March 9, 2017

NEWSIES—The Broadway Movie

Newsies: The Broadway Musical (2017):

This is dreadfully late, considering I went to see Newsies: The Broadway Musical (in cinemas, not live on stage) on February 22nd. I promised a few fellow fans that I would review it and I WILL NOT BREAK THAT PROMISE. So here I am. Finally. :)

First off, if you are not familiar with the fireworks and applause inducing show that is Newsies, then sit yourself down, my friend, and do so. Here you go. Right down there. Yup, the spotify playlist. Go ahead and give it a listen. :)

(Although, if you prefer, you could instead watch the 1992 movie first, since it was the film that inspired the Broadway musical. Fall in love with THAT, then listen to the Broadway version and fall in love with that too.)

Previous to seeing this on the big screen, I had found the musical in its entirety (care of someone who posted the full OBC show on youtube :)) so I was familiar with the ins and outs of the show plus most of the lines (at least, the ones I could hear) and such. But seeing it on the big screen, high resolution, with all sorts of amazing camera angles and lighting and magical audio......??

It's an experience not to be taken lightly, folks. (NOW I JUST HOPE THEY PUT IT ON DVD PLEASE)

To begin with, before the movie started, they played behind the scenes videos of the show (most of which are on youtube) and had little trivia questions (I think I only got one wrong? I was waiting for the harder questions to appear ;P). That was a nice, fun little addition. :)

Then the screen darkens....and it begins....sunrise in New York City....two newsboys waking up to start another day, full of work and dancing and singing and saving their pennies in order to have one full meal a day.

Can you see it? Crutchie, a happy, go-lucky kind of guy, smiling and never letting his crippled leg get him down (even when he's trying to descend the fire escape by himself) . Then there's Jack, the handsome, heroically charistmatic....*tries not to sing all of the "Watch What Happens" lyrics*. Anyways. Just continue to picture Jack and Crutchie—not me in my movie theater seat grinning like an idiot. :P

Absolutely perfect:
I love love love how the Broadway show begins with a new version of "Santa Fe". It sets the tone for the rest of Jack's character development, making clear that if it were up to him, he'd be miles and miles away from New York. And, of course, the song cements Crutchie and Jack's wonderful, adorable friendship.

"Carrying the Banner" (Not "Carry on the Banner", which is how I saw it spelled somewhere online. Goodness, people.)  is absolutely marvelous and exciting and just plain fun. Race (the newsie who always has a cigar in his mouth and pronounces the word "oyster" wrong) was played by a different guy than the one originally on Broadway, but he was spectacular. Not only was his dancing ridiculously fantastic (like every newsie...except Jack...and Davey...haha) he was just. so. funny. He has this high pitched voice and "the swagger of one twice his age" (shush, I know that's supposed to describe Jack). He was just fabulous.

NEW NEWSIES PRODUCTION PHOTOS!! The touring cast of Disney's Newsies (Photo by Deen Van Meer):

Crutchie is adorable in whatever song he appears in, and "Carrying the Banner" is no exception. And I finally was able to learn what he says in response to Race asking "Hey, Crutchie! What's your leg say? No rain?" Crutchie: "Uhh, no rain. Party cloudy, clear by evening!" 

pissed that letter from the refuge is only in the tour, and I've only seen the Broadway show. >:^((((((:
The entire show has many humorous moments woven throughout the singing and dialogue. There was so much I hadn't noticed or heard properly from the youtube video, and it was so nice finally being able to understand all the jokes!

Race and Crutchie have a lot of funny bantering moments, from the time Race asks Crutchie about his leg, to later on in the show when Crutchie decorates his crutch with a scrap of fabric. On it is painted "STRIKE". Race tells him, "That's great!" Then he turns around and tells another newsie,"That's pathetic." And it was. BUT CRUTCHIE MADE IT, SO IT'S ADORABLE.

In the originally 1992 movie, Jack's love interest is called Sarah, and she's Davy and Les' sister. I think she's super sweet, but in the Broadway version they created a new, better character: Katherine Plumber. Katherine is an aspiring reporter and takes on the job of getting the newsies strike into the papers. On the front page. Above the fold. ;)
Anyhow, Jack meets Katherine on the streets during "Carrying the Banner", but later runs into her again at Medda's. Despite Katherine's cold rebuffs of his attentions ("Somewhere out there, someone cares....go tell them!"), Jack flirts with her atrociously (the song "I Never Planned on You" is adorably sweet)  and leaves behind a newspaper with a drawing of her face for her to find. Oh yes. In the Broadway show, Jack is an artist.

Let me tell you, from the moment the film starts, you can see that Jeremy Jordan is giving 110% in each performance, but it's even more obvious during "The World Will Know". HE'S SO ANGRY. It's just...agh. I love it. JAAACK.

"Watch What Happens", Katherine's solo song was fantastic, as always. I really love that song and have sang it (ha) and watched/listened to it so many times, but Kara Lindsay still managed to make the song as stunning as ever. The way the lines are delivered was tweaked a little here and there, such as the beginning, where she speaks her first lines more softly. I found it much more realistic and really enjoyed the "new" version.
PS - Watch What Happens Kara Lindsay (Bway).jpg:

"Seize the Day" is exciting and inspiring, plus Davy sings most of the beginning WHICH MAKES ME HAPPY (I love Davy) (who doesn't) and it's just so good.

Then Crutchie gets caught by the police.*whimpers* Everything was pretty happy up to this point....then Crutchie gets beaten up and my heart breaks a little and Jack goes up onto the rooftop to sing about how Crutchie was too darn slow and how he just wants to close his eyes and go to Santa Fe and have nothing to do with being "Captian Jack" anymore.
No no I can't take this | Newsies and Toursies - THE TOURSIES WERE MY CAST.  OH MY GOSH.:
you're welcome for breaking your heart

"Santa Fe" was awesome. It always is. I'm not going to describe it because IT CANNOT BE DESCRIBED, OKAY? Jeremy Jordan, how do you do it. (My only qualm was that the lighting as the camera pulled away at the end was kind of ghostly blue and made Jeremy look really weird, but hey. I guess I can live with that.)

"I’ve got nothin’ if I ain’t got Santa Fe" - Jeremy Jordan in Newsies

"King of New York" is always marvelous so I hardly need tell you that it was. Marvelous, that is. Because it was. IT'S JUST SO MUCH FUN. (Also, after Katherine's first attempt at tap dancing, Davy cries out "That's it?!" It. Was. Hysterical.)
Toursies!!!! I saw them and was blown away by the dancing!!! Amazing!!!!! Met the cast afterward, so amazing!!!:

So, while on tour, a new song was added to the show called "Letter from the Refuge" and  MAH HEART as if Crutchie was't already adorable and sweet and just the most pitifully cute character ever.....

Your brother by Rebecca Brogan on @DeviantArt. Guys, Letter From the Refuge gave me all the feels.  Also, I may be in love with Crutchie.  It's a problem, ask my family.  #newsiesforever:

I loved smiling to myself at all the "inside jokes" moments, like Davey belting out "THE POOR GUY'S HEAD IS SPINNING" during "Watch What Happens (reprise)".
Fansie Fact #5:

Finally Spot Conlon arrives with the rest of Brooklyn and sing "Brooklyn's Here" and that made me smile. Reasons why are as follows:
1) Spot Conlon
2) Brooklyn's here (LOUD AND CLEAR)

There ya go.

More like we put Brooklyn's here on full volume while passionately lip syncing/ singing. Everywhere. Not just the car.:

"Something to Believe In" is one of my favorite romantic songs from a musical eveeer. It's just the best. And it didn't disappoint at allll.
SO SWEET <3 <3 <3

So, after Jack and Katherine voice their feeling for each other and I'm sitting in my seat smiling over their adorableness, Jack is encouraged to try again, ready to take the strike to the finish line with the help of his friends. Speaking of friends, Jack and Davy are just the greatest.  After all they've been through, what do you think Jack says when Davey tells him, "It's good to have you back with us."?

"Shut up." :P (Oh, Jack.)

"Once and For All" was angry and loud and just all around fantastic. That song alllllways gives me chills at the end, and it did this time, too. I'm so glad. I would have been upset if it didn't.
"there's change coming once and for all!":
I only had one problem with "'Once and For All". You know that part where they all throw down the newspapers? They camera zoomed in on Spot Conlon. That usually isn't a problem, but during the throwing down of the papers scene?? I want to see them ALL do it at the same time. I always loved that part :'(

Speaking of Spot*, I wish he had more screen-time and lines in this movie. He was great and fantastic and all, but he's Spot Conlon. He hardly gets enough recognition for being the newsie who practically rules Brooklyn. Not to mention we all know how funny he is in the behind the scenes videos. Even my Dad said Spot (and Crutchie) deserved more screen time. Oh yes, I went to see this with my entire family. It was quite fun getting to watch it with them and hear their opinions. :) They by no means love it like I do, but they liked it tolerably enough. I suppose I'm satisfied. Heh. (But my brother said he loved it and I'M SO HAPPY I FINALLY CONVERTED HIM INTO A FANSIE.) (He still won't sing Newsies songs with me, though. :P)

You two!! :) there is too much cuteness in this picture!:
*As a side note, isn't Spot's smile just like sunshine? All the newsies are darling, but Spot is just special. 
(What am I saying, they're ALL special!!! <3)

Before we know it, the strike is ended, leaving the newsies victorious over Mr. Pulizter, cheering and yelling in triumph. But Jack still has a choice to make. He's now free to go, free to travel anywhere he to escape to Santa Fe. And the one of my (many) favorite parts happens....just...listen to this:

Wow that article was actually very informative. I thought it was gonna be shaming the musical but NO! Anyway, what a great start to my Jack and Katherine OTP ship board!!!!!!:
this is what happens when all the Newsies cheer in the song above

Yup. Jack stays with his friends. :) <3

Then we get a fabulous mash up of "Carrying the Banner" and "King of New York" with evvveryyoooone dancing and singing and IT'S JUST SO HAPPY.

As any good musical lover knows, the curtain call can be almost as good as the show, maybe even as good only because you're so hyped and happy and LOOK ALL MY FAVORITE CHARACTERS ARE SMILING AND LAUGHING AND AHHH. I love curtain calls. :)

Me, internally, the entire time watching Newsies Live.

And this one didn't disappoint. Jeremy Jordan, dance master extradoinaire, attempted some sort of jumping dance move as he ran out on stage and to the delight of all his fans, nearly fell on his face. I'm not saying we're happy because he FELL. It was just so adorkable. He was fine. He was laughing. It's all good.


Wellll, I guess that's it, my friends. I've got nothing more to say, except that the Newsies movie was epic and this musical will always and forever be my favorite musical (unless something even more amazing comes along, which I doubt.)

"So whatever happens, WE'RE BACK!" #newsies:


  1. Okay so life is unfair, why did you go see this without me, Natalie, why.

    1. Hope you don't mind me chiming in.. NAOMI YOU MUST! You would LOVE it

    2. Naomi,I KNOOOOW. I'm sorrrry. :( I wish you could have seen it, too!!!!

      SOMEDAY. I THINK I heard that they'll be putting it on itunes and Amazon digital HD....maybe you could buy it there when it comes out??

      Not at all, Evie! :)

  2. Sadly much of this post is lost on me because I hardly know anything about Newsies. (I guess I need to be "educated". ;)) But it was a fun read all the same. And Jack and Crutchie's friendship sounds soooo sweet!! :D

    1. We need to remedy that, VERY soon. ;D

      (It is the sweetest. :))

  3. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh . . . this post made me smile and smile :-) I kept thinking about when I saw it in the theater and it was just like, "AGH I'M FREAKING OUT I LOVE THIS SO MUCH" *jumps up and down*

    RACE. YES. Ben Tyler Cook--that's his name--we DID get to see him live; and mah word, but that kid has SPUNK. So much sass and so much charisma . . . he stole literally every scene he was in, and it was fantastic. And his voice is the best :-) "Cut out the hot air and let's all pause to drink in the moment--I'M FAMOUS!!!!"

    "Brooklyn's Here" is my favorite Newsies song ever. The. End. (Sooooooooooooooooooooooo jealous you got to see Tommy Bracco and I didn't, though :-/ )

    "Letter from the Refuge" BROKE MY FLIPPIN' HEART when we saw it in the theater. He's so small and lonely and brave. Just . . . <3 <3 <3

    The ending, when they all come dancing onstage for their bows--it's the best. (And THAT, my friends, is the moment when I showed the world what a responsible and mature young lady I am by screaming "JAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK!!!" at the top of my lungs and deafening everybody within 5 feet of me. #sorrynotsorry)

    *hugs for my fellow Fansie* :-)

    1. I'M SO GLAD. :D

      Oh my wordy, you saw him LIVE? Ahh, that's fantastic. YESSS. He has so much spunk. All those things you said. He is destined for greatness. HAHA, I can hear his voice when you quoted that line!! :D

      Well, if it makes you feel any better it was still just Tommy Bracco on a screen....but I get it. :P (And HEY, I'm still jealous you got to see it LIVE, so we're even. :D)

      CRUTCHIE. <3

      Sooooooo glad you agree!! (That's still one of my favorite stories from your post about the experience. :D I honestly can't imagine you doing that....but I totally love that you did. xD)

      *hugs back* :) :)

  4. There NEEDS to be a DVD RIGHT NOW. And I’m with you on the whole sitting in the theater grinning like an idiot thing… the lady next to me kept looking over at me and smiling, like she was glad I was enjoying it so much. Lol.

    Yeah, I thought it was interesting they didn’t bring Ryan Breslin back to play Race, but I LOVE Ben Cook so I was fine with it. Lol.

    Crutchie is SO adorable! Can’t get over it. :)

    Jeremy in “The World Will Know” is amazing the end.

    The live movie event converted my brother into a fansie, too! SO PROUD.

    MY FAVORITE PART OF THE WHOLE THING WAS LEGIT WHEN JEREMY STUMBLED DURING THE CURTAIN CALL. This will always be my favorite musical too!!! Ahh so good.


    1. YES. RIGHT RIGHT NOW. Haha! Really? That's so funny. :) I don't THINK anyone noticed me grinning....but I'm not sure. ;)

      I feel the same, though I felt a little bad for Ryan, since he was kind of one of the main characters and part of the original show. :/

      Yes and yes. :D


      You too?? Hahaha, I just LOVED that moment.

      Thanks for commenting! :)

  5. NEWSIES!! I really, really wanted to see this in theaters, so of course the flue decided it make it's rounds right then. But it was fun to see it vicariously through your post. :) You did a really good job of describing everything. *crosses fingers and hopes it comes out on DVD*

    1. Aww, I'm SO sorry to hear that, Brianna!! That must have been incredibly disappointing. :'(
      Thank you! I'm glad my post "helped", if even in a super small way. I really hope it comes out on dvd so you can see it, too!

  6. ok i'm just here to say that i saw this twice and it still wasn't enough and i agree with everything you said and half of it was the cast i saw two years ago and i love them all muchly kthxbye

    1. You saw it twice?? LUCKY YOU. Wait, you saw it live, too???
      Aww, thanks! Glad you commented. :D

  7. Your blog is so interesting (in a good way)!!

  8. Ok so my friend just got me into Newsies last week. I AM OBSESSED NOW. I am so jealous you got to see it in theaters. I missed it by a month (cries forever)

    I did two posts on my blog about Newsies. Thought you might want to see them :)


    1. YAY glad another fan has been created! :D Awwww, I'm sorry. :( I know the feeling, though. I always regretted that I didn't become a fan until AFTER it stopped playing on Broadway.

      Thanks! I'll take a look. ;)

  9. THEY HAD BETTER PUT THIS ON DVD OR THEY WILL HAVE THE WRATH OF MISS MEG TO DEAL WITH AND THAT IS NOT A PRETTY SIGHT. :P Seriously, I want to see this ssoooo baaaddd! It was one of the few movies that I genuinely would prefer to see on a big screen far above anything else, because of the atmosphere and the amazingness of it all. Ohh... *sniffles* But anyhow, as long as they put it on DVD and I can buy it (and it doesn't cost the ends of the earth) I will be satisfied.
    Enough of my moaning, let me catch this infectious spirit that comes from Newsies!!

    They had special features and trivia questions before the movie?!! THAT'S SO NEAT!!! :D (I can only think of one movie I saw that did that... the Christmas special for Sherlock played the special features/deleted scenes and interviews after the movie, in the cinemas. That was awesome. :D)

    Oh, oh, seriously, I can't say anything except I JUST WANT TO SEE ITTT!! It sounds so good!!!!

    HAHAHA POOR JEREMY JORDAN. He's so awkward, it's hilarious. XD I think a lot of theatre people are like that - dorky and awkward and can-take-a-joke and easy going.

    So you seemed to think Jack and Davey couldn't dance too well? Haha. Well, I guess that helps one feel better about themselves - see, they're not good at EVERYTHING!

    This was great, Natalie. I'm now dying to see it. Thanks. ;P

    ~Miss Meg

    1. Well, I know not yet whether it'll be on dvd or not, but they recently announced it will be available for digital download on Amazon video, itunes, etc. on May 23rd. So that's good, right?? (I still want a dvd, though. :P) Here's an article on it:

      (YAY for those behind the scenes stuff, RIGHT? :D)

      I know. :( I really wish you could have seen it on the big screen, too. :( But who knows? MAYBE they'll play it again someday! Stranger things have happened. :)

      YUS. Jeremy is adorkable. ;D He's the best.

      Well, it's not that they dance badly, it's just that they don't really dance at all! Except for one little part in "The World Will Know" they mostly let all the jumpers and "real" dancers take the stage. I think I read somewhere that they aren't dancers, just singers, so that's why they don't do a lot of moves in the show. But yes! Even Jeremy and Ben can't do everything! ;D

      Awww. Thank you! I really hope you can see it when it comes out on digital HD. :D


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