May 10, 2017

Mini Movie Reviews (*whispers* the best is last)

Over the last few months (or more...I can't remember) I've discovered some little-known movies that I want to share with you all. But, I don't have the time or energy or the desire to write full reviews, so thus this post of "mini" reviews was born.

(Most of these movies are Hallmark movies, oddly enough.)

Rose Hill
This photo doesn't have Mary in it, but that's okay because these guys are way better. :P
This movie is adorable and I really loved the story— four orphan boys who literally become a family and raise their "adopted" (ahem) little sister and travel West to become cowboys. I really love stories about a group of friends or otherwise unrelated people who become a "family". <3 And I love stories about adorable orphan boys. (Especially adorable orphan boys who grow up into handsome daring cowboys. *cough*)

Unfortunately, someone thought the story should revolve around the adopted sister, Mary Rose, and not the boys. *shakes head*

I wish Mary was just a side character. She's a spoiled brat and really annoying. I don't care about her annoying love life or her "journey" to find her biological family. I mean, I get it. If I was an orphan, I guess I'd want to know who my real family was, too.

Isn't the long-lost-orphan-finds-her-real-family-storyline just a tad overdone? :P

PS. Adam and Shining Water were so adorable, though. Why couldn't their romance take center stage?

PS. (*spoilers*) WHY DID ADAM HAVE TO DIIIIE??? (end spoilers)

Remember Sunday

RS03.jpg (1988×1325):
I literally only watched this movie because of Zachary Levi.
I literally only liked it because of Zachary Levi.
Basically, watch this because of Zachary Levi.

I'm kidding (partly).

This was such a cute and fun movie, though I'll say up front that the ending was a little ambiguous and left some to be desired. But, despite that, I would totally watch this again. Zachary Levi plays a man suffering form short term memory loss (which makes him even more adorkable--yes, adorkable is a word--then he already is). Because of this, he struggles to live his life, since every morning he wakes up he literally cannot remember what he did the day before.

Cue his awkward and super duper sweet romance with Alexis Bledel's character and GUYS. They're so cute.  *heart eyes* They're both so sweet. And go on a date at the roller rink. I just love 'em.

If you like adorable romances with humor and bittersweetness mixed in, then watch this. It's good.
(Just don't expect a slam-bang ending.)

PS. Watching this and studying Zachary for any hints of Flynn Rider is such fun. This man really is the real-life Flynn. It's hysterical. (Which means if you are a Flynn/Eugene fan then PLEASE WATCH THIS MOVIE.)

PPS. This is on youtube. :)

Love is Never Silent
Guuuys. This was such a good movie. It was emotional and powerful and just so touching and real. It's about a hearing girl and the struggles she faces growing up with deaf parents. Even though I don't know anyone who is deaf, everything about the struggles they faced felt immensely realistic. But I also think some of the situations and problems they faced could be relatable to anyone, hearing or deaf. Problems that require patience, understanding, courage, and love. I just....this was a good movie. <3 PLEASE WATCH IT.

It's set during the 30's to the 50's (the story travels along the years) and the costumes and settings are really delightful. Oh, and Margaret's boyfriend-who-becomes-her-husband is really cute. They're adorable together.

PS. I will warn you that this one had a bit of a "bedroom scene". I don't think it was explicit or anything (but we skipped it, so don't take my word) and easily skipped over, but still really unexpected for a Hallmark movie. It's right after William comes home from the war and he says something to the effect of "Can we go to bed now?"

PPS. This is on youtube, too, but it's cropped really strangely. :/

I expected this scene to one kind of intimacy, but it was all about intimacy of the heart.  So beautiful.:

Okay. This movie, though. What can I say? It was beautiful and heartbreaking and so so so so good. The story swirls around Nina, a woman struggling with whether to abort her baby or not, and José, a man still haunted by an accident in his past. Together they comfort and strengthen one another. They're such good friends and though (spoiler) they never become a couple, I like to imagine they do at some point because HOW COULD THEY NOT? They're literally the best. They belong together. End. Of. Story. (end spoilers)

This movie is stunning and heartbreaking and so so so good, please watch it posthaste.

(Also, José is incredibly handsome. Just sayin'.)

PS. If you can watch this movie without crying, all I can ask is "how?"

Faith Like Potatoes
Image result for faith likes potatoes
Goodness, this movie was good. It's been awhile since we watched it, so I can't recall everything clearly, but the story is basically about a Scottish farmer struggling with his farm in Southern Africa. He experiences a dramatic change in his life when he becomes a Christian and though trial and tribulation follow, he's able to stand strong in his faith in Christ. I really, really liked this movie. It had a lot of food for thought and it was so inspiring and beautiful. Definitely recommend.

(And I'm recommending it to myself, too. Writing this little review has shown me it's been too long since I've seen it. :P)

PS. As far as content goes, the British expletive "bloody" is used quite a bit. Some other words like the d-word and he-double-hockey-sticks. Some drinking and smoking, and quite a few shirtless scenes. A bloody accident scene involving a child is shown.

The Moonstone
"The Moonstone" 1997 w/ Keeley Hawes and Greg Wise.:

I picked up this period drama at the library, not expecting anything spectacular, but I was actually pleasantly surprised! Mysterious and dramatic, with a sweet romance at the center (it was so nice seeing Willoughby and Cynthia as nice characters :P), I definitely would watch this again. And I really want to read the book, now.

PS. It's on youtube!

PPS. Content: in the opening scenes, a mildly disturbing shot of a man's throat getting sliced is shown. A woman drowns in mud, which is, again, a little disturbing. A man is found dead.

Loving Leah
This movie was really funny and sweet the first time I watched it. The second time around, it seemed much more cheesy, but hey. It's a Hallmark romance. :P Leah, the character, is Jewish and so it was interesting seeing how modern day Jewish people went about their lives (assuming the film is accurate) compared to Jewish people in past years, such as the characters in Fiddler on the Roof. Of course, the widow-marrying-her-deceased-husband's-brother-marriage tradition (or whatever you want to call it) made for an interesting premise. I would watch this again, though it's by no means the best on this list. ;)

PS. Leah's mom was really funny. I love her Brooklyn accent. ("Brooklyn's here! Loud and clear...." Ahem. Sorry.)

Guuuuys. New favorite movie alert!
Okay, so I picked this one up at a library book sale, even though it looked cheesy. But Hallmark Hall of Fame prevails yet again. I LOVED THIS MOVIE. It's set in Ireland (yus), has an extremely attractive hero with the an equally attractive Irish accent (yus again) and the story is both intriguing and humorous at turns. I was going to say "exciting" instead of intriguing, but I decided against it. It's pretty obvious it's the kind of movie where all turns out well at the end, so I wasn't too worried on that score. ;) But, lest you assume it was boring, let me assure you it certainly was not!

After Mark (ahem), my favorite character was his Aunt Mave. She was the sweetest, funniest character and admirable as well. I wouldn't mind being a little like her when I'm her age. (Also, she was such a refreshing version of the independent female who can hold her own. She was strong and brave WITHOUT being obnoxious. Yayyy.)

PS. Content: I think there was some d-words and he-double-hockey-sticks, but other than that it's fine.

Lilies of the Field

Okay, if I had to pick one favorite movie from this list, I'm not sure what it would be, but Lilies of the Field is definitely a top contender. I have no words right now to express how good this movie is. Just please watch it. PLEASE. It is SO good. And funny. And inspiring. It just has everything good in it, so please please please, if you watch any movie from this post, watch this one.

PS. I've seen so many movies with Sidney Poitier in them (Blackboard Jungle, No Way Out...). He's becoming a new favorite actor.

PPS. And he sings an extremely catchy hymn that echos in my mind now and just aghhhh soo good.

PPPS. *fangirls over the ending*
Have you heard of any of these movies?
Do any of these titles intrigue you?


  1. Isn't Lilies of the Field just wonderful?! It has an innocence and honesty to it that you don't find in many movies. Thanks for sharing these!

    1. Yes!! I complete agree. So glad someone else loves it, too. :) Thank you for commenting!

  2. I want to watch Lilies of the Field now! I saw a trailer for it on TCM once, but it didn't really impress me. Though I do love Sidney Poitier (though I've only seen him in Blackboard Jungle so far). I'll need to check it out! :)


    1. Yay! You definitely must give it a try; it's SO good. I'm so glad you love Sidney Poitier, too--he's so great. I hope you can find Lilies of the Field soon! :)


    Have you read the book??? It. Is. So. Good. I must've read it 20+ times as a teenager. I adored it. Please, if you haven't read it, PLEASE give it a try--you'll love it!!!

    "Durango" sounds really sweet and fun! Maybe I'll watch it! :-)

    (I'm going to try "Rocky," too, just like you told me--it looks cool :-) )

    1. THERE'S A BOOK??? *rushes off to goodreads* Oh yes, I will definitely be giving that a try. :D Thank you for telling me!! Have you seen the movie, too?

      I think you might like "Durango"!! I hope you enjoy it if you try it. (Tell me if you do!)


    2. THERE IS A BOOK. YES. I even reviewed it on GR; although the review definitely doesn't do it justice. It's such a magical piece of writing.

      *shifts guiltily* No, I've never seen the movie . . . You know how I am with movies based on books that have really, really impacted me; even if it's a GOOD movie, if it's not exactly the same as my original imaginings, I get upset. So I've never tried the movie. I probably *should*, but . . .

      I sure will! :-)


    3. I marked it as to-read! :D

      Aww, I get you. Well, if you ever feel brave enough to try it, it is REALLY good. Maybe I can tell you how it is versus the book once I read it. :)

  4. I don't think I've seen any of these aside from Faith Like Potatoes... but we don't watch much Hallmark. ;) Clearly I need to add these to my list of movies to watch!!! (As if that list wasn't long enough already...!!!)

    Random thoughts on this post: I love, love, love Irish accents, the man in the picture for The Moonstone looks ODDLY FAMILIAR WHERE HAVE I SEEN HIM BEFORE??? (Is he perchance Mr. Knightley from Emma 1996??), Zachary Levi is awesome even though I haven't "seen" him in anything but Tangled and now I NEED to see him in something so I can look for all these similarities to Flynn because Flynn is MY FAVORITE CHARACTER EVER!!!

    Thank you for the lovely post, Natalie!!

    1. Well, FLP is a good one to have seen! I hope you enjoy the rest if/when you see them! :D

      YESSSS. Irish accents are the best!! No, he's not Mr. Knightley, but he plays Willoughby in the 1995 Sense and Sensibility. Is that where you know him from?


      Thank you for your lovely comment! :)

    2. I'm afraid that can't be it because I haven't seen any version of S and S as of yet???


    3. Oh! I don't know, then. Maybe Cranford? He's in that, too.


    4. Haven't seen Cranford yet either!!! (Miss March is trying to get me to watch more period dramas, but it's slow going so far...)

    5. You should watch it! It's good. :)

  5. The only one of these I've seen is Bella, which was soooo sad but lovely. The rest of these sound intriguing though!

  6. Ohhh. These look like fun!

    We started Faith Like Potatoes once, but stopped it before we got very far. I can't really remember why we didn't like it. :P As to the others, I've never even heard of them! Love is Never Silent sounds really intriguing. And wow! That really would be cool to see Willoughby and Cynthia as nice characters. :) Isn't it so much fun to discover new movies?

    1. Hee. They are! :D

      Yeah, I remember we were unsure of it at first, too, but it got much better. :) I'd never even heard of most of these, either! And yes! I tend to like Greg Wise, so it was so nice seeing him as the hero for once. :D And yes, indeed!

  7. I haven't seen ANY of these but your fantastically darling reviews are lengthening my to-watch list by a mile. <3

    1. Aww, thank you! :D Enjoy them when/if you see any!

  8. I've never heard of any of these, but they all look amazing!!! Especially the way you review them. ;) I shall go and scribble them down on my ever growing list. (Also, I've never seen a Hallmark movie in all my life. Are you shocked?)

    ~Miss Meg

    1. Aww, thanks! I hope you can see some of them! (Haha, I remember you saying you didn't watch Hallmark. Well, that simply must change, Miss Meg. ;))

  9. Ahh, such a fun post, Natalie!! I think I heard of Remember Sunday, and I "like" Alexis Bledel and Zachary Levi (I never know how to put that, regarding celebrities! I mean that I often am interested in movies that they're in, haha).

    A few of these look familiar, too, and there are definitely some I'll be keeping an eye out for! I need to watch Faith Like Potatoes someday . . .

    Thanks for a fun post, m'dear! :) <3

    1. Thank you, Olivia! Haha, I know what you mean. ;) I hope you can see Remember Sunday, then! I think you'd like it. :)

      Yay, I'm glad my posts gave you some ideas! Faith Like Potatoes is really great. :D

      Thank YOU! <3


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