July 26, 2017

Four Fictional Friends

*Pops out of my Hobbit Hole*

*Looks around*

*Blinks at the light*

Bilbo and his face wiggle

Um. Hi everyone? Remember me? I feel as if I've been very absent from the blogging world lately. Like, ever since Miss March's visit. (That's not your fault, Miss March. Don't feel bad!!) ('Hem. Inside joke, of sorts. ;)) I've popped back on here a few times for some short announcements and so forth, but otherwise I think I've been rather neglectful of this blog.

I have good reason, though! My family and I went on a trip, I had a birthday, I've been reading too many books, and—

But oh wait. I should save all that for a "lately" post. :P

Today I want to address a certain post that I've put off writing for farrrrr too long. It's called "The Four Fictional Characters Tag" and it's from the lovely Cordy. Thank you, friend!

(Just to preface, the idea is to list four fictional characters that I relate to, and why I feel that I do. I'm also probably supposed to tag other people but....)

yes Anna, I stole this from you :)

Hmm. I have a Hobbit gif theme going here and it wasn't even intended!

Elinor Dashwood
Ever since reading Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility, I have felt a deep kinship to Elinor.
I never related to her much when watching the movies, but when I read the book....!!! I was astounded by how much I understood her thoughts and feelings and actions...because, more often then not, they were thoughts, feelings, and actions I have experienced as well. Now, that doesn't mean I necessarily agreed with everything she did, but I sure did understand WHY she did them.

In some ways I never know quite how to describe why I relate to Elinor. I know I'm not as sensible as her, and I have a streak of Marianne Dashwood's emotional and stubborn nature in me that is lacking in Elinor. But nevertheless, I find myself sympathizing with Elinor very very much, and I do think of all Austen's heroines, she is my favorite.

Emily Starr
I've always sympathized with Anne Shirley on different levels. However, on recent re-reading of Emily of New Moon and its sequels,  I've found that Emily Starr and I are much more similar. First off, we're not chatterboxes. That is, we'll talk MUCH with our kindred spirits (I think my mom can very much attest to how I can prattle on), but we won't talk with just anyone. We're very private people, and we're frequently escape from real life into our own little "dream worlds". We're both writers (a trait Anne shares as well) and are thrilled at the beauties of nature—I could personally sit for hours watching a sunset or the sunlight splashing against ocean waves. I have no doubt Emily could as well. :)
Ben Stahl, cover art for "Emily of New Moon". This was the cover I had as a kid. It's the only one I feel at home with.

David Jacobs
Davey from Newsies is, besides being one of my favorite of the newsies, someone I relate to very very  very much. 
First off, he's a worrier and a "mom friend". Meaning, if he's hanging out with his friends and they start climbing fire escapes or something he'd tell them, "Get down from there! That's dangerous!"
Yeah. I am a mom friend. :P
He's very protective of his family and is always there to keep his younger brother in line. Being an older sibling myself, I relate to this on an extreme level (haha). Also, like Davey, I stick rigorously to my convictions (or at least try to), but I'm not extremely vocal about them. (Well, it depends on the issue, but usually this holds true.) I tend to want to avoid confrontation, but honesty is important and I will speak up about things that really matter. ("I paid for 20 papes you only gave me 19." :P)

Also, one more note. Davey is disgusted by the spitting-into-your-hand-handshake thing.

Yup. I'm with you, Dave.

Susan Pevensie
I actually had quite a few other characters in mind for my fourth one, but none of them were clicking for me. Then I remembered someone else I relate to. Susan, from The Chronicles of Narnia. Growing up, I could never understand why it seemed a lot of people liked/praised Lucy and not Susan. (Even Lewis seemed to have something against her. *glares* Sorry, Lewis. I'm sure you had good reason. But....still. This is the one issue on which is differ.) I found, and still find her, utterly relatable. She's the oldest girl in her family, making her a rather bossy, controlling "mother figure". ('Hem. I certainly don't relate to being bossy, though! Cough cough.) (*Waits for my brother to regale you all with tales of younger me as the bossy older sibling*) She worries about everyone being safe and doing the right thing. She likes to be right, and can be stubbornly opposed to something just because it wasn't her idea or what she wants to do.
Yup...I can relate to all those flaws, my friends.
But I believe I can also relate to Susan's determination. I hope I'm as brave and gentle as her.
Nevertheless, I find her another relatable heroine, and one well worth emulating.
(She got to Aslan's Country, too. I'm sure of it.)
The Lion and the warrior by ~TaijaVigilia Susan Pevensie and Aslan of Narnia.

(For all of you who were wondering who my "runners up" were, here ya go:
Pippin from Lord of the Rings 
Linguini from Ratatouille
Hiccup from How to Train Your Dragon
Valancy Stirling from The Blue Castle)

(Of course, there are more characters I relate to, but those few were were just some ones I thought of for the post. :))

Well, that's all! Hopefully I can return with a "lately post" soon and be a less neglectful blogger in the coming weeks!

I also relate to Merlin on varying degrees, except I don't have magic


  1. Heeheee, loved reading this post, Naomi!

    In answer to your question of "why everyone tends to bash Susan" is because Susan actually gave up on Narnia in the final books. She refused to believe it anymore - concentrated on things of the world and not looking towards Aslan. Lucy, in contrast, maintained her innocence for the most part and believed to the end. A lot of readers, including myself, were really disappointed in how Susan's story ended.

    There is a fan theory floating around that Lewis wasn't quite finished telling Susan's story - that she eventually came back to Aslan after Peter, Edmund and Lucy were killed in the trainwreck in The Last Battle. Whether that is true or not is buried with C.S. Lewis.


    1. Thank you, Catherine! (Although, you might want to know, my name is Natalie, not Naomi. :))

      I get that, but at the same time, I seem to recall people not liking her very much even in "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe". Maybe I'm mistaken in assuming that. Of course, everyone has personal tastes, but I think it's a shame to dislike Susan just because she gave up on Narnia later in the series. After all, Edmund made mistakes too, but he was redeemed and everyone loves him. I certainly believe Susan has that chance as well.

      I wholeheartedly believe that theory, and made reference to it in my post. :)

      Thanks for commenting!

    2. OH DRAT! Mixed you up with another blogger, I am so sorry!!! *facepalms*

      They must have been influenced by the movie - Susan was more bossy in the movie than in the book if I recall. They really played up her doubt in the movie too - I guess as more of a foreshadowing. I liked Queen Susan in The Horse and His Boy the best.

    3. No problem! It happens. :)

      That's very true. A lot of people sometimes base their opinions on movie characters without reading the book and seeing how things REALLY were. Grr. It can be frustrating!

      She WAS lovely in The Horse and His Boy. I wish they'd make a GOOD movie version of that one....

  2. Yay! Another post! :D (Also, I have a quick question, Natalie - I'm confused about this Gmail profile thing. :P Like, I follow blogs, and some of them have notifications that come up when people post, and other times they don't and I'm confused as to why that happens. This post, for example, didn't come up in my emails. I hopped onto your blog because I was looking for something else (at least, I think that's what I was doing :P) and found a new post! I can click a "notify me" for comments, but not posts, on your blog. How do I get notifications of posts? Imma confused. :P

    ANYWAYS. To your post!! (Which really was heartily amusing, my dear. Also that Bilbo gif is GOLD.)

    I haven't read Sense and Sensibility yet (though I am planning to reasonably soon!) so I can only go off the movies. I can never decide if I'm a sensible person or not, haha.

    I haven't read the Emily books yet! (Honestly, there are just SSOOO many books I want to read it's overwhelming...)

    Haha, David. XD I love David. The sensible, practical, logical one... yeahh... not really like me, I don't think. Although, I feel like sometimes I could be the 'mum friend'. Depends which circle of friends I'm in - some I'd be the brave and adventurous person, and in others I'd be the 'mum friend', haha.

    Susan! Yes, I love Susan. I used to love Lucy the most, but as I've grown older, Susan has taken her place. (And yes, I'm sure Susan made it to Aslan's country.) I think brave and gentle people are the best ones.

    And Pippin!! Haha, yep, I can relate to Pippin. ;D
    Linguini! HAHA. XD (Love that movie!) I can't say I feel quiiite that awkward. I'm more like Anna from Frozen, awkward.

    Have you seen La La Land? I relate the most to Mia from that movie, I think. She is SO much like me it scared me a little, haha.

    Can't wait to hear more of what you've been up to!!

    1. Funny you say that Miss Meg! My friends when I saw the film with them all looked at each other after and said 'MIAS YOU'

    2. (In order to get email notifications for my blog, I think you'd need to subscribe to the mailing list, which is right under my "followers" gadget. I don't follow blogs through email, I use the blogger dashboard where all the new posts by blogs I follow come up in a feed. Does that make sense? You can use the blogger dashboard without actually making a blog, just so you know. All you need is a google account, which you obviously now have. :D Hope that helps!!)

      Aww thanks!!! I'm so happy you enjoyed it. :D

      I hope you can read S&S soon. TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK OF IT! Haha. You and me both. I think we all probably have our sensible and "insensible" moments. ;)

      I KNOW. It is overwhelming. When I was younger and finally finished reading all the good kids' books in our library, I mistakenly thought I'd never have new books to read because I had read all the good ones. Ha. Hahahaha. :P

      Whether or not you're the "mom friend" definitely changes depending on what group of friends you're in. I agree. :)

      "I think brave and gentle people are the best ones." << Definitely one of the best kinds! :D Not that Lucy wasn't brave and gentle too, of course. But I'm glad to hear you love Susan, too!

      Pippin is so relatable. :D

      I guess I'm not as awkward as Linguini either, but there are moments I sure feel like it! I wouldn't mind being more like Anna. She's adorably awkward. :)

      YES! I just did recently, in fact! (It was LOVELY, but I'll save that for another post. ;)) Really?? That's so cool. She was a great character. :D

      Thanks, Miss Meg! *hugs*

    3. (Ah, thank you about the tip for getting blog post notifications!! I found the blogger dashboard! HOORAY!! :D)

    4. (No problem!! YAY! :D So glad it helped!!!)

  3. I think everybody always gets the tag or snags it anyway. I didn't want to do this one at first, but I think I might now that I've seen it so many times. I like the runners up addition.

    I don't think Lewis is aiming for happy endings and all that. I think he was trying for some realism. Everyone thinks its an allegory and if he didn't mean it so, he certainly unconsciously made it that way. I personally like Edmund best, he is bad a first and then truly repentant and he isn't self-righteous in the way the other three are (which is I think why many don't like Susan, she's both self-righteous and mean). I DISLIKE characters that are most like me, and I think Susan is one. Cringe.

    1. It was a fun tag, Livia. You should definitely do it if you feel inclined to! :)

      Very true. I like realism, but I also like happy endings and usually my love of happy endings wins over my love of realism. Of course, it depends on the story, though. :) I never liked Edmund when I was younger, but I now realize what an AMAZING character he is. His story of redemption is just the best. And yes! His experience definitely humbled him. He's so fantastic. :D

  4. I think you are very like Elinor . . . *nods* (Also, Elinor can be stubborn and emotional, too, I think; just in a different way than Marianne.)

    Davey is awesome. I loved him <3 He's not my favorite Newsie--that honor goes to Tommy Bracco as Spot Conlon--but still, he's pretty great. AND I RELATE TO THE "MOM FRIEND" THING SO HARD. I'm not always very good at being the Mom Friend, because I don't necessarily notice what the people around me might need (in terms of food, drinks, warm clothing, etc.); but when I do notice something, I say something. And when somebody does something dangerous or stupid, I DEFINITELY say something. It's in my blood. I can't help it. :-P

    I always loved Susan. I didn't relate to her, very much; but I still really, truly loved her. I was ANGRY when Lewis arbitrarily decided to make her the "bad one," the "cautionary tale" at the end of The Last Battle; and I'm still angry. I don't even care if he planned to redeem her someday--that ship has sailed, buddy. You missed your chance and you left us all hanging. Badly done, Emma . . . badly done.

    (Okay--that was a rant. But like I said, I have many feelings. :-P)

    I should try the Emily books.

    OH: I just read "The Chosen" by Chaim Potok and I related so much to the main character, Danny--it was seriously creepy. But awesome. Read the book. You won't regret it :-)

    1. Aww, thank you! That makes me happy you think so, too. :) (Ooh, that's a very good point.)

      I totally love Spot too, but I definitely love Davey more. ;D RIGHT?? Sometimes it depends on the group of friends I'm with, but if they're younger than me I'm DEFINITELY going to feel like the mom friend. Haha! Well, that's a good thing to be. The world needs mom friends. :)

      I'm glad you love her, too! I know....Lewis is one of the most brilliant authors EVER in my mind, but I do wish he hadn't done that to Susan. :( (Points for the Emma quote. ;))

      (Totally fine!)

      Yes, you should. :D

      I've heard of that book before from Heidi and definitely want to read it someday. :) I'm so glad you loved it! And YAY for characters we relate to.

    2. Ohhh, hey! I didn't know Heidi was a fan of "The Chosen"! I'll have to chat with her about it :-)

    3. Yes, I'm pretty positive she is! :D

  5. THE FANTABULOUS BILBO BAGGINS NOSE TWITCH!! *Nearly dies from laughing*

    .....sorry, where was I? Oh yes, thank you Natalie for that. I appreciate it. And I'm glad you could find a use for the Thranduil gif! :D It's pretty good, no matter how "ded" my brother says it is. Hobbit gifs are just the BEST!

    Your characters are great! :) I DO need to re-read Sense and Sensibility, but I agree about Elinor. I'm sorry to admit that I've yet to read the Emily books (my sister's ahead of me on that one...she'll probably start them soon), and you make me want to watch Newsies! If for nothing else, to see what I think of this "David" fellow...he sounds like a very nice sort of guy. And Susan...I think all of us, especially those who are older sisters, can relate to Susan at times. She was one of my runners-up when I did this tag, along with Lizzy Bennet, but then I would have had 3 dark-haired young ladies, which I guess would be like me, but...it was boring!

    Also, note on Susan coming to Aslan's country: we won't know what Lewis intended, but, at the end of "The Last Battle" the reason they all go is because they die in some way (the Pevensie kids in a train crash, Jill and Eustace in the burning barn I think), but Susan was not with the rest of her siblings. She did not die in HER world yet. So there may yet be hope.

    Your runners-up are excellent! :) Such a good idea.

    I think we can all agree that Natalie is the best at finding gifs that are perfect and appropriate for the occasion! :D

    1. :D So glad you enjoyed that!

      Heehee. You're welcome. And yes indeed! Who cares even if it is dead? :P

      Aww thanks! You should definitely try the Emily books someday. (And the rest of the Anne books....if you read ANY of them, red Rilla of Ingleside. It's AMAZING.) (And sad. *cough*) YES WE WILL WATCH NEWSIES SOON. Definitely need to do that. (Although, I'm nervous because I don't know what I'll do if you don't like it! :D) Good point about older sisters relating to Susan. Haha! That's fun that we had similar characters in our runners up. (I had Pippin, and you had Susan.)

      Very true. There's always hope.

      Awwww. You are too kind. ;)

  6. Loved this post!! <3

    Sooooo, I've never seen Newsies... is that a bad thing???

    Oh yes yes yes! Susan totally is in Aslan's country!!! ;) cause, Aslan says "Once a king or queen in Narnia, ALWAYS a king or queen." So it totally means that Susan will always be a queen of Narnia!!! :) :)

    1. Thank you, Hannah Jo!!!

      Weeellll. It's not a BAD thing. But it would be a good thing if you watched it. :D

      Yay!! Glad you agree. And hmm, that's a very good point concerning Aslan's quote. Thanks!!

  7. I definitely relate alot to Elinor as well. She always does what she "should." :D

    1. You too? That's great. :D I agree, she's a very admirable character. (I'm not sure if I agree with EVERYTHING she chose to do, but on the whole I do admire her sound judgment and level headed thinking. :))

  8. Awww. Davey! I love the points you brought out about him. He's such a neat character. And the whole "mom friend" thing...just awwwww. <3 Actually, reading this I find I relate quite a lot to Davey myself. (Which is crazy you know that you and I could relate to the same character seeing as we have next to nothing in common ourselves. Isn't that right? ;P Hahaha.)

    I love Susan and I love Elinor. Good choices all. (Apparently I need to read the Emily books though. :))

    That gif of Bilbo at the beginning was perfect!!

    P.S. And oh, just thought I'd mention...I FEEL TERRIBLE! To have been the cause of your absence--IT WAS ME DON'T TRY TO DENY IT!! How shall I ever live this down? How shall I ever forgive myself?? I feel SO baaaaaad! ('Hem.)

    1. :D You know who Davey is now, yay! I'm glad you agree. Haha! REALLY? Wow. I never EVER would have guessed you and I could both relate to the same character. That's uncanny. :P (heehee ;))

      Thank you!! (Yes, you should. :))


      PS. *sigh* Miss MAAARRCCHHH. I told you NOT to feel bad! *shakes head* What will I ever do with you? ;)

  9. YAAAAAS ELINOR DASHWOOD <3333 Seriously relate so much to her too :') not to mention in every "Which Jane Austen character are you" quiz I always get Elinor! xD This post made me want to re-read Sense & Sensibility. AND SUSAN YES I AGREE 1000% she definitely doesn't get enough appreciation. *nod nod* I love how all the Pevensie kids are very different personality-wise. <3


    rock on,

    1. She is so fantastic!! I'm so glad you agree. And haha, same. I miiiight have gotten someone else once or twice, but usually it's Elinor. :D I need to re-read Sense and Sensibility, too.
      Awww yay! Susan has another fan. *high fives* I agree. They're all so different but they work so well together, too. :)

      THANK YOU SO MUCH, ABBIE! That means a lot because your blog is fabulous. :D Thank you!!!

  10. Hope to be back to comment soon! :)

  11. That Thranduli gif tho....that honestly cracked me up a bit :)


  12. I love this post, Natalie! It's so cool seeing my tag going around the blogging world. :D I love your blog look right now, btw.
    Have a good day!

    1. Thank you so much, Amaris! I didn't know this was your tag. :D It was fun to do! I'm glad you created it.
      Awww thanks! You too! :)


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