June 13, 2017

What fun we've been having...!

Ahem. Miss March...what should I say?

Are you asking me to make a decision???  You know I don’t like to do that!

Oh dear, that is very true. Not five minutes ago you wouldn’t pick between our two movie options. :P

Exactly.  Let’s leave the decision making up to you.  I like that.   So, what should we say, Natalie?  :)

Well hurrah for me. *sigh* Hello everyone! Here we are, Miss March and Natalie, Natalie and Miss March. We’re together. RIGHT NOW. IN MY HOUSE. Having fun! (Which means mostly watching movies, but hey, everyone has their definition of fun.)

(You probably don’t want to know how many movies we’ve watched.  ‘Hem.)  Rest assured we’ve also been doing a lot of talking!  In fact, we haven’t had enough time to talk in person that we’ve even been talking on google chat!  (Okay, only for a little bit.  :P)

Oh, I think they WOULD like to know how many movies we’ve watched. Shall we bare our souls and tell the appalling secret of what that number is?

I don’t know...well, alright.  So far we have seen Mom’s Night Out, several episodes of Robin Hood (I’m making you proud, Olivia. She likes it!!!) (Yes.  Rather.  ;)), Northanger Abbey, Ever After (that one was good!), Random Harvest, The Happiest Millionaire, Emma 2009, North and South, Newsies (Natalie thinks she’s made me a fan.  She just might be right.  ;)), The Moonspinners, Only Angels Have Wings, The Magic of Ordinary Days, Jane Eyre, Father Goose,The Fighting Prince of Donegal (that one was new to me, and quite fun. MARK—-I mean, HUGH. <3)  and of course a darling little home movie—NO! We shall not go into any details concerning that embarrassing film. We shall not even tell them what it was. Right?

But Natalie.  I like details. Details are good things.  

And it wasn’t embarrassing.  At least, I wasn’t embarrassed.  (Were you embarrassed?)  Just don’t listen.  *whispers*  Guys, it was a Nancy Drew movie.  It was very entertaining.  And the interviews afterward were so much fun!! :D

Entertaining. Ha. For you, perhaps. What do you live for, after all, except to make sport for your neighbors and laugh at them in your turn? But in this case it was just you laughing in your turn. :P

Yes.  Well I did laugh.  (It was funny.  I couldn’t help it.  Nobody could have resisted.)  

Fine. I shall forgive you this once. ;)  Just don’t tell anyone how embarrassingly lame and cheesy it was. Otherwise I shall have to leave as soon as I can book a ticket. (Points for anyone who can pick out all the quotes scattered throughout this post.)

Oh, don’t leave!!!  I don’t want you to leave.  But honestly, I like cheese.  And I’m sure our friends do, too.  So you don’t have to worry about the cheesy parts.  Really you don’t.  :P

You’re quite right I won’t have to worry about them, because we’re talking about something else now.
Let’s tell everyone about meeting each other at the airport.

You’re right of course.  And as you’re the one making the decisions, I agree. I’ll start. Let’s talk about my flight, because that was so interesting and everything. Basically, I got on this plane and flew for an hour and then I got off. And even though I couldn’t figure out how that huge big metal object was staying up in the air, it didn’t fall. I didn’t die.

You are very brave.

I KNOOOW! Putting my life on the line that way. I surprise myself sometimes.

We both surprise ourselves sometimes. Like when we had to cross that bridge. What courage we found inside ourselves!

Oh my, yes. Such courageous girls are not often to be found in this world, I think. We were very brave, indeed. (Private joke. You can ask, but we probably won’t tell you. Don’t like to boast, you know.)

Miss March is right. We are as silent as the grave on that point. :P

Aye. Mums the word. ;)

Anyway, to get back to what I was saying about my flight. So I got off the plane and was struck with this terrible fear that I wouldn’t be able to find the baggage area. Like I would get lost forever in the enormous airport and never be heard from again (which of course would be absolutely tragic!)...(and no I'm not exaggerating or being over-dramatic. Not at all. coughcough) But then I looked up and what do you know? There was this huge sign saying BAGGAGE...with this huge big arrow pointing me in the right direction!

Duh. That was easy.

So I followed the signs (because I’m smart) and I came around a corner and there up ahead I saw them! Natalie and her family standing by the wall, waiting for me. They didn’t see me immediately, so I crept up on them, 'hem, I mean, made my way toward them...and then Natalie turned and looked and.... (your turn, Natalie)

Oh, is it truly my turn? My, I nearly fell asleep waiting. *yawn* (kiiidddiiiinnngg)

Well, I tried to interject something earlier during Miss March’s narrative but she would not relinquish the paper so I must say my piece now.

(Have at it. :P)

Where was I? *gets lost in thought* Oh yes. About Miss March getting lost in the airport. I worried over that a little too, although  with less dramatics. I knew we’d find Miss March eventually. She certainly wouldn’t be lost forever. A couple of years, maybe, but not forever. :P

But I digress. Let me tell my half of this exciting story (exciting to us, at least!) My family and I arrived at the airport, thinking we had about 30 minutes before her plane arrived. We parked our car and began making our way into the airport to where we’d meet Miss March. I was so excited. I felt very much like I did the first time I ever met blogging pals but with less nervousness. After all, I had done this before. And I was an old professional at this point!


But upon examining that handy-dandy-screen-that-tells-you-when-the-flights-are-coming
-and-going (whatever it’s called) we discovered that Miss March’s plane was due to arrive in SIX minutes. Eeek! (haha, see what I did there, Miss March?)

(Yes. *glares* How can you be so unfeeling? I thought you was my friend, Natalie!!  *sob*)

We hurried to the point where we’d be picking her up and waited. And waited.

And waited.

Six minutes is a long time when you’ve been waiting six months to meet your blogging friend. ;D
Anyhow, I kept waiting, scanning the faces of the people, wondering when I’d see her. I was starting to get a little nervous at this point. I mean, she’d be here any second. And what if I don’t recognize her or what if we don’t get along or she’s lost or we got the wrong flight time or her plane was lost somewhere over the Atlantic or—

And then I turned around and THERE SHE WAS!!!!!!! And we hugged we each other and it was so surreal. She was real! This was happening! I’VE MET MISS MARCH!!!!!!

Now I’ll hand this over to her because I’ve spent way too much time talking.

You said it, girl. :P

Forgive me, friend.

What’s that?  Goodness me, I must have fallen asleep!  (And you thought I was being long-winded.  Ha!)  Anyway, yes!  It was such a wonderful moment when we actually met, and were finally able to give each other a real hug!  And, guess what? Those momentary fears that we might not get along were totally unfounded. We’ve gotten along swimmingly.  (I mean we stayed up talking that first night until about 1:30.  That definitely ought to count for something.)  

Yes, indeed. And we’re so comfortable with each other that we’ve even begun to insult each other!

Is that an “S”? That’s not an “S”!

*sigh*. There she goes making fun of my handwriting again. :P Everyone, you know how nice Miss March is in the blogging world? IT’S A LIE. She’s a horrid, horrid person! ;P

Yes.  And it makes me feel good all over!!  ;)

All right, all right, enough with the silliness. In all honesty you’re amazing. I’m so glad you visited me. <3 *hugs*

Don’t.  You’re making me blush.  And I’m already red enough.  (Sunburn you know.)

She refuses to wear sunscreen. (Horrid icky stuff.)  Jane, you sad, girl. *shakes head*

Well, Miss March wants me to wrap this post up. We feel as if we could go on and on and on….but you wouldn’t thank us for that. If we went on and on and on. :P

Yes. That is, we’ve been having SO much fun and we have so much we could say (and many movies we could quote….or certain celebrities….whom we’ve been making fun of….shhh.)

And basically, to sum it all up, our visit has pretty much looked like this.  Walking in the park.  Talking.  Sitting the pool.  Talking.  Lying on our beds.  Talking.  Eating food...uh not talking.  When we eat food we watch movies.  That’s how it goes.  

*Nods* That is a pretty accurate picture. But we have fun. Too much fun, probably. I don’t want Miss March to leave. :’(

Aww.  Natalie.  You’re too sweet.  Personally I can’t wait to get out of here, but…(kiiidddding!)  It’s been an awesome visit!  Truly!  We must do it again sometime.  :)  I’m just so thankful for your friendship!!  (I’m so thankful you’re thankful.)  (Isn’t it wonderful the way we agree on things?  We’re just so agreeable.  ;))  

*Both together!*  BYE!

P.S.  One more thing.  I’ve discovered during this trip that there are FAR too many pitiable heroes in fiction. (Thornton, Ray, Mark, Henry, the other Henry, all the Henrys!  ...There’s lots of Henrys.  Did you ever notice that?)  

You’re rambling, my dear.

YOU JUST READ MY MIND!!! That’s exactly what I was thinking.  Wow.

P.P.S.  Also I’m almost finished reading The Blue Castle.  AND IT’S SO GOOD!!!

PS. Well, if you’re DONE now (heh), I want to say something too….except I don’t know what to say. But it’s unfair if you have a PS. and I don’t. *pouts* *runs off to my tower* *if I had a tower*

Which you don’t.

But Henry does.

Yes, but Henry won’t share his tower.  Get your own tower!


  1. I am literally sitting here in hysterical laughter!
    You two!! It sounds like you're having ever so much fun!

    1. Awwww, I'm so glad you enjoyed it, Evie!!!

  2. Oh my stars you two are hilarious!! Not that I didn't know that already. You sound like you've had a ball! :D I loved this whole post. I'm glad you enjoyed yourselves. (And have some movie quotes ladies!! Wowzers! I'm so proud of you! I am a movie quote on quote person.)

    1. Thanks, Cordy! I'm so glad you enjoyed it!! :D (Yay! Movie quotes are the best.)

  3. This was wonderful!!!! <3 I'm soooo glad you two got together and are having so much fun. I wish all blogger friends could do that! I was so blessed to meet my dearest blogging friend last month for her wedding!!!! I know how exciting and awesome it truly is! <3

    Great post! Hope to hear more! Enjoy the rest of your summer!

    God bless,

    1. Thank you, Sarah!!! I'm glad, too. ;D I know, right? A huge blogger meet up would be MARVELOUS. Aww, that must have been so fun! I'm happy you had that experience. :)

      Thank you! Enjoy your summer as well. :D

  4. You guys are hilarious <3

    I don't wear sunscreen either. I mean: smearing cream on my skin??? The mere IDEA is revolting :-P

    YOU MADE HER A NEWSIES FAN YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. I knew I could rely on you, Natalie, old thing *pats you proudly on the back* Have you introduced her to the Broadway version yet??

    Airports are lovely. There are signs everywhere. Impossible to get lost. You can't beat it.

    I thoroughly approve of your collection of Emma screenshots :-)

    I wish we could ALL be together right about now . . . <3

    1. We know. ;) (Kidding! THANK YOU!! :D)

      Hahaha....I have to. Light skin, you know. I don't like looking like a tomato. :P

      I KNOOOOOOOOOOW YYAAAAYYY. And she really liked Jack. :D Aww, why, thank you! *grins* No, I haven't sadly...we really didn't have time. Hopefully someday, though. :)

      Signs are SO helpful.

      Thanks! We had fun with that. ;)

      Me toooooo!!! *HUGS*

  5. YAYAYAYAYAY!!! This was bunches of fun! LOVED the quotes scattered throughout. :D


    Haha, you don't wear sunscreen! Dear, dear, well Miss March if you ever want to come to Australia, you may very well have to change that or you shall return home as red as a beet. ;P Even I put on sunscreen, and I have naturally olive/brown skin, which tans easy and rarely burns, but *I* still have to put on a little sunscreen. :P

    The pictures are hilarious, by the way. ;D

    Hope you two continue having a blast!! <3 <3 <3

    ~Miss Meg

    1. Thank you, Miss Meg!!!! :D I'm super glad you enjoyed it.

      I KNOW, RIGHT?

      I tried to tell her. :P Michigan sure isn't Australia, but she STILL got burned. Miss March, you simply must learn to listen. You wanted ME to make the decisions, after all. *sigh*

      Thanks! :D

      We did!!! Sadly she's home, now....but we have tons of memories and inside jokes....and a video. A long video. Some of you will be hearing more about that soon. ;)

  6. "We are as silent as the grave on that point" YOU GUYS PUT THAT QUOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (My sister said that to me today!)

    It sounds like you are having a FABULOUS time!! (NATALIE!!! YOU GOT HER TO WATCH SOME ROBIN HOOD!!!!!!!)

    1. Haha!! Yes! Glad you enjoyed that. :D

      We DID, thank you!!! Sadly she's home now....but it was simply marvelous. (I DID AND SHE REALLY ENJOYED IT! :D)

  7. Hahaha. This post is so nutty. :P Like really. DOES it make sense? Or does it not? I can't DECIIIIDE!! ;)

    1. Sense is overrated, my dear. What do you mean you can't decide?? YOU'RE THE DECISION MAKER! ;P

    2. Decision maker? Ha. Don't make me laugh. :P

    3. Well, at least you're brave.

  8. Sounds so fun! And I love all those Emma pictures, and that one random Little Women picture. Sounds like an awesome time!

    1. It was! Thank you so much! :)

      PS. Heehee! We wondered if anyone would notice how out of place Laurie was in this post. ;)

  9. Well, here I am! I've been longing to comment for ages but for some reason have been kinda shy about it...
    Anyways, I'm Hannah Jo. :) loved this post! Your Emma pics were right on point! Isn't BBC's the best? Just love it! You guys sound like you had a complete blast! :)
    I have a random question for ya. Have you seen the old Mission: Impossible tv episodes?
    Hannah Jo

    1. Hi Hannah Jo! I'm so glad you decided to comment. :) Thank you so much! We did have a WONDERFUL time, and making this post was such fun. And yes! The BBC Emma is really great. (I admit I love the 1997 one, too, though.)

      Hmm, no I haven't! It sounds familiar, though. :)

  10. But... but... sunscreen is important! Especially for people like me with a family history of skin cancer, but for anyone at all. Haven't you read all about how poor Hugh Jackman has had to have tumors cut off his nose because of skin cancer??? I'm pretty shocked at this behavior, I must admit.


    (But seriously, sunscreen is good!)

    1. Hahaha! Preach, Hamlette. :D Miss March needs to hear this. ;)

    2. Not listening. Not listening. :P

      Seriously though, Hamlette, the thought of skin cancer never even entered my mind! (Shows you how far thinking I am. Heehee. ;)) I guess I just don't worry about it too much. I'm out in the sun so rarely that the chances of my getting an overdose of sun are probably pretty slim anyway. :)

    3. As a kid growing up in Michigan, we almost never wore sunscreen. Only if we were going swimming, playing on the beach, or going to an amusement park. Just for playing outside, nope. I don't make my kids wear it when they're going to play outside for less than an hour, but anything more than that, on it goes. I'm a big fan of the spray sunscreen for them, though, as lotioning three wiggly kids up takes forEVER.

    4. Yeah, we mostly only wore it for swimming, too. Though sometimes we would try to go swimming later in the day because then we figured we'd be okay without it. And we were quite happy about that of course. ;)

      I didn't even know there was such a thing as spray sunscreen! But yeah, I can totally see why you'd choose that over the other when it comes to three little kids. ;)

    5. Oh yeah, if Cowboy takes the kids swimming after supper, they don't have to wear sunscreen. They're only going to be out there for about an hour anyway, and the sun has dipped behind the buildings, so it's not so intense.

      I do wear a facial moisturizer with spf 15 in it every day, though. My family has a history of non-malignant skin cancer, so I try to be more careful. Wearing hats, more sunscreen, etc. Guess I really am getting old, eh?

    6. That makes complete sense. No doubt I'd be doing the same if my family had a history of skin cancer. I guess it's one of those things when you don't have personal experience with it you don't tend to even think about the danger. I'm just really sorry your family has had to deal with it though. :(


    Seriously, this was so fun. And, Natalie, I'm so glad you talked Miss March out of not telling us how many movies y'all watched. For what do we read joint blogger-friend-visit posts if not to find out that appalling secret?!?! I ask you. (Also y'all watched so many good ones and YAY YOU MADE HER ONE OF THE LADS and I'm so proud of both of ya.)

    (The end of this post is gold. <3)

    (Also, "You are very brave." << Your little interchanges at that point were extra-specially cute, just so ya know. :))

    LOVIN'S TO BOTH OF YOU! <3 (Okay, that sounded strange. It wouldn't have sounded so strange in person, I promise. ;))

    1. Awwwwww. Olivia!! *hugs and hugs* Even though this isn't my blog, I figured I'd respond to this comment anyway because, well, it was sort of addressed to both of us so...I can do that right? Haha. ;)

      You're so right. It would have been plain wrong to have left out the movie list, wouldn't it? ;) (Robin Hood was so much fun!! :))


      Heehee, thanks. We had a lot of fun with that.

      Awwww. Love you, too, dear friend! <3 <3 (Haha. You're funny. I didn't think it sounded strange at all. ;))

    2. AWWW OLIVIA. *HUGS* *HUGS AGAIN* You're the best, girl. <333

      I know, right? I KNEW you all wouldn't rest until we told you what we watched, so we may as well get it over with. ;D (I knooooow. She had an annoying habit of pointing out all the cheesy parts of the show, but otherwise she was great. ;D) (I'm kidding, Miss March. It wasn't annoying. ;))

      THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. I really loved your comment, Olivia. <3 Love you, too!!!!! *HUGS*

      PS. Miss March, how dare you respond to a comment on my blog? Get your own blog, Henry. :P (heee. :D)

    3. (It was annoying. Just say it. :P Haha.)

      P.S. Oooooooh. :P (I was grinning so hard after reading this. Just sayin'.) (HENRY!! Awwwww. <3)

  12. Sounds like you two had a fabulous time!!! I'm so happy for you!! But I need more information???? How many movies did you watch???? What were your thoughts on them??? I want joint-reviews...!!!!

    1. Thanks, Kate!! Um, well, we listed all the movies right in the post, right under the picture of Laurie. :) We mentioned a few of our thoughts on them, too. As for joint reviews....as fun as that sounds, we really don't have time for that (at least right now). Or, should I say, I don't. :P And I kind of doubt Miss March does either, but maybe she'll contradict me. ;)
      I'm so glad you enjoyed this, Kate!

    2. Oops! I forgot. You see, I read this post and WANTED to comment but didn't have time at that moment so I bookmarked it for later... and then I promptly forgot everything and made a fool of myself but not rereading the post very closely...


      I totally understand why you wouldn't have time to review all of those! (Seriously, how DID you squeeze in so many?!? It's amazing!)

      Also what happened at the bridge?? I need to know now. :)

    3. Haha, no problem! I've done that. ;) (You didn't make a fool of yourself! Trust me, you're fine. :))

      Awww thanks! Yeah, I still don't really know how we did it...it was great fun, though. :D

      Heehee. I'm afraid I can't disclose that without Miss March's approval. ;) Some things are just going to have to be secrets in life....

    4. Well, it's gracious of you to say that. ;)

      Sounds lovely. Just counted and WHOA you guys were able to squeeze in 14 movies - that's gotta break some kind of record!!!

      Awww. *pouts*


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