August 14, 2017

Just dropping in on you...

Why does it seem as if every post this summer has started out with me feeling as if I'm writing to a long lost relative? (Because I keep neglecting my poor little blog, that's why. duh.)  And yet here I am again, popping out of the abyss to give you a post detailing the events of my life (which you probably don't really care about) and will then vanish into a puff of smoke, never to be seen or heard from again till probably October or some such far off* date.

As Robin would put it I'm....

*in blogging time, anyway. In real life October is going to be here soon and make it feel like today was yesterday. (Does that even make sense? No? Whatever.)

Also, due to my perfectionist/procrastinator side (I don't even know what) I've put off writing this post for farrrrr too long. And I am now going to do it. TODAY. 

So excuse any mistakes or general rambling-ness. As soon as I hit that little orange publish button I'm heading outside to enjoy the sun. Which is what you should be doing. Stop reading this post and go enjoy the sun. :P

Without further ado, lately I've been...

Back in June my family took a trip to northern MI which was one of the best vacations evah. Then we had to go back up north early in July to pick up my brother from his Civil Air Patrol encampment (which I like to jokingly call a summer camp, but he hates that term because CAP is way more squared away than a summer camp. It's basically the military for anyone under age 18. I just find "summer camp" is an easier way to explain it than "encampment". Anyways...)

Most of my photos from that trip are in the laborious process of being edited (why did I shoot them all in RAW....) so thus here is one photo of Lake Huron from my iPad:

<3 <3 <3


The less said about that the better.

A fan art contest! An Ilyon  fanart contest to be correct. It's already over and I didn't win (*sad face*) but it was still great fun to enter, and everyone had some really awesome entries. Go check it out. (I'm number 12 of the 2017 fan art contest section.)

my favorite kind of road

I'm hoping to do a separate mini book review post some other time (because I've been reading SO any good ones lately) but since we were speaking of Ilyon.....

literally me while reading

Garage Saling*:
I picked up some 1930's and 40's swing music cds....a big soft red sweater...and a practically-new winter coat for a dollar.

I really love that coat. I mean, A DOLLAR. <3

*If that's not an actual verb than it should be. :P

Applying for jobs:
Which meant writing my very first resume. *cries*

Just was actually kind of fun, though really confusing. Like, what do I write for skills? I can knit a scarf? I can mop the floor while listening to Broadway showtunes and making clotted cream in the mixer? (Scratch that. I whipped the cream too much and it had to be thrown out. :P) 

I'm a professional GIF user???

And then there's the age old question of  whether the word "homeschool" on your resume will make someone more or less inclined to hire you....?

but flowers make things better, right?
A LOT of movies (hopefully I'll get a mini movie review post up) but a couple days ago I watched the Broadway version of Newsies with this girl and it was GRAND fun. Here's a few screenshots of our conversation (hope you don't mind my sharing them, Naomi) (or NY-omi....ha ;)).

Also, can we appreciate that I may have taken the best screenshot of Jack Kelly* ever? Thank you.

*Or Jack Jelly. You know. Whatever auto correct decides. :P 

I got a package of various tea flavors (this one) (yeah, I know it's just the usual grocery store tea, I never said I was a tea snob) (yet) so that's been an exciting bit of happiness in my life. :)
rcinemagraphs:  The evening breeze [Lumi Tuomi]

That patience is something I seem to be always lacking. That it's okay to follow your dreams.  That spending hours lying in the hammock, enjoying the summer sunshine is NOT a waste of time. That getting up early is worth it. 
And that God is so full of mercy for this impatient, ungrateful girl it's staggering.

For I the Lord your God hold your right hand; it is I who say to you, Fear not; I am the one who helps you. Isaiah 41:13

Til next time I drop in. *hugs y'll*
Tell me! What's going on in your life?? :)


  1. This was wonderful, Natalie!! *hugs* Although, the only sad thing is, all the photos that YOU took refuse to load for me, so I can't see them. :(

    I'm so glad you had a lovely vacation! It sounds wonderful. Can't wait to see some pictures. :D

    HAHA THE PETER PAN GIF... YES. I'm the same with writing. And also, I have a soft spot for Jeremy Sumpter. Especially as Peter Pan. <3 <3

    Your fan art was wonderful!!! You draw beautifully. :) Better than me!

    HAHA THE 'I CAN'T' GIF. XD That's so good! And yeah, I can imagine writing up a resume must be hard...

    INK = BLOOD. Haha. NAOMI. ;P

    I wish I could see your screenshot of Jack! *sulks* (And Jack Jelly! HA! Sometimes you wonder if spell check has ever heard of Broadway...)

    No, spending hours in a hammock enjoying the sun is NOT wasting time!!

    I feel like I don't have too many nice things to mention. You know, I could go on about the struggles of algebra, how trying physics is, and how excited I am to be finished my Business course, but that's rather boring, I think. :P And I really don't have time to ramble right now - you just told me to get out into the sun!

    1. Thank you, Miss Meg!!! *hugs back* Whaaat? Aww. That's sad. :( I have no clue why that would be! Maybe because they're bigger files? (I sent them to you in an email. Hopefully that works. :))

      Thank you!

      He was GREAT as Peter Pan. <3

      Awwwwww. THANK YOU. Have I seen some of your drawings before?? Now I want to! I'm sure you have grand drawing skills. :D

      It WAS. Glad you enjoyed the gif!!

      I know right?? She's hysterical. <3

      I sent that one too. ;) (Exactly!!)


      Awwww. I feel ya. *hugs* Keep at it though!! Getting through those subjects is a great accomplishment and you'll be done before you know it! Bahaha--that's right! Go enjoy the sun! ;)

  2. I can't get over how fun it was to watch newsies with you... (Of course I don't mind the screenshots). #jackjellyforpresident

    Also I'm excited for your potential new job. Do let me know if/when you get one!

    1. Awwww ME TOO. It was the best. :D (Yay!) #jackjellyforpresident (#daveyforvicepresident) (#katherineforfirstlady)

      Thank you!!! I definitely will! <3

  3. "EXILES" IS GREAT. Yes. Kermit the Frog is totally me, too <3

    Newsiesssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!! I'm so glad you guys got to watch it together :)

    1. :D :D :D Kermit is such a relatable gif. xD

      It was SOOOOOO fun. (Maybe we could do it sometime?? :))

    2. We should do that!!!!!! YES. I'm sure there would be plenty of movies we could enjoy watching together! :-D

    3. Definitely!!! We're going to have to plan that soon. :D

  4. Wonderful post, Natalie!

    Oh!! Have you been to Mackinak Island at the top of the mitten? Northern MI is absolutely wonderful and gorgeous.

    Is that a complete version of Newsies on YouTube?? :O We were debating to go see it at an outdoor theater in UT for my birthday, but I don't think it'll work out. I really don't know much about it, except the Wikipedia description, but I see pins on Pinterest all the time and everyone seems to love it! I guess I just need to put my foot through the fandom door. ;)

    Have you seen Newsies live? Have you heard the broadway Anastasia soundtrack??? It's my new favorite!! <3 <3

    1. Thank you, Sarah!

      I have not been there, yet! We're hoping to someday. :) I'm glad you think so! I'm so looking forward to the trip. :D

      YES it is!!! :D You really should give it a try. The video I linked to has the original cast and everything, so it's pretty epic. :D

      I have not!!! I really wanted to when it came through Michigan last year, but it didn't work out. :( I have heard the Anastasia soundtrack and LOVE it!! Isn't it beautiful?

  5. Seriously, girl. "The abyss"? "Puff of smoke"? What have you been reading lately? Hahaha. Just kidding. That was actually a very creative way of putting it. But no way are you waiting till October to pop in again! That's ridiculous! Don't be so lazy. ;P

    Yay for Natalie! She got this post done!! Woohoo!! :D

    Oh bother. For some reason some of the pictures aren't showing up in this post for me. I can't see the one from your trip, or the road picture, or the flower picture, or the Jack Kelly picture. ("Jack Jelly" though! Hahaha. That is too funny! :D)

    "Writing. The less said about that the better." Oh dear. Poor Natalie. I can relate to that. ;P

    YOU ENTERED AN ART CONTEST?!! WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME?????! And your picture! OH MY GOODNESS! It's so good!! Like really. You should have won. You totally should have won. Who was judging this thing anyway? Honestly, Natalie, you are really good at drawing! The detail in the faces is excellent. Love it! <3 <3 <3

    A coat for a DOLLAR?! That's awesome!

    Oh, the woeful tale of applying for jobs. I know. I know. *gives you a look of the utmost sympathy* I love your list of skills though. That story about the cream...haha...sorry, but I can't help smiling over that. :D

    Patience, my dear, patience. ;)

    I loved this post!! It was fun and very enjoyable to read. And I for one enjoy hearing what's going on in your life. So write more soon. :D

    1. Hahahaha! That's just me and my attempts at humor. ;) (Hey, you were right! I posted yesterday! Yay!)

      Thank you!!!

      "Jack Jelly" is our new name for him now. ;D

      Yes, I suppose you can. You shouldn't, though! One of us has to be a writer! ;D haha

      *Cringes* Um.....I can't remember. I think I just didn't think to mention it. Sorry! Awwwwww, really?? THANK YOU. Your approval means the world. :D :D :D

      It is!!!

      *hugs* I can understand your pain now! Filling out paperwork and the like. (Haha, OF COURSE, you would smile at my misfortune! OR, should I say, the cream's misfortune. :P)

      Heehee. ;)

      Awwww thanks! I'm really glad you loved it. And that you enjoy hearing what's going on in my life. ;D
      I'll try!!!!

  6. I re-uploaded the photos, friends. Are they working now?

    1. Thanks, Natalie! And yes, I can see them now! :D That picture of Lake Huron is beautiful. I love how the sun is glinting on the water. And your vase of flowers is so sweet and lovely! <3 <3


    2. YAY! I'm so glad! Thanks!!

      I KNOW, RIGHT??? :D

  7. Just reread some of your post and dangit girl I want to watch another movie with you. :-) MISS YOU.

    1. Ha, stalker. :P Awww me too!! (We should do one again when you're on break!!!) MISS YOU TOO. <3


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