May 25, 2017

Fanvideos, anyone?

Olivia's fantastic Robin Hood party is still going strong, folks, so head on over and check out her posts and Hamlette's giveaway!

This entire post will be about BBC Robin Hood, by the way. Just to warn you all. :) (Basically, all my posts for this week will be about BBC Robin Hood. Sorrynotsorry.)

There are some very talented people on youtube who (much to the delight of fans like Olivia and I) put together heartbreaking beautiful videos set to music with clips from movies or tv shows.

Well, Robin Hood is one of those tv shows. I've probably seen all of the Robin Hood fanvideos on youtube worth seeing and so I thought: why not share some of my favorites with you all?

And guess what? I'm putting them in order (my favorite is number one)! *gasp* Yeah, this will be a feat. :P

(*whisper* Also, almost all of these are Robin/Marian videos. Sorrynotsorryagain.)

10) Hello//Robin&Marian

I'm not a big fan of this song, but I really like it in this video. It fits quite well and definitely describes Robin and Marian's relationship in the first season. I also love the way the lyrics sometimes match the dialogue clips. Like "It's me" and "sorry".

9) Ships in the Night//Robin&Marian

I really love this song and, like the above, it's so perfect for Robin and Marian's fights and misunderstandings in the first season, though this video spans their entire life (sob). I also love the flashes of color between each shot (okay, I'm trying to find good things to say about each video rather than just screaming, "It's so good! Robin and Marian are the best!!" over and over. ;P).

8) Marian's Life

 Eek, this video. This is supposed to be what Marian was dreaming/feeling during the season one climax, when she was unconscious from the knife wound Guy gave her. I love the creepy, nervous feel of the video, and how Marian dreams of "what could be" one day with Robin (although I'm not a big fan of Keira Knightley in Princess of Thieves).

7) Barely Holding On//Robin

This is about Robin in season three, struggling with how to continue on without Marian and it's beautiful and sad and absolutely heartbreaking. It's so good, though. (I love that shot of Marian watching him during his speech. :))

6) Losing Your Memory//Allan

Allaaaaaaaaaaaaaan. *sobs* This video is SAD. If you're emotionally unstable about Allan, you may not wish to watch it. (Those black and white flashback shots kill me.)

5) Sink or Swim//Robin&Marian

Such a fun song! This is adorable and just great. I love it. (And the ending!!! Awww. *happiness*)

4) Feather on the Clyde//Robin&Marian

Okay, this one is so beautiful. It's gently bittersweet and full of "what if's". I just....I really love it. <3

3) See You Again//Robin&Marian

Dear Olivia herself introduced me to this one! AND ISN'T IT GORGEOUS AND HEARTBREAKING?? I words.
"It was just a dream..." *cries*
(That shot of Robin seeing the couple with their baby in season three....and the flashback to Marian holding a baby in season one...why must you break my heart??)
(And the ending.....gahhhhhh.)

2) Ho Hey//Robin&Marian

This one is just so fun and happy (a much needed balm, after most of these videos *sob*) and I absolutely adore it's upbeat, fast pace and bright colors. Not to mention the song is adorable. <3

1) Saturn//Robin&Marian

Lastly, we have my very favorite of them all (at least at this moment, anyway). Between the swirling snow and this incredibly beautiful song that breaks my heart every time....ahhh. I love it. So much. It's it. I can't put into words how beautiful it is.

Well, are you sick of Robin and Marian fanvideos yet? ;) Admittedly, I waste too much time watching these videos (thus this post was a perfect excuse to do so heh) but I just...I love them muchly. :)

By making this post, I realize I've seen very few videos about Guy of Gisbourne. Any recommendations? I'm sure there's got to be some good ones out there.

If you still want more, here's some honorable mentions:

There Are Miracles//Robin Hood&Company

Safe and Sound//Robin Hood&Company

Marian's Death--Beauty in the Breakdown

We Will Rock You//Robin, Guy, and Archer

Just a Dream//Robin&Marian

(These last few ones are particularly hilarious, being as they are set to Disney songs. ;))

Can't Wait to be King//Prince John

Zero to Hero//Robin

Kiss the Girl//Robin&Marian

How Does She Know?//Marian&Robin&Company

Do you like fanvideos?
Which of these did you like best?
Do you have any recommendations for me?


  1. I make fanvideos *hides in corner*

    1. GOOD FOR YOU. :D That makes you spectacular!


    (But at least we have some different videos -- I mean, I have "Sink or Swim," "Ho Hey," and "Saturn" in mine, too, because one cannot simply leave them out, but other than that we have some different choices. ;))

    That is so funny that you and I had the same idea! Although, we're such twins I'm not super surprised. ;D

    SOMEBODY DID A RARIAN VIDEO TO "FEATHER ON THE CLYDE"?!?!?! I love that song! I wouldn't have thought of it for the two of them, but I'm glad somebody else did. ;) (AND THAT ENDING. IT IS PERFECT.)

    "SATURN." I HOPE YOU REALIZE HOW MUCH YOU KILLED ME WHEN YOU FIRST SENT ME THAT VIDEO. (But I love it and I'm glad you did, of course. <3 SOOOOOO incredibly good.)

    Oh my . . . that Allan one. *sobs* When he asked each of them "Much? Robin? None of you?" and they did the flashbacks, and then when he sang "Just remember who I am in the morning" when he died . . . GAAAAAAHHHHHH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. (The singer's emotion at that part was amazing.)

    I really liked the feel of "Ships in the Night" -- so fast-moving and drummy and stuff. :D

    Ooh, I didn't think I'd like the "Hello" vid -- as you know, 'tis difficult to take that song seriously anymore *cough cough* -- but I did! The editing was super cool, especially in the beginning with the lyrics. Also, can we talk about Much trying to stop the wedding in S1? HE'S SUCH A GOOD CHAP. *hugs him*

    Haha, well, I'm off to publish my music video post, but I loved this! And it was neat how you numbered yours -- I don't know if I could do that! But "Saturn" would definitely be pretty darn high up there. IT'S SO GOOD.

    Okay, 'bye. ;)

    1. YOU DID ONE, TOO??? THAT IS CRAZY. I actually wondered if you miiiiight do a post about fanvideos! But I wasn't for sure. Eek, I can't wait to go read yours and see which ones you included!!!

      Great minds think alike, especially when those minds are kindred spirits. ;)

      Isn't it beautiful?? I never heard of FotC till I watched the video, but after that I loved it, too. Especially since it now always makes me think of Robin and Marian. <3

      I'm sooooooooooorrrrrrrrrryyyyyyy. I know. I know. *pats you on the back* It's not exactly the kind of video you can survive. (But I'm glad you forgive me and are happy I sent it. ;D)

      THE FLASH BACKS AGGHHHHH. AND YES. I just.....WHY. *sobs* Allllaaannnnn.

      Same, girl, same. :D

      I KNOW, RIGHT?? I felt the same way. The song is so overdone, but in the video it works so well. Isn't it a different singer, too? *scrolls up to check* Yup, it is. And yesss, Muchy is just the BEST in that moment. *hugs him too*

      Haha, thank you! It was hard. :P I'll be checking your post out soon! (Well, I'm going to check it out NOW, but it may take me just a wee bit to watch all the videos and formulate a coherent comment. ;D)

      I'm so glad we did the same post. That's just too fun. <3

  3. I tried to watch the "See You Again" one and I just couldn't. Too emotional and I HAVEN'T EVEN SEEN THE DOGGONED SHOW. This just proves I should stay away from it . . . *nods*

    I LOVED the "We Will Rock You" one, though!!! I love that song. I love all of Queen's songs, basically.

    1. Ohhhhhhhh, really?? Wow. Yes, sounds like you should DEFINITELY stay away from this show then, at all costs. *hugs*

      Isn't that one fun?? I only know that one song by Queen, and the style isn't my favoriiiite (I'm not into anything like heavy rock :P), but it fits the boys of Robin Hood so well. ;D

    2. Okay, so I just listened to that video again, and I guess it's not technically rock (or is it?? I don't know...), but I think you get my meaning. :P

    3. I'm pretty sure all Queen's stuff is considered rock? I don't know for sure . . . I do love rock music, though, when it's done right :-) (Seriously. You should hear me and Rosie singing along to Bon Jovi in the car *grins*)

    4. Oh, okay. :D Haha, like I said, I don't listen to it much. I do like some rock and roll from the 50's--60's, though. :)

  4. So, you have just convinced my little sister to watch the show. How it happened: I left this window up and when I came back my little sister was watching "Hello" because it is a song she likes and I got just a little bit freaked out, I thought that there where the big spoilers in there but there weren't and now she wants to watch the show! :) Thank you!

    Anyway, I, too, spend too much time watching these ever since you put "Saturn" in one of your posts. So I had seen "Saturn" and "Hello" before (I'm not a fan of "Hello" but the video is great!), but the others were new to me! I was doing so well, I barely held it together but I did, and then *goes into sobbing caps lock* I WATCHED NUMBER 6 AND I TOTALLY LOST IT!!!! I hate to admit it, but I actually didn't cry when Allan died. I knew it was coming so I was prepared, but watching that video I cried so hard. Then after a good cry I wiped away my tears and watched number 5 without crying then (here we go again) I WATCHED NUMBER 4 AND I LOST IT. AGAIN! Then I cried for number 3. I didn't cry for number 2. Then, even though I have already seen it, I cried for number 1. My eyes were really red.

    So, you probably didn't need to know all that. Sorry! I love all your Robin Hood posts! You have help me to understand the show more!


    1. Awww, really?? That's such a fun story! YAY. I'm so happy to have been a part of convincing your sister to watch it. :D

      And yesss! I'm glad you liked Saturn. And I'm so happy you enjoyed these other videos! But ohhhh. I'm sorry some of them made you cry. :'( *hands you a tissue* Sorry!! (You know, I'm not sure if I cried very much when Allan died, either. :( It still makes me sad, though.)

      Awww, really? THANK YOU. That means so much to me! I'm so happy my posts have helped in any way. :D

  5. Okay, so I started watching these without sound because I didn't want to annoy my family and I haven't even seen the show (YET!!!!!!) so I didn't think it would matter too much??? Rewatching them now WITH sound and dude, it makes all the difference! :D

    10. I'm with you - I don't normally like Hello but thus cover is lovely!!! I like it done in a male voice (plus Adele's voice just annoys me??). Do you know who does it???

    9. MAT KEARNEY!!!!!! I also think this video is TREMENDOUSLY edited/put together. It matches the beat PERFECTLY!!

    8. Florence And Thee Machine!!!!

    6. Agh, sadder than I expected. :(

    5. Aghaghaghagh!!!! That bit of dialogue in the beginning, though!!! I. NEED. THIS. SHOW.

    4. Love this guy's voice and that costume of Marians, you know thee green ruffly top with the wide belt and like yoga (??????) pants almost???? So lovely!! (Random side note: how is this show, contednt-wise??? I keep seeing this clip of Marian and Robin in bed and don't appear to be, um, wearing anything???)

    3. Thee stabbing scene and the part where he tries to walk past her and just sticks out her arm and stops him??? Crushing my feels...

    2. I LOVE THIS TYPE OF STORY SO MUCH!!!! Like him sneaking into town in disguise and she's like "what the...??" and it's HIM and gaaaahhh!!! ALSO DOES HE SHOOT HER IN THE BUTT WITH AN ARROW JUST TO GET HER ATTENTION?????

    1. Ouch.

    I think my heart just got ripped out... Thanks, Natalie!!!!!

    1. Haha! Yes, I would DEFINITELY suggest watching them with sound. Music makes all the difference. :D

      10. Here's the link to the original song:

      I'm so glad you enjoyed all the other songs!! :D

      5. Isn't that hysterical? YES, do watch it!

      4. I love her costumes, too!! She has SO many pretty ones. :) (Okay, the scene you're talking about isn't "that kind of scene" at all. Basically, Robin is running from the Sheriff's guards and he hides in Marian's bed for a minute. She IS wearing a nightgown, but the sleeves are under her hair so it's super hard to tell. It's a really cute and funny scene, but yeah, it does look kind of odd at first! Other than that, there's some mild language here and there, some innuendo, and of course a little violence, though it's never gory or anything. I could give you more details in an email if you want, or you could read these reviews. They're pretty good. :)

      2. Awww, yes! It's so fun. :D Hahaha, yes he does. Odd method, that, but I guess it does get her attention. :P

      1. :(

      I'm really enjoyed it though, right? :)


      Oh! Okay! Thank you!!! I would love to email you, but you pretty much reassured me about THAT SCENE. :) :) But if you ever want to chat about writing or anything... I'm here:

      Bahahaha!! What a weirdo!!


    3. I'm so glad I was able to help! And aww, thank you! I appreciate it. :)

      I know, right? Haha!

      Awww, THANK YOU! Your comments are always so fun. :D

  6. I read this post but I have not watched the videos yet. I'm thinking maybe it would be more fun to save them and watch them with you though. What do you think of that idea? :) (Because we just needed more things to watch together, am I right? Heehee. ;))

    1. Haha! You saved yourself from spoilers! (Well....kind of. ;)) That's a fantastic idea. We should do that. Among the other million movies we want to watch. ;D (No, seriously, I think that would be fun. :))

  7. Ohhh, yess, I love good fan videos!! :D :D :D LET'S DO THIS!

    10. *siiigh* There are some very talented people out there, for putting together things like this. This was perfectly lovely.

    9. That was beautiful, too, although so fast paced my eyes had to strain to keep up with it. ;) I'm not familiar with the song, though I like it! Do you know who it is that sings it?

    8. Wow, this one was different! I think it was very clever, and imaginative of whoever put it together. :)

    7. Oh, this one is pretty heartbreaking. It makes me feel SO SAD for Robin. :'(

    6. Ohh... that hurts. Allan made mistakes, but he tried. He tried so hard to come back. And he never got the proper chance. WAAAHHHH.


    4. Awww this is darling and NOW I REALLY WISH THEY HAD THE HAPPY ENDINGGG.

    3. This was darling but then THE ENDING. "Now and forever my love! *twirls*" *bursts into tears*

    2. This song is so fun!! :D And there's a lot of winking from Robin going on here... ;)

    1. *siiiigh* The words match it just ssooo perfectly! This was incredibly sweet. <3

    I saw a few of the extra ones you recommend (not all, because of Time) but haha, the "We Will Rock You" one was pretty funny, especially the first part. XD Safe and Sound was really sweet, too. And AHAHA 'THAT'S HOW YOU KNOW' WAS HILARIOUS!!!! AND 'I JUST CAN'T WAIT TO BE KING' was PERFECT!!

    Oh my, this was good. :D

    ~Miss Meg

    1. Yay, Miss Meg!!! :D

      Mat Kearney is the artist for "Ships in the Night". :)

      I'm SUPER happy you loved all the videos!! And haha, you're right about lots of Robin winking in that one video. So fun. <3

      Ohhh, you watched some of the extra ones I linked to!! Yay! I'm so glad you liked them. :D

      THANK YOU. <3


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