May 27, 2017

Why I Love the Characters of BBC's Robin Hood

This is going to be really quick post (because #time) but before this wonderful Robin Hood week ends, I wanted to dedicate a post to one of the things that influences my love for the BBC Robin Hood characters. I've already touched on this in both of my defense posts, but I'll state it again.
I love how real these characters are. 

They all have struggles, failings, and flaws that sometimes make me horrified of them or heartbroken for them. But these struggles are also very relatable, to some degree or another.

Robin, our hero himself, is vain. He struggles with his desire for glory, his need to be loved.

Marian battles her pride and her stubborn refusal to acknowledge when she needs help.

Allan lets his jealousy and greed lead him to betray his closest friends.

Much is ridiculously annoying and gluttonous and selfish and entirely void of tact.

Will's desire for justice can quickly turn to burning revenge.

John is burdened by his past, and his anger at himself can sometimes flare up against his friends.

Djaq lets her fear hold her back from being honest about her feelings for Will.

Roy ran away from home, neglecting his mother and leaving her to wonder if he was alive or dead.

Kate is a self righteous, annoying brat.

Guy's failings would take too long to list, but he's murdered and done all sorts of atrocious acts.

Archer lives according to his own desires and pleasures, without a care for anyone but himself.

But that's only half the story. If these characters never changed, and remained frozen in their sins and struggles, they wouldn't be as endearing as they are. But they don't.
They do change.

Robin realizes that without the love of his friends, the admiration of others means nothing.

Marian learns humility and the art of working within a team.

Allan redeems himself and is faithful to the very end, even when his friends abandon him.

Much proves, time and again, that he's a true hero by risking everything for the friends he loves.

Will channels his anger into helping others.

John is the first to notice when someone is hurting, and the first to try and help.

Djaq finds courage in the darkest moments to do what she never dared do before.

Roy sacrifices himself to save others, including the mother he so long neglected.

Kate fights to protect those she loves.

Guy finds that true power comes from forgiveness...for others...and for himself.

Archer finds himself drawn to helping a cause with completely unselfish motives.

And that's why I love these guys. <3

PS. Olivia, thank you SO much for this wonderful Robin Hood week, dear friend!!! *hugs*



    All. My. Feelings. <3 <3 <3

    Just . . . YES. ALL THE YES.

    I love how you listed specific weaknesses in the different characters but then listed how they change. Oh my goodness. :') (Hahaha, but I've got to say, when you got to Guy and said "Guy's failings would take too long to list, but . . . " IT WAS SO PERFECT.)


    Natalie, thank YOU so much for your awesome participation in this week. You really helped to make it awesome, and I LOVE the posts you wrote. :) *bear hugs* <3 <3 <3

    1. *smiles* *laughs* *squeals* :D :D :D

      I'm happy you liked that!! I thought it was a fun idea. :) (Bahahaha! He's a mess...I didn't think listing each of his sins in numerical order would look good in the post. :P)


      Awwww. *blushes* You're so welcome and THANK YOU AGAIN. *bear hugs back* <3 <3 <3

  2. That is so true! I never looked at it that way, but now I realize it is very true!
    The collage of ''A hero can fall, the light can become the dark'' and so further makes me kinda sad.
    I loved the post and the list of all the faults in the characters and that they change so much. Really.

    1. Thank you, Ruth!! I'm so glad you think so. :D
      It is kind of sad. But I think most of the character of Robin Hood change for the better before the end, so that makes me happy again.
      Thank you again!!

  3. This post was so well written, Natalie. I love how you listed the flaws of the characters and then came back and contrasted that with their good points. Well done indeed! I have a feeling I wouldn't be as much of a fan of this show as you are, but you are certainly making me curious to see it sometime. :)

    1. Thank you, Miss March!! Heehee, I admit I don't think it would quite be your thing, either...but we'll definitely give it a try, anyhow. ;) And if it doesn't work out, it's not like we won't have anything else to watch. :P

  4. *smiles through tears*

    Yes this is perfect. I don't how you come up with such good ideas! This was SO. GOOD.

    And now I wanna re-watch the whole thing. :D :D

    ~Miss Meg


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