March 13, 2017


Helloooo, my friends. Here I am today with not one but TWO tags, because that makes it more fun, am I right? (Also, I want to blog, but don't feel like putting the mental energy into a "real" post, so I thought I might as well get these tags done. :))


The first one is the Sunshine Blogger award given to me by dear Miss March. Thank you!

1. What was the last book you read?
Uhm. *checks goodreads* This Eric Liddell biography by Catherine Swift. He's such an inspiration.

2. On a typical evening at home, what are you most often found doing -- reading a book, watching a movie, playing games with your siblings, twiddling your thumbs...what?
Watching a movie with my family. :)

3. You have the choice of being an only child or having twenty siblings.  Which do you choose?
Definitely twenty siblings. I would get so lonely as an only child. *cries at the thought*

4. Do you prefer bike riding or walking?
How can I choooooose? I love both.
Living in the Country:
5.  If you had to create your own family made up of characters from literature (or film) who would you choose to have as your father?  As your mother?  Choose a brother and a sister, too, just for the fun of it.  :)
Such a fun question! (Although I wouldn't trade my real family. Just making that clear. ;))
Mmm, as a father, I'd choose....maybe William Altair from Resistance by Jaye L. Knight? As for a mother....hmm. Maybe Emma's mom from The Mother Daughter Book Club? I don't know. I'd love to have Gwen from BBC's Merlin as a sister (she's just the sweetest) and Sage from The False Prince trilogy as a brother.

That was more difficult than I would have guessed. The brother and sister question was easy, but there are really a lack of good parents in books and films. :P

6.  Did you ever receive money under your pillow after losing a tooth?
Hee, yes. :P

7.  What's your favorite color?
Rosamaria G Frangini. Color Desire Blue Aqua. Ocean. Water. Blue.:

beetle - this makes me smile because we used to have a white VW Beetle called Herbie!:
Indescribable turquoise ish pink ish aqua blue ish colors on this seashell - only took 3 weeks to qualify for my MOST #POPULAR RE-PINS board. Like for sunflower heads and Pine cones, this shell clearly shows the math Fibonacci Spirals it was designed with. Amazing UNDERWATER GLORY - -  photo of life below the sea's waves, on the ocean floor, pinned via Ellis's #ENCHANTED #Pinterest. #Turquoise #Blue #Seashell #Ocean #Conch #Shell:

8. Would you rather wash dishes or iron clothes?
Iron clothes. I don't mind either, because I can play music or watch a movie (ish) while doing it, but ironing clothes is less damaging to your hands. And less messy. :P

9. What is your opinion on zoos?  Interesting or boring?
I haven't been to many, but I've always found them quite fun.

10. Growing up, did you have a favorite doll? What was her name?
I had many dolls, and as to my favorite? Well, that's hard. Let us say Felicity (the American Girl). She definitely was my favorite, though I tried not to let my other 18" dolls (the less expensive ones from Target) know it.
actual photo of my dolls having a tea party :) 

The second tag is The Bibliophile Tag from Lia. Thank you!!

1. What is your favorite fantasy novel/series?
Ughhh. This is hard. I have three favorites. Don't make me choose between them. Lord of the Rings, Narnia, and The Ilyon Chronicles (Okay, if I HAD to choose I'd probably say LOTR, but that's a really painful decision...)

2. What is your favorite historical novel?
Umm. ONE of my favorites is Mara:Daughter of the Nile by Eloise Jarvis McGraw.

3. What is your favorite contemporary novel?
I read very little contemporary fiction. I guess The Mother Daughter Book Club series? If I had to pick one, I'd choose Pies and Prejudice.

4. Which character/book best reflects your personality?
I feel as if The Blue Castle really fits into a corner of my heart and "understands" me—if a book can understand you. ;) Though my life and personality are very different from Valancy's, I still connect with the story SO much. If I wanted to "introduce myself" to someone by giving them a book to read, I would choose that one.

5. What is your favorite book character of all time?
At this moment? Jace. (Answer is subject to vary)
6. What is your favorite author?
Probably J.R.R Tolkien, but then again I have many favorites. :P

7. Do you judge a book by it's cover?
Yes, I do. I try not to...but it's hard. (Note to authors: make your cover stunning if you want me to read it.)

8. Paper books, ebooks or both?
Paper, but I will read ebooks when paper is unavailable. I admit I love the dictionary feature.

9. Have you read a book you didn't like?
Yes, haven't we all? :)
(Such as this one, which I just read and reviewed on goodreads. Ugh.)
current mood - Mr. Knightley
10. What is your favorite book villain?
Can I say Smaug the dragon? He's pretty cool.

Thank you, Olivia and Lia!!!


  1. Ooh, can I snatch the Bibliophile Tag for my own blog? It looks like such fun. :)


    1. Sure Eva!

      Make sure you tag the creator of the tag


    2. I'll enjoy reading your answers, Eva!

    3. Thanks! I will. :) (And by 'tag', you just mean 'link back to', right?)


    4. I think that would work, Eva. :) After all, I didn't tag anyone!

  2. 1. Hey! We have that book. I think I read it a long time ago. Probably when I was still in school.
    2. What do you know? That's what I normally do in an evening, too! (We've discussed that before, though, haven't we. ;))
    3. DEFINITELY! It would be WAY too lonely not having any siblings. :(
    5. Yes, I think it definitely is harder to choose a mom and a dad rather than a brother and sister. For one thing it's a lot easier to imagine a character as a sibling than as a parent, don't you think?
    6. I LOOOOOOOVE that color blue!!! Absolutely scrumptious!! :D
    10. Awww. Love the picture of your dolls' tea party! That's adorable. :)

    Thanks so much for answering all my questions!! :)

    Second tag:

    Okay, so I really, REALLY need to read The Blue Castle! Like seriously.

    "Aren't ordinary people adorable?" Hahaha. That's great! :D


    1. P.S. I enjoyed your goodreads review IMMENSELY! One day we must have a long conversation about sappy romance novels, and pick them apart to our hearts content! Such fun! Haha. :D

    2. You've read it, too? *high five* I think my Mom did order it from some homeschooling company. :P
      Heehee. Yes, indeed!
      I do love when I get to be an only child for a day or so, but the one time my brother went on a week long camp for Civil Air Patrol, I was so lonely. haha
      Exactly! You can always pretend you're "adding" a fictional character to the family when you think of them as a sibling, but imagining them as a parent means replacing your real ones....*shakes head.* Nope. I want MY parents, thank you very much. :P
      Thank you!!

      YES, you do need to read it! (I actually have an idea about that....I'll tell you in my next email. :))

      He's the best. <3

  3. Love your answers Natalie!!!

    Honestly I had such a hard time, picking my favorite book villain. Smaug is a good choice.

    I actually have not read LOTR or the Hobbit. *cue dramatic gasps*
    I'm working on it.


    1. Thank you, Lia!! It was hard for me, too. I have more favorite movie/tv villains than book villains. I was glad when Smaug came to mind. :D

      That's okay! I only began reading JRR Tolkien's books 3 years ago. I read the Hobbit for the first time pretty recently. I would recommend trying them soon, though. They're absolutely stunning. :)

  4. Sage as a brother??

    ... actually, now I think about it, he'd be pretty cool. I bet he'd be protective, which could be good or a bit annoying, but you could probably persuade him to teach you a lot of awesome stuff! (like, as a completely random example, picking pockets?)

    1. I think he'd be such fun to hang out with. And yes! He could teach me all sorts of crazy skills. There seems to be no end to his talents. ;)

  5. 'The Blue Castle' is one of my all-time favourite books! It's one of those quiet books that just gets life and people, isn't it? I love it so much. Also, you are so right. There is such a lack of good parents in fiction. (I am totally guilty of adding to the parent-less side of the problem...) Someone get on writing the good parents, stat!

    1. Imogen Elvis~ So true! I agree, there should definitely be more good parents in fiction! Maybe if I ever write my novel I can help contribute ;)


    2. It's true about the lack of good parents... Especially in fantasy, young characters hardly /ever/ have two parents.(That isn't even bringing quality into the discussion!) And orphans - I believe they're considered a common cliche, particularly the Chosen One or Lost Royalty.

      Unnnfortunately I am guilty of the orphan MC cliche. Not just a regular orphan, a Lost Royalty orphan. Other MCs have no parents, one parent, or lousy parents. I can't think of any - ANY - of my stories where the MC has good parents. (They're either dead, or "Rumpelstiltskin"-level my-child-is-a-bargaining-chip not-good parents.)

      (No, wait... the MMC to my Lost Royalty FMC has nice parents. Out of a dozen wanna-be novels, I have one set of nice parents.)

      *scowls at self* I will have to... work on this.

      *self pretends not to notice and has no intention of doing anything of the kind*

    3. Imogen, Yay for another "The Blue Castle" fan!!! You said it. L. M. Montgomery's books are always so beautiful and insightful, but TBC tops them all, in my opinion. :)
      Heehee, glad it's not just me who thinks so! We'll definitely have to address this problem. :)

    4. Haha, it was fun hearing your thoughts, Jem. And yay for one set of nice parents! But, you know, if orphaned main characters are your thing, then that's totally fine. Whatever works for YOU as a writer is always the best way to go. :)

  6. Haha! Natalie, I loved reading your review! I'd never even heard of that book, but your list of grievances seamlessly mirrored mine for most romance novels I've come across. Is it just me, or do so many of them really seem plotless? (I think I invented that word ;) )

    I loved hearing your answers, another lovely post!


    1. Thanks, Emma! Heehee, plotless is a good word for it. ;) I have read SOME very good Christian fiction romance novels, but on the whole I find the genre rather disappointing. :(

      I'm glad you enjoyed it!

  7. Love your answers to both tags!


  8. Ahhhhh, I really love that question about which book "reflects" one's personality :-) I can definitely see how The Blue Castle would be a good answer for you . . . For myself, I'd probably have to say "Shadows on the Rock" by Willa Cather because it's very "me"-like, if ya know what I mean :-)

    1. Thanks, Jessica! Though I haven't read that book yet, I can see why you would answer with that one, due to your love for it and all. :)

  9. What lovely answers! I relate to the struggle of answering these questions -- they were hard, after all! But fun ;)

    Your picture of your dolls' tea party is awesome :D I spent so much time with my AG dolls...sometimes I still want to pull them out and play with them :)

    1. Thank you! Haha, yes, indeed.

      Awww, I'm glad someone liked that! SAME. I was a huge doll fan, especially of American Girl. It makes me look forward to maybe having daughters one day and playing dolls with THEM. :) (Except they'd probably want to change the character names and story lines I've had going since I was a child and I would be like...."No." :P)


    And aww, your dolls are so cute. ;)

    HAHAHA. That Moriarty picture. I don't know why, but I really like Moriarty in BBC Sherlock, in a way. :P

    That Mr. Knightley gif is perfection. Utter perfection. <3

    ~Miss Meg

    1. YAY. :D It makes me feel safe and happy and relaxed just looking at it. :D


      Glad you enjoyed Moriarty and Mr. Knightley. :D


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