes it more fun, am I right? (Also, I want to blog, but don't feel like putting the mental energy into a "real" post, so I thought I might as well get these tags done. :))


The first one is the Sunshine Blogger award given to me by dear Miss March. Thank you!

1. What was the last book you read?
Uhm. *checks goodreads* This Eric Liddell biography by Catherine Swift. He's such an inspiration.

2. On a typical evening at home, what are you most often found doing -- reading a book, watching a movie, playing games with your siblings, twiddling your thumbs...what?
Watching a movie with my family. :)

3. You have the choice of being an only child or having twenty siblings.  Which do you choose?
Definitely twenty siblings. I would get so lonely as an only child. *cries at the thought*

4. Do you prefer bike riding or walking?
How can I choooooose? I love both.
Living in the Country:
5.  If you had to create your own family made up of characters from literature (or film) who would you choose to have as your father?  As your mother?  Choose a brother and a sister, too, just for the fun of it.  :)
Such a fun question! (Although I wouldn't trade my real family. Just making that clear. ;))
Mmm, as a father, I'd choose....maybe William Altair from Resistance by Jaye L. Knight? As for a mother....hmm. Maybe Emma's mom from The Mother Daughter Book Club? I don't know. I'd love to have Gwen from BBC's Merlin as a sister (she's just the sweetest) and Sage from The False Prince trilogy as a brother.

That was more difficult than I would have guessed. The brother and sister question was easy, but there are really a lack of good parents in books and films. :P

6.  Did you ever receive money under your pillow after losing a tooth?
Hee, yes. :P

7.  What's your favorite color?
Rosamaria G Frangini. Color Desire Blue Aqua. Ocean. Water. Blue.:

beetle - this makes me smile because we used to have a white VW Beetle called Herbie!:
Indescribable turquoise ish pink ish aqua blue ish colors on this seashell - only took 3 weeks to qualify for my MOST #POPULAR RE-PINS board. Like for sunflower heads and Pine cones, this shell clearly shows the math Fibonacci Spirals it was designed with. Amazing UNDERWATER GLORY - -  photo of life below the sea's waves, on the ocean floor, pinned via Ellis's #ENCHANTED #Pinterest. #Turquoise #Blue #Seashell #Ocean #Conch #Shell:

8. Would you rather wash dishes or iron clothes?
Iron clothes. I don't mind either, because I can play music or watch a movie (ish) while doing it, but ironing clothes is less damaging to your hands. And less messy. :P

9. What is your opinion on zoos?  Interesting or boring?
I haven't been to many, but I've always found them quite fun.

10. Growing up, did you have a favorite doll? What was her name?
I had many dolls, and as to my favorite? Well, that's hard. Let us say Felicity (the American Girl). She definitely was my favorite, though I tried not to let my other 18" dolls (the less expensive ones from Target) know it.
actual photo of my dolls having a tea party :) 

The second tag is The Bibliophile Tag from Lia. Thank you!!

1. What is your favorite fantasy novel/series?
Ughhh. This is hard. I have three favorites. Don't make me choose between them. Lord of the Rings, Narnia, and The Ilyon Chronicles (Okay, if I HAD to choose I'd probably say LOTR, but that's a really painful decision...)

2. What is your favorite historical novel?
Umm. ONE of my favorites is Mara:Daughter of the Nile by Eloise Jarvis McGraw.

3. What is your favorite contemporary novel?
I read very little contemporary fiction. I guess The Mother Daughter Book Club series? If I had to pick one, I'd choose Pies and Prejudice.

4. Which character/book best reflects your personality?
I feel as if The Blue Castle really fits into a corner of my heart and "understands" me—if a book can understand you. ;) Though my life and personality are very different from Valancy's, I still connect with the story SO much. If I wanted to "introduce myself" to someone by giving them a book to read, I would choose that one.

5. What is your favorite book character of all time?
At this moment? Jace. (Answer is subject to vary)
6. What is your favorite author?
Probably J.R.R Tolkien, but then again I have many favorites. :P

7. Do you judge a book by it's cover?
Yes, I do. I try not to...but it's hard. (Note to authors: make your cover stunning if you want me to read it.)

8. Paper books, ebooks or both?
Paper, but I will read ebooks when paper is unavailable. I admit I love the dictionary feature.

9. Have you read a book you didn't like?
Yes, haven't we all? :)
(Such as this one, which I just read and reviewed on goodreads. Ugh.)
current mood - Mr. Knightley
10. What is your favorite book villain?
Can I say Smaug the dragon? He's pretty cool.

Thank you, Olivia and Lia!!!

March 9, 2017

NEWSIES—The Broadway Movie

Newsies: The Broadway Musical (2017):

This is dreadfully late, considering I went to see Newsies: The Broadway Musical (in cinemas, not live on stage) on February 22nd. I promised a few fellow fans that I would review it and I WILL NOT BREAK THAT PROMISE. So here I am. Finally. :)

First off, if you are not familiar with the fireworks and applause inducing show that is Newsies, then sit yourself down, my friend, and do so. Here you go. Right down there. Yup, the spotify playlist. Go ahead and give it a listen. :)

(Although, if you prefer, you could instead watch the 1992 movie first, since it was the film that inspired the Broadway musical. Fall in love with THAT, then listen to the Broadway version and fall in love with that too.)

Previous to seeing this on the big screen, I had found the musical in its entirety (care of someone who posted the full OBC show on youtube :)) so I was familiar with the ins and outs of the show plus most of the lines (at least, the ones I could hear) and such. But seeing it on the big screen, high resolution, with all sorts of amazing camera angles and lighting and magical audio......??

It's an experience not to be taken lightly, folks. (NOW I JUST HOPE THEY PUT IT ON DVD PLEASE)

To begin with, before the movie started, they played behind the scenes videos of the show (most of which are on youtube) and had little trivia questions (I think I only got one wrong? I was waiting for the harder questions to appear ;P). That was a nice, fun little addition. :)

Then the screen darkens....and it begins....sunrise in New York City....two newsboys waking up to start another day, full of work and dancing and singing and saving their pennies in order to have one full meal a day.

Can you see it? Crutchie, a happy, go-lucky kind of guy, smiling and never letting his crippled leg get him down (even when he's trying to descend the fire escape by himself) . Then there's Jack, the handsome, heroically charistmatic....*tries not to sing all of the "Watch What Happens" lyrics*. Anyways. Just continue to picture Jack and Crutchie—not me in my movie theater seat grinning like an idiot. :P

Absolutely perfect:
I love love love how the Broadway show begins with a new version of "Santa Fe". It sets the tone for the rest of Jack's character development, making clear that if it were up to him, he'd be miles and miles away from New York. And, of course, the song cements Crutchie and Jack's wonderful, adorable friendship.

"Carrying the Banner" (Not "Carry on the Banner", which is how I saw it spelled somewhere online. Goodness, people.)  is absolutely marvelous and exciting and just plain fun. Race (the newsie who always has a cigar in his mouth and pronounces the word "oyster" wrong) was played by a different guy than the one originally on Broadway, but he was spectacular. Not only was his dancing ridiculously fantastic (like every newsie...except Jack...and Davey...haha) he was just. so. funny. He has this high pitched voice and "the swagger of one twice his age" (shush, I know that's supposed to describe Jack). He was just fabulous.

NEW NEWSIES PRODUCTION PHOTOS!! The touring cast of Disney's Newsies (Photo by Deen Van Meer):

Crutchie is adorable in whatever song he appears in, and "Carrying the Banner" is no exception. And I finally was able to learn what he says in response to Race asking "Hey, Crutchie! What's your leg say? No rain?" Crutchie: "Uhh, no rain. Party cloudy, clear by evening!" 

pissed that letter from the refuge is only in the tour, and I've only seen the Broadway show. >:^((((((:
The entire show has many humorous moments woven throughout the singing and dialogue. There was so much I hadn't noticed or heard properly from the youtube video, and it was so nice finally being able to understand all the jokes!

Race and Crutchie have a lot of funny bantering moments, from the time Race asks Crutchie about his leg, to later on in the show when Crutchie decorates his crutch with a scrap of fabric. On it is painted "STRIKE". Race tells him, "That's great!" Then he turns around and tells another newsie,"That's pathetic." And it was. BUT CRUTCHIE MADE IT, SO IT'S ADORABLE.

In the originally 1992 movie, Jack's love interest is called Sarah, and she's Davy and Les' sister. I think she's super sweet, but in the Broadway version they created a new, better character: Katherine Plumber. Katherine is an aspiring reporter and takes on the job of getting the newsies strike into the papers. On the front page. Above the fold. ;)
Anyhow, Jack meets Katherine on the streets during "Carrying the Banner", but later runs into her again at Medda's. Despite Katherine's cold rebuffs of his attentions ("Somewhere out there, someone cares....go tell them!"), Jack flirts with her atrociously (the song "I Never Planned on You" is adorably sweet)  and leaves behind a newspaper with a drawing of her face for her to find. Oh yes. In the Broadway show, Jack is an artist.

Let me tell you, from the moment the film starts, you can see that Jeremy Jordan is giving 110% in each performance, but it's even more obvious during "The World Will Know". HE'S SO ANGRY. It's just...agh. I love it. JAAACK.

"Watch What Happens", Katherine's solo song was fantastic, as always. I really love that song and have sang it (ha) and watched/listened to it so many times, but Kara Lindsay still managed to make the song as stunning as ever. The way the lines are delivered was tweaked a little here and there, such as the beginning, where she speaks her first lines more softly. I found it much more realistic and really enjoyed the "new" version.
PS - Watch What Happens Kara Lindsay (Bway).jpg:

"Seize the Day" is exciting and inspiring, plus Davy sings most of the beginning WHICH MAKES ME HAPPY (I love Davy) (who doesn't) and it's just so good.

Then Crutchie gets caught by the police.*whimpers* Everything was pretty happy up to this point....then Crutchie gets beaten up and my heart breaks a little and Jack goes up onto the rooftop to sing about how Crutchie was too darn slow and how he just wants to close his eyes and go to Santa Fe and have nothing to do with being "Captian Jack" anymore.
No no I can't take this | Newsies and Toursies - THE TOURSIES WERE MY CAST.  OH MY GOSH.:
you're welcome for breaking your heart

"Santa Fe" was awesome. It always is. I'm not going to describe it because IT CANNOT BE DESCRIBED, OKAY? Jeremy Jordan, how do you do it. (My only qualm was that the lighting as the camera pulled away at the end was kind of ghostly blue and made Jeremy look really weird, but hey. I guess I can live with that.)

"I’ve got nothin’ if I ain’t got Santa Fe" - Jeremy Jordan in Newsies

"King of New York" is always marvelous so I hardly need tell you that it was. Marvelous, that is. Because it was. IT'S JUST SO MUCH FUN. (Also, after Katherine's first attempt at tap dancing, Davy cries out "That's it?!" It. Was. Hysterical.)
Toursies!!!! I saw them and was blown away by the dancing!!! Amazing!!!!! Met the cast afterward, so amazing!!!:

So, while on tour, a new song was added to the show called "Letter from the Refuge" and  MAH HEART as if Crutchie was't already adorable and sweet and just the most pitifully cute character ever.....

Your brother by Rebecca Brogan on @DeviantArt. Guys, Letter From the Refuge gave me all the feels.  Also, I may be in love with Crutchie.  It's a problem, ask my family.  #newsiesforever:

I loved smiling to myself at all the "inside jokes" moments, like Davey belting out "THE POOR GUY'S HEAD IS SPINNING" during "Watch What Happens (reprise)".
Fansie Fact #5:

Finally Spot Conlon arrives with the rest of Brooklyn and sing "Brooklyn's Here" and that made me smile. Reasons why are as follows:
1) Spot Conlon
2) Brooklyn's here (LOUD AND CLEAR)

There ya go.

More like we put Brooklyn's here on full volume while passionately lip syncing/ singing. Everywhere. Not just the car.:

"Something to Believe In" is one of my favorite romantic songs from a musical eveeer. It's just the best. And it didn't disappoint at allll.
SO SWEET <3 <3 <3

So, after Jack and Katherine voice their feeling for each other and I'm sitting in my seat smiling over their adorableness, Jack is encouraged to try again, ready to take the strike to the finish line with the help of his friends. Speaking of friends, Jack and Davy are just the greatest.  After all they've been through, what do you think Jack says when Davey tells him, "It's good to have you back with us."?

"Shut up." :P (Oh, Jack.)

"Once and For All" was angry and loud and just all around fantastic. That song alllllways gives me chills at the end, and it did this time, too. I'm so glad. I would have been upset if it didn't.
"there's change coming once and for all!":
I only had one problem with "'Once and For All". You know that part where they all throw down the newspapers? They camera zoomed in on Spot Conlon. That usually isn't a problem, but during the throwing down of the papers scene?? I want to see them ALL do it at the same time. I always loved that part :'(

Speaking of Spot*, I wish he had more screen-time and lines in this movie. He was great and fantastic and all, but he's Spot Conlon. He hardly gets enough recognition for being the newsie who practically rules Brooklyn. Not to mention we all know how funny he is in the behind the scenes videos. Even my Dad said Spot (and Crutchie) deserved more screen time. Oh yes, I went to see this with my entire family. It was quite fun getting to watch it with them and hear their opinions. :) They by no means love it like I do, but they liked it tolerably enough. I suppose I'm satisfied. Heh. (But my brother said he loved it and I'M SO HAPPY I FINALLY CONVERTED HIM INTO A FANSIE.) (He still won't sing Newsies songs with me, though. :P)

You two!! :) there is too much cuteness in this picture!:
*As a side note, isn't Spot's smile just like sunshine? All the newsies are darling, but Spot is just special. 
(What am I saying, they're ALL special!!! <3)

Before we know it, the strike is ended, leaving the newsies victorious over Mr. Pulizter, cheering and yelling in triumph. But Jack still has a choice to make. He's now free to go, free to travel anywhere he to escape to Santa Fe. And the one of my (many) favorite parts happens....just...listen to this:

Wow that article was actually very informative. I thought it was gonna be shaming the musical but NO! Anyway, what a great start to my Jack and Katherine OTP ship board!!!!!!:
this is what happens when all the Newsies cheer in the song above

Yup. Jack stays with his friends. :) <3

Then we get a fabulous mash up of "Carrying the Banner" and "King of New York" with evvveryyoooone dancing and singing and IT'S JUST SO HAPPY.

As any good musical lover knows, the curtain call can be almost as good as the show, maybe even as good only because you're so hyped and happy and LOOK ALL MY FAVORITE CHARACTERS ARE SMILING AND LAUGHING AND AHHH. I love curtain calls. :)

Me, internally, the entire time watching Newsies Live.

And this one didn't disappoint. Jeremy Jordan, dance master extradoinaire, attempted some sort of jumping dance move as he ran out on stage and to the delight of all his fans, nearly fell on his face. I'm not saying we're happy because he FELL. It was just so adorkable. He was fine. He was laughing. It's all good.


Wellll, I guess that's it, my friends. I've got nothing more to say, except that the Newsies movie was epic and this musical will always and forever be my favorite musical (unless something even more amazing comes along, which I doubt.)

"So whatever happens, WE'RE BACK!" #newsies:

March 2, 2017


Some of you may know the lovely person around our blogosphere who goes by the name of Miss March (Yes, I know her real name. No, I'm not going to tell you. :P). Well, guess what? This is her birthday week!! (Yes, I know her actual date of birth, and no I can't tell you that, either. I'd have to ask her permission for that, and I can't do that because this post is meant to be a surprise!)
Balloon Spot | balloons for Pooh and friends | Disney & Cath Kidston |:

Miss March and I have been blogging friends ever since...well, I'm not sure WHEN we exactly became friends (it just kind of happens, you know?) but, with a little digging into older blog posts, I discovered we "met" each other in April of 2015. Look at this polite little conversation we had back in 2015.

Now look at our conversations....

Miss March has many talents, some of which she does NOT give herself enough credit for. Such as her writing. Everyone, please read this post of her writing snippets and tell her what an amazing author she is because ISN'T SHE MARVELOUS? Seriously. Her stories are so delightful.
(If you want another examples of how long our comment conversations have gotten, scroll down to the bottom of that post and be amazed. :P)

Another lovely thing Miss March has a talent for is kindness. Every comment I've ever seen her leave on any post is always extremely kind. Miss March is just the sweetest person, always ready to give a compliment or encouragement. (She believes in other people quite profoundly, she just needs to believe in herself a little more. ;))
Sunshiny Corner: Sunshine Blogger Award:
this is Miss March. I even found this quote from her blog!
She has a talent for very witty and sarcastic posts, incorporating Jeeves and Woosters pictures or the little voice inside her head, Mr. Smart Aleck.

You know, I frequently imagine Mr. Smart Aleck to be making a face close to this one...

Or this one....
his face :D:

Which leads me to mention Mr. Knightley, because after all it's Miss March's birthday, and people she loves should be included in the festivities. :D Heehee.
Thus, here is a collage of the said gentleman, one of Miss March's favorite heroes.
BBC Emma / some of my favorite Mr. Knightley quotes:

Speaking of Miss March's favorite heroes...

When Calls the Heart returns on Hallmark Channel. February 19, 2017 for S4. Photos - Season Four Sneak Peek Gallery - 8:

We both share a love for Hallmark's When Calls the Heart, but I know Miss March isn't afraid to make fun of certain things when it is their due. Such as Jack's outfit in the above photo. I love Jack. Miss March loves Jack. But Miss March, please make fun of his ridiculously modern looking outfit because it' I have no words. Did When Calls the Heart time travel to 2017?

This post wouldn't be complete without a few mentions of some other special things Miss March loves, such as....

"It's the land where golden chariots are molded out of dreams..." ~ The Happiest Millionaire:

The Happiest Millionaire.....

oh Henry...:


Beatrix Potter - the original "Cottage" Mouse - painted and decorated with gumpaste flowers:

Beatrix Potter illustrations...

Color My Garden Pink:

(I mean, she's never said "I love flowers", but I assume she does. What girl doesn't?)

good books....

stories about childhood sweethearts like George and Mary...

Ioan Gruffudd, as William Wilberforce in Amazing Grace (one of my favorite 18th century-set movies).:

William Wilberforce and Amazing Grace....

Well, I think it's time to bring this post to a close. I suppose I can't list EVERYTHING Miss March loves. After all, I'm sure she has plans for her birthday week. But hopefully she enjoyed seeing a few of her favorite things all in one post. ;) 

One last thing. Miss March, you are such a lovely, wonderful encouraging person and friend and I've SO enjoyed getting to know you over the past years. You've brightened my day with your emails and comments and posts so many times (SO MANY TIMES) and I'm simply very, very, very thankful God allowed us to become friends.

Everyone sing! "Happy Birthday to you....happy birthday to you...happy birthday, dear Miss March...." ;)

*throws confetti*
*hobbit bow*
The end. :)

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