March 20, 2017

The Moon-Spinners

The Moon Spinners

What is it about some stories? The ones that cling to your heart the moment you meet them. The ones that you still love, after years and years and years. Perhaps you haven't even been reacquainted with them since that first meeting. But then you read it or watch it again, and find that nothing's changed. You still love it. Isn't that the best feeling?

✯ Full Moon:
Disney's The Moonspinners is one of those stories for me. I can't remember the first time I saw it, but it was a long time ago. I've seen it multiple times since, but every time cements it only deeper into my heart. 

This isn't a review by any means, but rather a list of reasons I love this magical story. It's not all extensive, and it will probably make no sense to you if you have not seen the film. If that's the case, I can only hope this post will make you want to see it!

Peter McEnery and Hayley Mills dancing in The Moon Spinners, (1964):
~I love Mark's character. When he's first introduced in the story, I'm a little unimpressed. Nikky looks out her window, soaking in the Crete sun and blinking against the dazzling light on the waters. Then he appears, sun tanned and athletic in his motorboat and she gets all swoony over him. ;) (Okay, not really, but it's obvious she likes him from the get go.) When she officially meets him, he seems a friendly, fun sort of chap—just the kind you'd like to meet on a foreign trip. But beyond that, my impression leaves me thinking he's kind of silly and shallow. But oh—no he is not. The Mark we know at the end of the story is so different from the Mark we meet at the beginning. Not because he changes, but because his shining character is revealed to us, bit by bit. He's a hero—always was—but it takes time to realize that. Much like real life, don't you think? In stories the hero is always identifiable, maybe even obviously so, like in fairytales when they come riding up on their white chargers, brandishing a shining sword. Nothing's wrong with that, but it's not real life. Real heroes aren't always evident. But they are there, all the same. It just takes time to realize it. 
Passageway to the sea on the Isle of Crete, Greece • Note: a comment on Murray's webpage has this passageway in Rovinj, Croatia:
~The blue waters, the golden warm sun, the sandy beach and hills—the landscape in this film is gorgeous. Every time I watch it, it's almost like traveling there myself (which I really want to do, so if you're planning a trip to Crete, please invite me!). The magic of such a glorious place is simply breathtaking, even in a Disney film from the 1960's. (One might claim that makes it more magical than it truly is, but I simply don't believe that. :))

~The suspense and tension of this film can set me on edge even after I've seen it so often. Yes, it's rather silly and unbelievable at times, but I still find myself deeply drawn into the story and the danger. The nighttime escapade on the rocky shore, the windy, harrowing moments on the windmill (with Mark looking adorably worried about Nikky <3 <3 <3), the fight between Stratos and Mark on the's all thrilling, every bit of it.
Haley Mills, Peter McEnery - Disney's "The Moonspinners":

~Speaking of thrilling, are not the old church and the tombs another element of this story that just adds so much? I love it.

~Alexis. He's hysterical. I mean, for crying loud out, how could you not love such an adorable kid? ;)

Moonspinners - crisp white dress with a beautiful backdrop:

~Nikky's wardrobe. I have a notorious habit of expressing my admiration for movie costumes aloud when watching a movie with my family, and Nikky's outfits always make me do so. I love her sun dresses, her pink top and pants, the party dress she wears at the wedding.....I just really want all her clothing! But, my favorite is probably the green dress she wears at the end of the film. (I found this really cool post by someone who made her own dress based off of Nikky's green one. Isn't it stunning? Note: I have not checked out the rest of her blog, so I can't endorse it, content-wise.)
moonspinners- Hayley Mills:

~THE KISS. Does anyone else love that moment? Please? Anyone? I just.....warm fuzzy feelings, guys. THEY ARE SO CUTE. I love how after all this time of her liking him, and him acting like he doesn't really care for her in that way, he just kisses her. No words beforehand. No admission of love. He just kisses her, telling her to be safe, and knowing he may never see her again.
(Also, can we talk about how protective Nikky is, always telling Mark he's going to get himself killed if he's not careful? Always trying to keep him away from danger? Let's be real, Mark doesn't know how to stay out of danger. She shows how much she loves him by her actions and her words. Her line of "I just don't want you to get hurt," before he kisses her is SO SWEET.)

~I really want to read the book, though I've heard it varies from the movie. Can someone send me this copy, please? (Isn't it lovely??)

Well, 'tis late and this post is long enough, methinks. ;) I will leave you now with this adorable photo of Mark and Nikky (though it isn't actually from the movie....a press photo, perhaps?). <3
The Moon-Spinners - Hayley Mills & Peter McEnery - 1964:

Have you seen The Moon Spinners
Do you like it? 
Has my post convinced you to try it? (Please say yes!)


  1. I never even knew it existed! I /really/ want to watch it now. Thank you!

    1. Yay, Brianna! I hope you can see it soon. :D

  2. I grew up watching this movie, and still LOVE it! <3
    You described it all so well, and yes, Mark! *swoons*
    I've wanted to go to Crete since the first time I watched it, and it's still strong! If you ever go, bring me along! *winks*
    And, yes, I love Hayley's wardrobe. She is so dainty and small, and those full dresses look gorgeous on her. My favorite one would definitely be the green one or the white one from the first scenes. :)
    Alexis is a favorite in my household, and many times when we see something mystifying, we mutter, 'For crying loud out..."

    1. Yay, LaKaysha! I'm glad you love it, too. Thank you! Awww, yes, Mark...<3
      Okay! Maybe I can plan a group trip. ;)
      Hayley is so pretty and her wardrobe is perfect for her. I love the white one, too!
      Haha! That's fantastic. :D

  3. It looks lovely! :-) I do like movies with pretty ocean scenery . . .

    Random question: Did this movie jump-start your love of turquoise blue, or did you start loving the movie because you already loved turquoise blue? (I'm just curious, haha.)

    1. Jessica, It is! You should give it a try. :)

      Haha, no, I think I loved aqua/turquoise blue before watching this movie. I can't remember what cemented that as my favorite color! I think it was a gradual thing. ;)

  4. Oh my goodness! I have not seen this, but you so make me want to! And that is such a lovely title 'The Moonspinners'! Ah sound delightful!

  5. Oh my goodness! I have not seen this, but you so make me want to! And that is such a lovely title 'The Moonspinners'! Ah sound delightful!

  6. I haven't seen it but IT LOOKS ADORABLE. Must find it if possible.

  7. Awwwwww. You are SO making me want to watch this again. I've only ever seen it once, and that was several months ago on youtube (minus the ending--it cut off when Mark was fighting the bad guy on the boat). It wasn't my favorite Disney film, but I did enjoy it. And WHAT YOU SAID ABOUT MARK!! Aww. Yes! He really is a sweet character. And definitely a unique hero. :) (And the actor that plays him also plays in The Fighting Prince of Donegal, which is one of my favorite movies, so that's probably another reason why I liked him so much. :) Heehee.)

    Lovely, lovely post, Natalie! (That last picture is so sweeeeeet!! :D)

  8. Haha, you're making me want to watch this again! It has been awhile. This review is fabulous, my friend!! You were basically able to capture the film without revealing to much about it.

    The locations and costumes are marvelous!!

    Alexis!! I LOVE that kid!!! My family will quote him every once in awhile. :)

    And yes, I have always liked that kiss scene because it's simple and sweet. I'm really done with long looks and slow kisses. Do you know what I mean. I feel like singing "Kiss the Girl" from the Little Mermaid in some of the movies today because they take so long with the LOOK leading up to the kiss. Just kiss people, I've got things to do and places to be! :D Sorry, that was an unexpected rant, and probably about a complaint that only I notice. Oops.

    Well, hate to leave on a rant but I have to go! Great post, Natalie!!



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