August 29, 2017


Aghhh, why does time go so fast?? Guys, August is going to be DEAD in two days. *dying noise*

(*whispers* Natalie, stop being so dramatic. Wow. *end whispers*)

Ahem. So, I got back from a trip to the upper peninsula of Michigan last Friday. That was fun. But that's not what this post is about. Today I'm here with a vague continuation of my last "lately" post, a collection of miniature (VERY miniature) reviews of the books and movies I've read and watched lately. I could probably go on and on in a post about EACH of these, but for my own sanity (and your attention span) I'm going to try and make this quick and painless. Readysetgo.


Poldark (season one)
Ross and Demelza
told you I'd steal it, Olivia :P
Just to preface, I will not be watching any more seasons of this show. Season one was sketchy enough and when I looked up what happens in the next seasons......WHO WROTE THIS SHOW? *throws laptop out the window*

(Has anyone here read the books? If so, are they as horrid as this show is/gets?)

Things I loved:
~ROSSELZA. Ross and Delmeza were the absolute end to cuteness. THEY WERE ADORABLE.

~Verity (Minnie ;)) was sooooo sweet and SHE AND ANDREW WERE AS CUTE IF NOT
SOMETIMES CUTER THAN ROSS AND DEMELZA. Ahhh. <333 (Naomi, you would LOVE them.)

~The ocean and cliff side scenery. Like wow.

~The introooo. It's insanely gorgeous. Here, watch it. You must.

~The setting of 1700's England. *nods*

~Speaking of Ross again, he's very attractive, wouldn't you say? And if you don't agree, whatever. I say he is. :P I mean, he's Kili so.....enough said.

~Demelza's amazing hair and her pretty dresses and her accent that I sorely want to imitate but can't. :P

~THE SCENE WHERE ROSS AND DEMELZA HAVE THEIR NEW BABY. That was quite possibly the sweetest scene ever. :')
"How could we have made something so perfect?.....I promise I'll make the world a better place for her."

Ross, Demelza and Baby Julia.


(I aplogize for all the CAPs. I had to get this out of my system. :P)

What I didn't like:
~Um. Need it really be said? This show could have been SO good without all the adultery going on.
I agree, Guy

~Like, the beginning of Ross and Demelza's *cough* romance.  At least Ross was honorable afterwards though.  Like yes, you both did the wrong thing, but then you did the right thing by getting married right after.

(It's like the only honorable thing Ross does tbh so it deserves recognition. *clap*)
Thorin needs to enter this show and beat some morals into Kili-Ross.
~Margaret. And just everything about any scene she's in. No.

~Elizabeth She was just kind of so-so at first. Then she agreed to marry Frances and I was like "aww yeah good girl, see he loves you!" Then she got progressively more annoying. It's not like she didn't have a chance to change her mind before marrying Frances. Stick with your decision. Argh.

~Frances Wow, this guy went from kind of pitifully sweet to myyyyyy woooooordd you are the worst human on the planet wow.

~I could go on, but I won't. :P

All the above things were pretty easy to skip, but even with skipping I don't think watching this show was the best decision for me. This show still really pushes the envelope on my movie standards. And it's aggravating.  It pretty much promotes sin and says that "you can be with whoever you want, never mind who you're actually married to lol!"

But by the time most of that had happened, I was halfway through the first season and I decided to keep going till the end. As long as things were going well with Ross+Demelza and Verity+Andrew I'd ride it out.

Aaaand that's why I WON'T be watching season two. Because Ross cheats on Demelza with Elizabeth and I was so done when I found that out.
may or may not be what I plan on doing to Ross

But, I suppose watching the first season wasn't all loss. I still really enjoyed the GOOD plots from it (like Ross and Demelza being adorable and happy, Verity and Andrew's romance, and just the stunning scenery and cinematography and DID I MENTION THE MUSIC?) and the show actually gave me lots of inspiration for one of my own stories AKA sequel number 37* of my Princess and the Pea story. (One of Alethea's brothers...that's all I'm going to say.)

*exaggeration....kind of

La La Land
La La Land (2016)

I honestly don't have words....this was so beautiful. I wish it wasn't something I can only watch on clearplay because I want to watch it over and over again. I'll grant you, the ending isn't my favorite but it has a beautiful sadness kind of reminiscent of Roman Holiday. And you all know how I love that movie.

Random things I loved:
Mia's wardrobe~Seb's piano playing~ALL THE MUSIC~vintage movie references~the magic~the tap dance-yellow-dress dance~the vintage cars~encouragement of dreaming~the colors~the epilogue sequence~the dance~when Seb makes dinner for Mia dawww~their second dance in the "stars" the one where she's in a white dress~but also the first one when she's in a green dress~almost/pretty much everything~did I mention how magical this film was?~if I go on this list will be crazy long

Iron Man
Ironman is the only person who publicly told people what his secret identity is. I find that mildly amusing. :)
that ending was pretty epic
Watched this on clearplay, too. This was fun, though it lacked Captain America. :P On the whole, I enjoyed seeing Iron Man's backstory and he IS a hysterical character. (Also, can I live at his house for like a week? SO MANY COOL THINGS.) His and Pepper's relationship is pretty cute, too. My only complaint was so many explosions. Can we cut back on the gunfights and explosions? No? I didn't think so.

Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast
SOOOooooooo I finally watched it, and to put all my thoughts into writing would require a bigger post that this one. Suffice to say I loved very close to everything about it and may or may not have cried at several parts.

The Princess Bride
Movie Poster Movement : Photo -Watch Free Latest Movies Online on

I've finally seen it, thanks to this girl and her siblings. It was fantastic and hysterical and now I want to watch it again. :P

(Also, I really loved Westley. He was a great hero.)

Sense and Sensibility (2008)
Sense & Sensibility directed by John Alexander (TV Mini-Series, 2008) #janeausten #fanart
I received this for my birthday and ahhhh I love this movie so much. I enjoyed it even more than all the other times I watched it. I do believe Sense and Sensibility is officially my favorite Austen story. (Though My. Knightley is my favorite hero. Go figure.)

Persuasion (2007)
Ann Elliot and Captain Wentworth. BBC Persuasion {2007} Gosh I love this movie! Capt. Frederick Wentworth is my favorite Austin hero. <3 He's so sweet!
Also got this for my birthday and enjoyed it, though it just doesn't do it for me the way the good old 1995 version does. But it's still fun owning a different version, though. :) (And that ending is scene is ADORABLE. <3)


The Daughter Pays by Mrs. Bailie Reynolds

Lady Rose | Downton Abbey
So, a certain very wonderful friend of mine made my birthday extra specially-exciting by gifting me with my very own copy of one of her favorite stories ever,  The Daughter Pays!!! Of course, any reading a of a recommended book from a friend (especially when said book was gifted to you) is a nerve-wracking experience, because I want so much to like it for their sake!

I needn't have felt nervous on that score concerning this book. I loved it.

*Slightly spoiler-y*
When a certain young man was introduced as the possible love interested for Virgie the heroine, I immediately began rooting for him. Imagine my surprise when she ended up marrying the man who, by all accounts, was the villain. (If this is confusing, read the book. It makes much more sense that way and it's much more fun to experience the drama firsthand.)
*Definitely spoiler-y*
I can honestly say that I never had a complete change of heart about any character like I did for the true hero of this story, Osbert. I went from absolutely loathing him to pitying, rooting for, and even loving him. His character arc is stunning and honestly one of my favorite parts of the story. He becomes a humble, penitent man eager to redeem himself in the eyes of the woman he now loves and he goes about this in the most patient, admirable way.

Though I doubt this was meant as a fairytale retelling, the story reminds me of both Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast—with Virgie as Cinderella and Osbert as the Beast. This only makes me love the story more. :)

*end spoilers*

Set in the Edwardian era, with lots of lovely description and sparkling dialogue, I totally and whole-heartedly recommend this story.

Little Men by Louisa May Alcott

"Little Men" by Louisa May Alcott, illustrated by Ruth Ives (

This dear book was one I promised to read for Miss March. And I only wish I had read it sooner!! It was one of the most sweet and wholesome books I had read in a long while. Besides falling in love with the boys and their antics (Nate and Dan were two favorites....but I loved so many of them *hugs*) I also felt as if this book gently guided me more in the direction of honoring God in thought, word, and deed. It truly is a book that lives up to Philippians 4:8.Now I can't wait to read Jo's Boys.

(I still don't understand the order in those titles. Shouldn't the boys be Jo's Boys before they are Little Men?? :P)

Ivanhoe by Sir Walter Scott

Finally, finally, finally I read a book I've wanted to read at Olivia and Éowyn's recommendation for a long time. AND IT WAS EVERYTHING THEY SAID IT'D BE.
Wow. There was so much I enjoyed and liked and loved about this story:

~The snark. Even with everyone "theeing" and "thouing", Sir Walter Scott put an incredible amount of humor and wit into the dialogue. Our modern language is missing out.
For instance, one of my favorite parts:

“Nay, then,” said Wamba, “I will pray you for a close sight of that same horn that hath so powerful a breath.”
The Knight undid the clasp of the baldric, and indulged his fellow-traveller, who immediately hung the bugle round his own neck.
“Tra-lira-la,” said he, whistling the notes; “nay, I know my gamut as well as another.”
“How mean you, knave?” said the Knight; “restore me the bugle.”
“Content you, Sir Knight, it is in safe keeping. When Valour and Folly travel, Folly should bear the horn, because she can blow the best.”
“Nay but, rogue,” said the Black Knight, “this exceedeth thy license—Beware ye tamper not with my patience.”
“Urge me not with violence, Sir Knight,” said the Jester, keeping at a distance from the impatient champion, “or Folly will show a clean pair of heels, and leave Valour to find out his way through the wood as best he may.”
“Nay, thou hast hit me there,” said the Knight; “and, sooth to say, I have little time to jangle with thee. Keep the horn an thou wilt, but let us proceed on our journey.”

Maybe it's just me, but I found Wamba's methods of getting a hold of the bugle and keeping it to himself hysterical. xD And that's only one example of many humorous parts in Ivanhoe.

~Rebecca. She was amazing. Absolutely loved her.

~Wamba and Gurth were adorable and/or funny by turns. Those two are priceless. (But Wamba is probably my favorite, shhh)

~Is it weird that I kind of felt bad for Bois-Guilbert after awhile? Like, I know, he was a horrid person and everything about his actions and reasons and mind were messed up but....I still kind of felt bad for him?? I don't know....

~Ivanhoe was pretty cool, although it took forever for the namesake of this book to even be in the story!

~Richard masquerading as the Black Knight was epic. :D

~Athelstane's "resurrection" was priceless.


Things I didn't like:

~Mmm. Not much. It was a long book that could get a little draggy here and there, but on the whole it was a breeze compared to some big classics. (cough, Les Mis) Also, I found it horrible how everyone treated Isaac and Rebecca just because they were Jews. I suppose it was historically accurate. But my word. All these "Christian" characters are not acting as Christians should. And did it ever occur to you that the Jews are God's chosen people?? Read the Bible once in awhile!

(Hush, I know the common folk didn't read the Bible back then*, but still. I'm ranting against history more than anything right now, not Ivanhoe itself.)

*Right?? I think that's how it was...I'm pretty sure only the church had access to the Bible, and then it was read it Latin at services. Correct me if I'm wrong, anyone.

~The fact that Robin Hood also joined in this treatment of Isaac and his daughter was disappointing. I like to think of Robin Hood as really admirable, but all my favorite shows and stories with him in it tend to present a less-than-perfect Robin. Which, you know, I get it, that's fine I just...*sigh*. I expect better of my heroes. :P

The Beginning of the War by Anna Holmberg
Reading this book was so fun, because it's the debut novel of this girl, a real-life friend who's also a blogger pal now. Her story was, I admit, quiet different from the usual books I read. It was a quirky and funny fantasy and very surprising. (I mean, an eel—called a Bwopper-eel—just dropping out of the ceiling is certainly unexpected. :P) But the characters were fantastic and this book made me giggle many times. Rhondin, Allyn, Dehmatthir....there are so many great characters. One of my absolute favorites, however, is Bruceking the dragon. His snark is fantastic:

"Rhondin looked up at the dragon. "Hello," he said.
Hello, the dragon said, sounding remotely bored.
They greeted him, and he continued, trying to sound nonchalant. So the humans have finally come back. He turned his gaze to Esril. The elf that I don't know has come back too. Who is this stranger?"

I just really loved him. I definitely recommend this book to anyone who like light-hearted fantasy. :D Anna did a great job with her book and I can't wait for the sequel to be released! (I also hope that A CERTAIN CHARACTER is either saved or given a proper death in said sequel. *cries*)

Fun fact: part of this story is set in East Tawas, MI, a place I was actually driving through when I finished reading this book. (No, I wasn't driving myself while reading at the same time. I may text and drive but I never read and drive.) (I'm kidding, I don't text and drive and neither should you IT'S AGAINST THE LAW.) (Hmm, now I want to write a ranty post about driving...)

Where was I? Oh yes. What I was leading up to was that being IN the place where said book was set while reading it was a very fun, new experience. :D

Dare by Tricia Mingerink

My blog review: Dare by Tricia Mingerink -

This was a fun read and I definitely want to read the rest of this series some day (I mean, I have to find out what happens to Leith and Renna and Shadrach and Brandi....). Read full review here for more details!!

Exiles by Jaye L. Knight

ASAKJJFKLJGLDFGK!!!! Read full review here. ;)

Kilmeny of the Orchard by L.M. Montgomery 

Yay! A new LMM novel!! *confetti* I found this short little book incredibly lovely and sweet. LMM's novels are always full of magic, but I especially love her romances and this one didn't disappoint. :) Eric was such a kind, gentlemanly hero (without being annoying like most "rich young men" are in books) and Kilmeny simply adorable. Definitely am glad I bought this one. <3

That's it, friends! 
Have you read or watched any of these? 
What are your thoughts on them?

PS. Two more followers and I'll be at 100. Wow. Thank you all SO much. *HUGE GROUP HUG*

August 20, 2017

Exiles by Jaye L. Knight

I can hardly believe this day has come, my friends. (Okay, I can believe it. But wow it still feels great to have this book on my shelf after such an anticipated wait!) Exiles has been released and now I'm here to review it. :D :D :D :D
photo from the day I started reading it :)
I will warn you in advance that this review won't be up to par compared to my usual reviews. My family leaves for vacation next week and I have a bazillion and four things on my to do list. To say I'm a little overwhelmed is an understatement.

But, I'm determined to get this review done beforehand, while the story is still fresh in my mind and the book at my side, because I'm letting this girl borrow it tomorrow. ;)*

Which also leads me to add that, Anna, you can't read this review yet because I'm not going to bother with hiding spoilers. After all, anyone else interested in reading this series should start with book one.

*This post was written Saturday and published Sunday

(One more warning: lots of CAPS and fangirling abound.)

So, Sunday afternoon, I settled into our hammock with a smile, Exiles in hand. I probably took a full two minutes just to study the my hands over the cover....smell the the opening pages. You know, the things people usually do when they read a new book. (Oh. I'm the only one who does that? :P)

Right from the beginning, I was squealing and smiling. Not only is JACE (my precious cupcake muffin) in the opening sentence, but it's also Jace feeling EXACTLY the way I was feeling by starting the newest Ilyon book:
"Jace dragged in a deep breath to steady and compose himself, though his body fought to resist the effort."
#literally me at that moment

Everytime a new character walked onto the page, I smiled. It felt like meeting old friends. I can't tell you how great it was to visit the land of Ilyon again.

Things I liked:
~Lots of Jace POV. I will never ever complain about "too much Jace".

~Lenae and Warin got married and Jace and Kyrin danced at their wedding and he kissed her afterwards and just SO MANY HAPPY FEELS IN THE FIRST CHAPTER. (Thank you for giving us that momentary break from strife and angst, Jaye. :))

~DANIEL BEING A MAIN CHARACTER. And becoming a believer. And sneaking out of the castle. And being all around epic. Me loves Daniel. <3


Ahem. Let me back up a bit. For those of you who have read the book (I mean, you've all read it right? There's no one here reading spoilers because my readers are so well behaved.) (*glares at Miss March*) do you remember the part where Kyrin and Elanor were talking about love and marriage and such, and Kyrin asked if Elanor liked anyone in camp? Elanor replied, and I quote, "Truly, there's no one." (I find that rather surprising considering there's like, what, more than half a dozen unattached, handsome, really lovable guys at camp? Marcus, Liam, Kaden, Trev, Mick, Jeremy, Holden., Aaron....I'm sure I'm even forgetting someone. :P) Well, at that moment I went through the characters in my mind and tried to figure out who Elanor would end up with. (Because it was obvious she'd end up with someone.) And I knew who it should be. Daniel. He's a prince, she's of the nobility, and they'd just fit so well together. I knew they'd be adorable. AND THEN, PAGES FROM THE END OF THE BOOK, THIS HAPPENED:

"Daniel looked around the meeting hall, taking in all of their reactions, until his eyes caught on something that seemed to distract him. Jace looked to see what it was. Not something, someone. Elanor. She looked down shyly, and Daniel's attention slowly returned to Trask."


ship sails.gif

~Since we’re on the Daniel topic, he’s finally at the Landale camp!!! *confetti bursting into sparkly stars* Annnnnndd ARIC IS TOO. *happiness*

~Giants and Cretes, everyone. We finally got to see their sides of Ilyon. And it was fantastic. :D (Am I the only one who has a really hard time picturing the size difference between giants and humans, though? I end up staring at my wall, trying to picture how bent over a giant would be in my room. -_-)


~Timeetra. AKA Timothy and Leetra. They’re official. <3

~Goler is dead!

~Trask and Anne scenes. <333 This book had a lot of Anne’s POV, which was highly enjoyable because I love Anne and I certainly love Trask and their scenes were ADORABLE. Also, Anne and Elanor’s friendship is pretty precious.



~So, because of how much the story focused on Tranne’s problems, there really wasn’t a ton of Jayrin angst. Like, they were happy and together and while I LOVE that, it didn’t provide a lot of drama, you know? So I was kind of preoccupied with the suspense and excitement surrounding Trask and Anne. BUT. On page 254 SOMETHING HAPPENED. And it reminded me full force of how much I adore Jace and Kyrin and how my survival depends on their survival. (Okay, that was a little exaggerated....) SO I STAYED UP PAST ELEVEN PM BECAUSE JACE HAD TO FIND KYRIN AND I COULDN’T SLEEP TILL HE DID.

I actually felt bad for how I kind of forgot how much I loved them. It’s only because I want Trask and Anne as happy as they are, okay? And I wasn’t worried about Jace and Kyin. Till the thing happened, that is. Even then I wasn’t even really worried because I was pretty sure they’d be fine. But still. I CAN’T PUT THE BOOK DOWN WHEN KYRIN IS CAPTURED BY RYRIKS AND JACE IS ABOUT TO GET EATEN BY WOLVES AND HE’S SEARCHING FOR HER AND AHHH

Their reunion was precious. :’)

~This is going to sound really sick, but I actually really liked the arena scene? NOT because of what happened there—it was horrid—but because it was really well written and I completely felt Daniel’s pain. I love how the author conveys the awfulness of such a place without going into gory detail.
~SO that other thing happened. Daican??? IS NO MORE. I did not see that coming. O_O But once I got over the shock....

Hahaha. Haha. Was I supposed to feel bad that Daican died? Because I didn’t really feel bad. I even struggled with feeling bad for Daniel...I was like, "yeah, your dad just died but you really never showed any affection for him anyways and he was killing people and….I don’t know, I just think the positive side far outweighs the negative??"

But yes. I get it. Poor Daniel. :(

~The ending. It was epic. Go read it. I just…..*happiness*
Between Trask’s short speech about the advantage of having two exiled kings in their camp and Jace’s hope for a better, brighter future, one he can share in safety and happiness with Kyrin....

Things I didn’t like:

~Liam was hardly in this book. I think he was mentioned once. Helping Jace move furniture. Um what. I want Liam back.

~It took Daniel till the end to get to camp. Or, maybe I should rephrase that: I want MORE scenes of Daniel at camp. :P

~On one hand, I loved that most of the characters stayed SAFE. But….there were a lot of scenes of them doing….next to nothing. Sitting around at tables. Eating. Talking. Planning. Just….chit chatting. I’m used to more action in the Ilyon books, so I admit I was a little bored by these parts. I didn’t care what food they were eating at the giant’s house. I cared about these characters and their internal struggles and their quest to save Ilyon.

~Jaye is officially one of my favorite writers, but sometimes I find her dialogue a little too....straightforward? Like, everyone says EXACTLY what they mean, with complete sentences. It’s just not super duper realistic in my 'umble opinion, especially when they’re talking about subjects that are near and dear to their hearts. For instance,

“Thank you. And I’m very thankful for the opportunity to have met you and your family. I think I can finally embrace who I am. I had learned to accept my ryrik blood, but I still tried to ignore it and pretend it wasn’t really a part of me. Not anymore.”

This sounds more like Jace emailing someone who interviewed him for a job, not Jace trying to express his heartfelt gratitude for the truth his friend showed him, minutes before leaving for a suicide mission. :P

~Speaking of good ryriks, I feel as if this huge announcement was a little understated? It didn’t get enough attention by all the characters, even Jace. I feel as if Jace’s feelings and internal angst have gotten a little lost behind the plot and all the new characters and their movements. :/

~Which leads me to this: I miss Jace’s angst. DON’T GET ME WRONG. I WANT HIM HAPPY. *HUGS JACE* But….I miss worrying about him and rooting for him?? I don't know....maybe it's just hard to get used to. But here's the thing: I think the impact of Resistance, The King's Scrolls, and Samara's Peril is due largely in part to Jace's internal struggles. After all, characters who learn to change and grow and defeat their "inner demons" are always more relatable and enjoyable than ones who never change internally, right? I'M NOT SAYING JACE ISN'T ENJOYABLE OR RELATABLE ANYMORE. I just kind of feel as if his "emotional journey" leveled out in this book and the end result was...just a tad bit more boring than the other books. *ducks tomatoes*

~Jace didn't propose to Kyriinnnnnnn. Okay. Actually I like that their romance is drawn out. But I was starting to hope it would happen in this book. ;)

~A lot of suspense was built for the defense of the ford. It was said by practically everyone “one of us will die” or something like “this is the most hopeless thing we’ve ever done”. It felt as if the author was trying to prepare us for Something Awful to happen and then…..nothing did. Don’t get me wrong: THAT’S GOOD. I don’t want anyone to die!!! But........if you’re not going to kill someone, don’t make it seem like you’re going to kill someone! It just makes their ultimate survival seem too convenient. If something is truly that dangerous, then make it dangerous. If it’s not.....well then, please don’t amp up the suspense so much. Save the worry for when WE ACTUALLY NEED TO WORRY.

~So much I expected to happen in this book didn't actually happen. Like, Jace was not in the arena. DON'T FREAK OUT. I DON’T WANT HIM IN THE ARENA. (Okay, maybe a little itty bitty part of me does?? I don't understand myself....I'm a horrid person.) But I thought for sure he’d be in it so….I guess it was almost a disappointment just because I thought it was going to happen. (And we know it's gotta happen at some point, right?)
Basically, I expected a lot of horrible things to happen and a lot of happy things happened instead. Wait a minute......why am I complaining then???

~Jace got beat up within an inch of his life and was on death’s door again. Can we stop beating Jace up please? This is like the 7th time he’s “nearly died”. #STOPHURTINGJACE #GIVEJACEABREAK

(This totally goes against my complaint about the arena, doesn't it? Don't try to understand me. I don't understand myself.)

All in all, this book was wonderful. *hugs all the characters* Job well done, once again, to Jaye L. Knight. I love her books so much and they're definitely and officially one of my favorite fantasy series.
Come what may, I'm here to stay in this fandom till the end. :)

Tell me! What did you think of Exiles?

August 14, 2017

Just dropping in on you...

Why does it seem as if every post this summer has started out with me feeling as if I'm writing to a long lost relative? (Because I keep neglecting my poor little blog, that's why. duh.)  And yet here I am again, popping out of the abyss to give you a post detailing the events of my life (which you probably don't really care about) and will then vanish into a puff of smoke, never to be seen or heard from again till probably October or some such far off* date.

As Robin would put it I'm....

*in blogging time, anyway. In real life October is going to be here soon and make it feel like today was yesterday. (Does that even make sense? No? Whatever.)

Also, due to my perfectionist/procrastinator side (I don't even know what) I've put off writing this post for farrrrr too long. And I am now going to do it. TODAY. 

So excuse any mistakes or general rambling-ness. As soon as I hit that little orange publish button I'm heading outside to enjoy the sun. Which is what you should be doing. Stop reading this post and go enjoy the sun. :P

Without further ado, lately I've been...

Back in June my family took a trip to northern MI which was one of the best vacations evah. Then we had to go back up north early in July to pick up my brother from his Civil Air Patrol encampment (which I like to jokingly call a summer camp, but he hates that term because CAP is way more squared away than a summer camp. It's basically the military for anyone under age 18. I just find "summer camp" is an easier way to explain it than "encampment". Anyways...)

Most of my photos from that trip are in the laborious process of being edited (why did I shoot them all in RAW....) so thus here is one photo of Lake Huron from my iPad:

<3 <3 <3


The less said about that the better.

A fan art contest! An Ilyon  fanart contest to be correct. It's already over and I didn't win (*sad face*) but it was still great fun to enter, and everyone had some really awesome entries. Go check it out. (I'm number 12 of the 2017 fan art contest section.)

my favorite kind of road

I'm hoping to do a separate mini book review post some other time (because I've been reading SO any good ones lately) but since we were speaking of Ilyon.....

literally me while reading

Garage Saling*:
I picked up some 1930's and 40's swing music cds....a big soft red sweater...and a practically-new winter coat for a dollar.

I really love that coat. I mean, A DOLLAR. <3

*If that's not an actual verb than it should be. :P

Applying for jobs:
Which meant writing my very first resume. *cries*

Just was actually kind of fun, though really confusing. Like, what do I write for skills? I can knit a scarf? I can mop the floor while listening to Broadway showtunes and making clotted cream in the mixer? (Scratch that. I whipped the cream too much and it had to be thrown out. :P) 

I'm a professional GIF user???

And then there's the age old question of  whether the word "homeschool" on your resume will make someone more or less inclined to hire you....?

but flowers make things better, right?
A LOT of movies (hopefully I'll get a mini movie review post up) but a couple days ago I watched the Broadway version of Newsies with this girl and it was GRAND fun. Here's a few screenshots of our conversation (hope you don't mind my sharing them, Naomi) (or NY-omi....ha ;)).

Also, can we appreciate that I may have taken the best screenshot of Jack Kelly* ever? Thank you.

*Or Jack Jelly. You know. Whatever auto correct decides. :P 

I got a package of various tea flavors (this one) (yeah, I know it's just the usual grocery store tea, I never said I was a tea snob) (yet) so that's been an exciting bit of happiness in my life. :)
rcinemagraphs:  The evening breeze [Lumi Tuomi]

That patience is something I seem to be always lacking. That it's okay to follow your dreams.  That spending hours lying in the hammock, enjoying the summer sunshine is NOT a waste of time. That getting up early is worth it. 
And that God is so full of mercy for this impatient, ungrateful girl it's staggering.

For I the Lord your God hold your right hand; it is I who say to you, Fear not; I am the one who helps you. Isaiah 41:13

Til next time I drop in. *hugs y'll*
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August 13, 2017

Exiles//Book Spotlight

Guyyyyyysss. Friends. Comrades. Sisters. Fellow countrymen. (Or not, in the case of my international readers. :P) 

Exiles is released!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you believe it???? I. AM. SO. EXCITED. 

(My copy should be coming today. Actually, it may already be here by the time you read this, since this is a scheduled post. :P Squuuueeeee!!!!)

But 'hem. I'll try to save the fangirling for future posts. ;) In the meanwhile, for those of you who don't have a clue as to what Exiles is, please keep reading for enlightenment. Basically, it's a new book in one of my favorite series EVER. 

Thus my excitement over this book's release.

Ahem. Yes. Onward with the Book Spotlight.

 Exiles is the fourth book in the Christian fantasy series, Ilyon Chronicles, by Jaye L. Knight.  Read about it below and be sure to check out the other blog stops on the tour by visiting the official tour page. Don’t forget to enter the giveaway! :)

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About the Book
Exiled after their defeat in Samara, the Resistance struggles to find allies in their quest to restore King Balen to his throne and put an end to the emperor’s tyranny. When the crete people refuse to lend their aid, Balen leads a group to Dorland to reason with them and win their support. However, enemies prove to be everywhere, and they find themselves in a fight to keep Dorland from becoming Daican’s latest conquest.

Back in Landale, the arrival of a new enemy forces Trask and Anne to tread more carefully than ever. Tensions are rising, and the enemy is determined to test Anne’s loyalty and root out the location of Trask and the Resistance once and for all.

Feeling trapped within the walls of Valcré, Prince Daniel must contend with an ever-eroding relationship with his father. As their clashes escalate, the situation becomes potentially life threatening when his loyalty is called into question. His sister seems bent on branding him a traitor and actively seeking to condemn him to the fate of those put to death in their father’s new arena. Daniel is certain his father would never execute his only son and heir, but with other forces at work, it might not be that simple.

One small misstep could prove fatal for all.

Available now on Amazon!


(Note from Natalie: Does this not sound EPIC? *hyperventilates*)

Haven’t discovered the world of Ilyon yet? The first three Kindle books are on sale August 11th - 14th!
You can find them on Amazon.


About the Author
JayeAuthor2015Jaye L. Knight is an award-winning author, homeschool graduate, and shameless tea addict with a passion for Christian fantasy. Armed with an active imagination and love for adventure, Jaye weaves stories of truth, faith, and courage with the message that even in the deepest darkness, God’s love shines as a light to offer hope. She has been penning stories since the age of eight and resides in the Northwoods of Wisconsin.

You can connect with Jaye on her website, blog, Facebook, Twitter, and Etsy.

Share in the excitement of the release and enter to win a themed giveaway pack! Prizes include an autographed copy of Exiles, a pewter dragon necklace by treasurecast, and a sword letter opener! (Giveaway is open to US residents only. Cannot be shipped internationally.)



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Congrats to Jaye for publishing Exiles!!!! *round of applause* 
It was an honor participating in her blog tour, and I can't express enough how excited I am.