October 31, 2017

Lately//Autumn 2017

Fall in Nantucket

Hi, my friends!!

Most of you know that I write "lately" posts now and then, in which I share a little bit about what's been going on in my life.

Well....something's changing in that regard...

Don't worry. I'm still going to do them. ;) But I'm hoping to now do four official "lately"* posts a year: one in spring, one in summer, one in autumn, and one in winter.

How does that sound??

Of course, I may have to tweak that depending on how life progresses. But from now on expect a lately post every 3 months or so. ;)

*(I tried to come up with some cute title for my "lately" posts but the best I cold come up with was "In My Life"--which is plain plagiarism  of the Les Mis song and why use that when "lately" is so much more to the point and only one word??)

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Onward. Lately I've been...

Well. Nothing.


But NaNoWriMo is tomorrow.


I've been plotting/thinking about my NaNo 2017 story since last November. Maybe before that. (Yeah, I'm pretty sure before that)  Anyways, I'll give you three facts about it:

1) It's a Snow White retelling.
2) It's set in the same world (with a few of the same characters) as my "Princess and the Pea" retelling.
3) It involves reclusive mountain men and snowy winter woods and a prince who makes life-threatening mistakes and a witch who sells poisoned applies and....

And wouldn't you like to know what else? ;)

I've plotted the whole thing out this time, even down to where and when the chapter breaks will occur. I'm hoping this will help me avoid plot holes, especially those plot holes that pop your tire and leave your writing car stranded in the middle of the road. Like two of my stories. *cough*

Hang around a bit during November if you want to hear more. I'm not promising anything, but if y'll demand snippets or character interviews or something....I don't know. Stranger things have happened.


That's.....a definite. I've already shed a few tears and I'm only on book three and nothing really sad has happened yet.

My new fandom is Harry Potter. I want to share my opinions and ramblings (and let's be honest, my nonsensical fangirling) in another post but suffice to say that right now I love this series. It's just so good.

PS. I took the quiz and am in Hufflepuff House, in case you were curious.
Harry Potter concept thoughts, feelings and aesthetic.

~The first two Harry Potter movies. I like most of the casting (and Ron's facial expressions are GOLD) but the movies are excruciatingly boring compared to the books. Something was lost in translation.
Alan Rickman is perfect as Snape though

~Little Boy. Gahh this movie made me cry ALL THE TEARS. It's been awhile since I've watched such a flat out emotional movie. But it also made me happy, like really really happy.
The colorful, sunshiny setting. The humorous conversations between Little Boy and the Japanese gentleman he tries to befriend. The hope. Little Boy's relationship with his father. Just.....aghh. Everything.

WATCH IT. Please. *hugs this movie*

Click to View Extra Large Poster Image for Little Boy

PS. *Slight spoilers* The story centers around Little Boy's attempts to bring his father home with "faith of a mustard seed". At one point in the story he tries to move a mountain with his faith and while an earthquake DOES happen it doesn't feel at all "fake" or "magical" if that makes sense. It's left up to the viewer as to whether it was an act of God because of Little Boy's faith...or simply something God was going to allow to happen anyways. I say this only because I personally am cautious when it comes to stories about people with "magical" faith (whether it be trips to heaven or miraculous healings) and I know some people who feel the same way. I do believe God CAN do these things, of course—but I don't think God works miracles through people as much (if at all) as He did back in time of Jesus and the apostles. Hence my apprehension about stories concerning such things. Hope that clears things up if you had been wondering about that, too. :)

Amancanfly’s 2016 New Year Countdown ↳ Henry Cavill Edits 15/31: Henry Cavill as Napoleon Solo with Armie Hammer as Ilya Kuryakin in The Man From U.N.C.L.E.
~The Man From U.N.C.L.E.
I've heard good things about this from both Hamlette and Olivia and when it came on Clearplay I was like "yesss let's do this." So, I'm not exactly one for keeping up splendidly with espionage kind of movies (I usually have to ask my dad or brother a hundred times what's going on #beinghonesthere) but this one was fun and exciting and just plain cool even when I didn't understand what was going on. :P I love the characters. They're just awesome and their relationships are the BEST. I love Gaby and Ilya a TON but I may love Napoleon and Ilya's friendship even more?? I'm not sure. Either way, these three are epic.


The Man from UNCLE
Cool people <3 (Except for her in the bottom right corner. Ugh. Go away.)

~This Beautiful Fantastic
This fun post brought my attention to this movie. It's not a period drama, but it's a British film with many actors and actresses I immediately recognized (Caroline Bingley? Albert from War Horse?). So once I read a little about it, I decided I must see it and sent a request off to the library. I watched it one night with my mom and we both loved it. It's odd and eccentric (some of the story lines tend to go a bit nowhere) but it's also lovely and altogether charming. It also brought me some much needed encouragement—the story revolves around Bella Brown, a very OCD girl whom most would look at as weird and unsuccessful and maybe even stupid. But she's not. She grows and changes and makes her own corner of the world beautiful, with the help of a few unlikely friends. This was encouraging to me, because it was a reminder that no matter what you're like to the rest of the world, you're special and beautiful and worth it to God.

(This wasn't a Christian movie by any means, but hey, I can still draw inspiration from it.)

Basically, it's a beautiful movie and you should watch it forthwith.

She opens her arms to the poor and extends her hands to the needy. Proverbs 31:20 (NIV) She Opens Her Arms – Proverb Ponderings – Part 4 Go to PART 1  |  PART 2  |  PART 3 I recently wrote on our mirror,

Fangirling over//

This video made me really happy. <333

*Sigh* Wellllll. You want the long or the short version? ;) In a nutshell, I had a really depressing week awhile back that kind of threw me for a loop. I frequently struggle off and on with contentment and feeling at peace with where God is taking me in life. I struggle to trust His plan, and I definitely struggle with waiting for Him to show me what to do. (Because I have no clue what I'm doing with my life.) I can usually shake it off pretty quickly though....this past week was an exception. I was feeling really sad and hopeless....and just lost. God has slowly been showing me truth through this ordeal though, and I'm thankful to say I've been gradually feeling better. I know I'll have days like it again though....maybe I'll do a blog post on it sometime?

AUTUMN! It took Michigan forever to cool down and actually start feeling like fall. But now it's nice and chilly and the leaves are gorgeous and I've been going for walks outside as often as I can. Does anyone else love walking on gray and gloomy days? I honestly love days filled with wind and rain, though sunshiny ones are lovely too. <33

Happy Halloween

Listening to//
New favorite artist alert! Gregory Alan Iskov. I haven't heard all his songs, but I do know some contain some language, so please don't go and listen to ANY of his songs now just because I mentioned him. :P But a few of my favorites are Idahosalt and the sea, and this one:

I got a new Josh Turner cd. Just thought I'd mention it. Because reasons.

This was the first song I'd ever heard from him and it's still one of my favorites. #nolstagia

Other songs I've been listening to: 
Encouraged by//
This video. Like....wow. It was made for me. I needed to hear this. xD I highly recommend this video, and though I haven't read/watched everything by this blogger, I think she has some pretty awesome content. :)

This quote:
Harry potter                                                                                                                                                                                 More

These verses:
Satisfy us in the morning with your unfailing love,
    that we may sing for joy and be glad all our days.
Make us glad for as many days as you have afflicted us,
    for as many years as we have seen trouble.
May your deeds be shown to your servants,
May the favor of the Lord our God rest on us;
    establish the work of our hands for us—
    yes, establish the work of our hands.
Pslam 90: 14-17

I cry out to God Most High, to God who fulfills his purpose for me.
Pslam 57:2

not my socks though I wish they were

What have you been up to this autumn? 

Do you struggle with contentment?
Are you doing NaNoWriMo?


  1. Eeeeep! Your lately posts are awesome! And I think it's a great idea to do one for each season of the year. :D

    YOUR STORY!!!! I'm so impressed that you have it plotted out so well! You go, girl! *high five* But stop a moment. DID YOU SAY SNIPPETS AND CHARACTER INTERVIEWS?!! Yes, yes, yes. That is a MUST! Bring 'em on! I specifically request one with the hero because I just know an interview with him would be loads of fun to read! :D But right. No spoilers. You would never dream of giving away spoilers and I certainly would never dream of asking for them. (coughcoughCOUGH)

    Awww. I'm so glad you're enjoying the Harry Potter books. They really are good. I love the character development in them. And there's a lot of good life lessons as well. About the movies...I know this is backward and not my normal way of doing things, but I actually think it works really good to watch the movies first and then read the books. Anyhow, that's what I did and I enjoyed it that way because then the movies didn't seem like they were missing parts and I had fun watching them without being like "no! They didn't do that right! They missed that part" etc. etc. etc. And then when I read the books it was just like "Oh! What fun! Look at all the extra stuff I get to discover about these stories now!" :) You're so right about Ron's facial expressions! They're the BEST!!! :D :D

    Ohhh! I really like that Camille Pissarro quote! That is so sweet.

    "Feeling//" Aw. You know how much I relate to this! Lots of hugs to you my friend! Glad you're feeling better. Hang in there and don't worry! And just remember, God's there with you every time you're feeling down and when things start to look bright again it's because of HIM! He's pulling you out of it and cheering your heart up and HE LOVES YOU SO, SO MUCH AND HAS GREAT PLANS FOR YOU!! Nobody has better plans for your life than He does, and so His opinion is the ONLY one that truly matters!!! *hugs* (And remember too that you are certainly NOT the only one who has "down" days. If I could have a penny for every time I've felt down...but that's right we've been over this before, haven't we? ;))

    Oh. Walks. That's one thing I haven't been doing this fall, and one thing I really ought to be doing. (I'm so bad at the whole exercise thing.) I seem to recall taking a lot of walks in Michigan though. Maybe it's something in the air there. ;) Or perhaps it was the company. I think you must come out and visit me and then we can take walks together. :)

    Hey! That video you were so encouraged by? Somebody just shared that video with me today. What a coincidence. (Heehee. ;))

    This whole post was lovely!! :) Good luck with NaNoWriMo tomorrow (and all the long, long days after...heehee.) You're going to do awesome, my friend!! :D

    1. THANKS, Miss March!! I'm glad you think so. :)

      I'll see what I can do. :D (And HA! You certainly can't complain about not getting spoilers now. ;))

      I'm glad you like the HP books, too!! The characters really are the best. <3 I like reading the books first in order to get my own "mental" view of the characters and situations...but I can see where watching the movies first definitely would have made the movies more fun! Andrew and I just watched the 3rd movie and....we just hate them all so far. :P I mean, the characters and everything are great, but they leave out too many good things from the book--the plots don't seem as brilliant in the movies as they do in the books. Oh well. :)

      Thank you, friend. <33 It's always good to know I have you to go to for understanding! :D Although I wish you didn't struggle with this, too. :( And thanks for your words of encouragement! YOU'RE THE BEST!!!

      Haha! I understand. It's hard sometimes, but especially in cold weather! Let's plan on lots of walks when and if I visit. :D

      Haha. ;)

      THANK YOU!!! <3

  2. This whole post was delightful, but I must admit, my favourite part was the gif of Ben Fankhauser. XD

    Oh, I hope your Snow White re-telling goes well!! :D

    I know nothing about Harry Potter, but I've heard good things about it from other people. I must admit, it never seemed a bit appealing to me before, but I can't judge it when I know nothing about it, haha. ;)

    YESSS THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E.!!!! YESSSS!!!! I love the characters, too!!! And FINALLY, a heroine with my name!!! Yay!! (She doesn't spell it right but ah well, close enough. I'll take it. ;)) And yes, haha! That scene when Napoleon was in the car eating a dinner and Ilya is getting chased down, haha. Napoleon is so CRUUUEL. :P




    Ohh, I'm sorry that you've been feeling down, Natalie. :( I know what that feels like! My tip would be to tell people - your family and close friends, because they always help me see things that I was blind to, and lighten the whole situation up a bit. I hope God will fill you with His incredible peace and joy and strength. <3

    I think you've gotten me hooked on Josh Turner. We got his "Haywire" Cd out from the library (I may or may not have gotten out 13 others besides that one :P) and it was our favourite. He's got SUCH a good voice!!! *sighs* And his songs are so fun. ;)

    I was happy to see an Anastasia song there. ;D

    Oh, that video was definitely something that I've been learning lately! I certainly feel like I'm in a moment of waiting at the moment. But I've been learning how to make the most of it and how to enjoy it and I'm ever so much happier now. :) For me, I've been learning how to make the most of every single moment - whether its waiting or doing something exciting and unknown. And it makes everything so much more fulfilling. :)

    But yes, I certainly do struggle with contentment and trusting God with everything. I certainly feel like a "Ye of little faith"... there are so many things that I just feel like saying "Oh, well, that will NEVER happen" and brush it off... but God is greater than that. Jesus is greater than us, greater than fear, greater than joy... so there's no need to fear. We can raise our hopes, because our God is great.

    I need to disappear now! Have a lovely autumn. (I'm definitely enjoying my spring!) Xx

    1. Ha! Ben is always the best. <3

      Thank you!!

      I never thought HP sounded good either....but now I see why everyone raves about them. :D

      I KNOW, RIGHT? Haha, she actually reminds me of yo a bit! I mean, the name reminded me of you, first, but she also looks like you a little, I think. :) I'm glad you think that scene was fun, too!!!

      You know, while watching it I was like "I KNOW that guy." I finally realized he was Moriarty. I haven't seen Sherlock, but I've seen him on Pinterest and such. He was a GREAT (maybe the best) character in TBF. You should definitely watch it!!


      Thank you SO much, friend. *hugs* I have been feeling a whole lot better lately, truly. I definitely talk about it with my mom a lot. I've recently been trying to open up a little bit more with friends too, as you said, and talking about this on my blog helped me with that. YOU ALL HAVE BEEN SO ENCOURAGING AND HELPFUL. <3 Thank you!!!

      GAHH I'M SO HAPPY AND PROUD YOU LOVE HIM TOO, NOW. *wipes away tears* :') Do you have any favorite songs?

      What you said about making the most of every moment, whether waiting or doing something exciting, is so true. I need to apply it more. I'm glad you have been learning that!!! <3

      Amen. Just...everything you said there. I totally agree.

      Thank you, Gabby! You have a lovely spring! (I'm sorry I haven't been keeping up with correspondence very well lately...hopefully I can get an email to you someday soon. <3)

    2. Heeyyyy... since Ben is always the best, I found this neat video the other day and I can't help but share it with some of my Newsies loving (and Corey Cott and Ben Fankhauser loving) friends! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q5QzvzQ7Ad0

      Haha, really?! That's funny because I thought so too! XD That is to say, I always thought Alicia Vikander looked a little like me. A glamorous me, haha.

      Well, sounds like I should definitely watch TBF and you should definitely watch Sherlock. ;D (You haven't seen it yet?! Oh, but you're missing out on something good! It is a pity that there is a little Content, though. :/)

      Aww, I'm so glad you're feeling better, and that we encouraged you! <3

      Haha, yes, Josh Turner is now a new favourite! :D My favourite is "Why Don't We Just Dance" and "Would You Go With Me". I'm boring, I know, but THEY'RE GOOD!!!

      Yes, it's been a great lesson to learn, actually, haha, to make the most of every moment, whatever it be! (I feel like I've had to re-learn it over and over and over again!) But I'm so happy, and I never have a dull "I'm bored" moment!

      Yay. Glad you agree. :D

      Thanks, Natalie! It's crazy to think that our spring has only a couple weeks left! That just FLEW by!
      (That's Ok! But an email WOULD be lovely. :D)
      (Oh, and I'm getting 4 wisdom teeth out under anesthetic next Monday, so if you have any tips about what to do when you've turned chipmunk, that'd be appreciated, haha! :D)

    3. *LOUD SCREECH* I had not seen that video before and WOW. Just wow. Thank you for sharing it. :) I can't believe their voices....and yes Ben's piano skills!! I really wish I could play piano like that, too. :P (Also, THOSE LITTLE NEWSIES REFERENCES. Like the ending notes...*happy crying*)

      You too? *high fives* All you need now is a pair of giant sunglasses and a 60's dress and you're good to go. :D

      I would love to see Sherlock someday...we'll see. ;)

      Yes you DID! <3 Y'll are the best.

      Not boring at all! I love those two, as well. I love pretty much every one of his songs. :D

      I have to re-learn things over and over and over again, too. I guess that's just life. *hugs* But we're better for it. :)

      Same for us!! I mean, the opposite, though. After this week my mind will be full-gear on Christmas and....that's hard to believe. :P

      (I'm hoping to do so soon! <3)
      (Oooh dear. I'm afraid I don't have any experience with wisdom teeth yet, though the dentist told me I should have mine out soon. I hope you're doing okay!! Maybe watch a good movie? Newsies? ;) Feel better, friend!! *hugs*)

  3. Hello, Natalie!
    I enjoyed this post. A 'Lately' post every season or so sounds quite organized to me. :)
    Good for you that you're doing NaNo! That is very smart to have it all planned out before hand what you're going to do. (Not that I know. I've never actually done NaNo) I wish you all the luck with all of that writing. *shivers in terror because writing is hard*

    Ah, Harry Potter. That is one fandom I have not yet joined. Perhaps soon though. :) I know there are LOTS of books on my to-read list that have been waiting even longer for me to read them.

    As for your mentioning about the 'miracles' in Little Boy, (well, first it sounds like a great movie,) I totally agree with you about that. I don't think that God just randomly does magical things to satisfy humans. It's something to watch out for in movies, when they make God out to be a magic genie. :P

    I STILL NEED TO WATCH THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E.!!! I have been meaning to for the longest time. I NEED TO. Thank you for reminding me!

    Ah. Jeremy Jordan's voice.
    Yes. *nods in agreement*

    And as far as contentment; I think we all struggle with it at times. It's just one of those things. I know this is a cheesy piece of advice (if you can even call it that), but sometimes it helps to not look at other people's walk with God, but just focus on God instead for yourself. But I don't know, you're probably already doing that anyways. *shrug*

    Praying for you, dear. :)
    I hope you're having a good Fall!


    1. Hello, Amaris!! Aww, thank you. I'm glad you think so. :D

      THANK YOU SO MUCH!! It is hard. I think I'm behind right now on my word count. *cough* But it's been going smooth otherwise, and NaNo definitely helps me stay motivated to write. I'd recommend giving it a try if you ever feel like it! :)

      I feel you about the giant to-be-read list!! I have that, too. :) I hope you enjoy HP when/if you try it!!

      Exaaaactly. You summed it up perfectly--"they make God out to be a magic genie." Yup. God doesn't always do things just because we ask Him to--even if our faith is great.

      Haha you're welcome! ;)

      So glad you agree. <3

      That's so encouraging to hear, although of course I'm sorry you struggle with contentment too! And thank you for the advice! It's not cheesy at all. It's so true; and I frequently need t be reminded of it! :D

      Awwww. Thank you. I appreciate it TONS. <3

      You too!!!

  4. Ohhhhhhhhhh . . . good luck on your NaNo story!!!! Also: STORY SNIPPETS AND CHARACTER INTERVIEWS 'KAY. PLS. THX. BYE.


    I am so reading Harry Potter now. *nods*

    The Man From U.N.C.L.E.!! I just watched that, too! When I was sick last week--I don't remember if I told you? Anywho. I loved Ilya, and I hated Napoleon Solo. Seriously, I wanted to Do Violent Things to him. He's just so darn . . . arrogant. Yuck. *shudders* But Ilya is my precious cupcake <3 I felt really bad for him and I was glad he got a happy ending. And I really loved the aesthetics in the film, all the costumes and the sets, and all the different colors, and the way everything is coordinated. Gaby's outfits are GOLD.

    I'm sorry you had a rough week *hugs* I know ALL ABOUT those feelings, believe me. (And seriously, I know you know this but I'm gonna say it anyway--I'm always around, if you're having a bad day and want to talk. Hit me up any time. <3 )

    1. THANK YOU AND AHHH I WILL TRY. I really want to share some of it with y'll. :D

      I HOPE YOU LOVE IT. Tell me your thoughts when you do. :D

      Ahh yes!! *high fives* I remember seeing you comment about it...on Olivia's blog, I think? Anyways, I'm so glad you liked it, too!! Ilya is SO precious. But....but...noooo. Don't hate Napoleon! *sigh* You can hate him if you want, I guess. But don't try to do Violent Things to him because you'll have to get through me first. ;) I do agree that he's very arrogant....but I kind of like characters like that? I mean, characters who also have a soft side--and I definitely think Napoleon does. He becomes friends with Ilya and genuinely cares about him, IMO, anyways. :P

      The aesthetics and the cinematography and EVERYTHING. Yes!! It was all so unique and fun. AND YES GABY'S WARDROBE. It honestly made me want to go out and buy a pair of gigantic white sunglasses like the ones she wore at the end. :P I restrained myself. I couldn't pull them off like she does, haha.

      Thank you so much, friend. <333 (Heehee, I took you up on it!! Our conversation the other day helped a lot; thank you.! *hugs*)

    2. Do!!! I can't wait to see it!! :D

      Um. I'm sorry but . . . I can't not hate Napoleon. Just not happening :-P I hate him because he tried to use Ilya's mental illness against him; and I just can't forgive anyone who does that. To anybody. (That scene towards the beginning where he taunts Ilya about his "psychotic episodes" was physically painful to watch. If he hadn't been behind a computer screen I would've tried to wring his neck.)

      Also, I mean, you know me . . . I can't stand arrogance. Especially not in men. It turns me off quicker than almost any other personality trait, short of actual cruelty and violence. No one is as smart as they believe they are; and for somebody to go around actually FLAUNTING their intelligence and smirking over how they know so much more than everybody else--just, nope. You ain't anywhere near as smart as you claim to be, Sir. Sit down, and shut up.


      GIANT SUNGLASSES FOR THE WIN. I adored the scene where Napoleon and Ilya are bickering over how Gaby should be dressed and then she just waltzes in wearing the perfect outfit like . . . "'sup, homies." Brilliant.

      I'm so glad!!! And we'll talk more, definitely--it helps me, too! <3

      *hugs* *blows kiss*

    3. (So...about NaNo. I kind of unintentionally dropped out and haven't worked on my story in a week or two. BUT I may still try to do that snippets/character post. :))

      Well, I can understand that. Though honestly, I don't recall that scene? I mean, it sounds vaguely familiar but...I'm not sure. We watched the movie on clearplay so maybe it was cut or something. :P (Or I just have an awful memory, which is very likely.)

      I can definitely see why his character rubs you the wrong way. And I guess I hate that flaw in characters too, at least if they don't change. But if that's a character's STARTING point in their character arc--and he ends up at a different, better point at the end of his arc--I have no problem with that. In fact, I love characters who have that sort of journey. Of course, Napoleon's character didn't DRASTICALLY change (so I can see why he still grates on you) but he changed enough for me to love him, at least. :) (Plus I have a soft spot for Henry Cavill so....that may make me biased. :P)

      For the record though, if you could hop into the movie and tell Napoleon to to sit down and shut up, that would actually be great. xD He needs someone to tell him that.

      Yeesss. That scene was fabulous.

      I'm so happy it helps you, too!! ♥

      *hugs and blows kiss back*

    4. Eh. Yeah. They probably cut it out--it had Language in it. Which is a good thing, anyway, because IT WAS HORRIBLE AND I HATED WATCHING IT SO MUCH.


      I know . . . I guess I get what you're saying, about the character arc. But if I have to sit through the whole dang movie of somebody being a Less-Than-Stellar Person (especially if their less-than-stellar-ness involves a lot of arrogance), I'm not going to be in an incredibly forgiving mood by the end of it :-P Even if they end up changing. Which Napoleon . . . only sort of did.

      AGREED. He needs someone to tell him that. ;-)

      It really does <3

    5. Ah that makes sense. Glad I didn't have to see it, then. Poor Ilya. :(

      I get you. And yeah, Napoleon didn't do a COMPLETE 180, so I can see why his character arc didn't satisfy you. Maybe if they do another movie he'll change some more. :)


  5. I have, periodically, struggled very much with not knowing what I am supposed to do with my life. So I don't have any incredible answers, but I can sympathise! It's hard. <3

    Good on you for super-plotting your NaNo project! I wish I could do that ;)
    - Jem Jones

    1. Thank you SO much, Jem!! I'm really sorry you struggle with this, too! But I'm glad we can support each other. *hugs* Hang in there. I hope things get smoother for you, too!

      Thank you!!! It definitely helped a lot, although I've learned that over plotting can also make you a little bored with your story so....it's not for everyone. ;)

  6. Josh Turner! *squeals, swoons, and is generally moonstruck*
    My favorite song of his would have to be.... *besides Long Black Train* maybe, The Longer the Waiting? Or maybe Soulmate. But also, Tears of God is amazing.... *cough* Ok, too many to count. He's the greatest thing since sliced bread, I'm telling you. The bee's knees. The cat's pajamas.
    I'm sorry you've had a rough time. *hugs* I know how that feels. Prayers! I struggle greatly with being content, but it's been getting better. Probably due to all the prayers from all my wonderful blogging friends. <333
    Lovely post.

    1. SAME. <3 :D
      I love Long Black train and The Longer the Waiting too. I haven't heard those other two, though!! Guess I have to remedy that. :P

      Aww thank you so much. *hugs back* AND THANK YOU FOR YOUR PRAYERS! I appreciate it tons. I'm sorry you struggle with this, too, but thank you for the encouragement!! :D It makes me feel better to know I'm not alone in this. <3

  7. I love the movie Little Boy, made me cry so many times! I love WWII movies and this one was extra special because of the faith aspect, but I do agree with what you said about being sceptical.
    Gregory Alan Iskov... I LOVE HIM! He is so talented. My favorite of his so far is Big Black Car, although I haven't explored his music all that much, I should though!

    1. Me too!! Glad you enjoyed it as well. :)
      Yay another fan!!! *high fives* He doesn't seem very well known, so I'm glad to hear you like him, too! I'll have to give Big Black Car a try! :D

  8. The third Harry Potter movie is much better! The fourth is, IMHO, the best of the lot. But the books are just better all around. Welcome to the fandom! I'm also a Hufflepuff.

    Illya and Solo's friendship is EVERYTHING. I mean, I love all the rest of everything in that movie, but their transition from enemies to kinda respecting each other to rescuing each other to being pals is just... I have no words for how much I love it. ::wants to run watch it for the bazillionth time::

    I'm signed up for Nano, hoping to knock out my first draft of my new book, buuuuuuuuut i haven't written a single word yet cuz of our shower dying and our water being out and... it was this whole drama thing, but the good news is, a plumber has fixed it all, so tonight... I write.

    I do struggle with contentment. Quite a bit, sometimes -- I think I'm fairly naturally contented, so then when I get discontented, I spiral into this angry annoyance with myself and it gets ugly.

    1. My brother and I just finished the 3rd movie and still weren't very impressed...we'll keep trying, though. :D Maybe the 4th will blow us away! Thank you! Yay for Hufflepuffs!!

      YESSS. I totally agree. Friendships like that are one of my favorite things ever, and this one didn't disappoint. <3

      I totally understand. Life has a way of getting in the way of NaNo, that's fore sure! I hope you've gotten to start your novel, though! A new book?? It sounds exciting. :D

      I'm so sorry you struggle with contentment! But thank you for sharing that--it's so good to know I'm not alone. I hope things get better for you, too. <3

    2. Yup, a new book! A wild west retelling of "Twelve Dancing Princesses." :-D It's really fun too -- I'm up to about 6,000 words now, which is about half as far as I'd hoped to be, but my kids got a cold and then shared it with me, and yeah, it's been a fun month. Still, I'm determined to knock out the rough draft before Christmas, at least.

    3. Ahh, that sounds AMAZING. (By the way, I still haven't read Cloaked, but that's mostly because I'm kind of broke right now. :P I WILL get it for Christmas. :) I can't wait to read it!!! Just wanted to let you know. Didn't want you to think I was ignoring your book!!)

      Good job on 6k!! That's awesome. Sorry about the colds, though. :( I hope y'll are feeling better and that you can get the first draft done!

    4. Do you have a Kindle? Because I'm running an Amazon giveaway right now to give 3 Kindle copies away. Details are here, and I'm putting posts up on my blogs right now about it too.

      We're pretty well over the colds, just fighting a lingering cough or two. Thanks!

    5. I do have the kindle app but I rarely use it (I can't stand reading on screens :P). Thanks for telling me, though!!

      Glad you're all on the mend!

  9. I so want to read Harry Potter. Alas, I'm drowning in school just now so I tell myself reassuringly that it will be the FIRST thing I do when I head off to college. Also... that aesthetic is lovely!!!

    Henry Cavilllllllll!!!!!

    Someone JUST recommended Little Boy to me -- now I doubly need to see it!!!

    Ooooooh... Josh Turner. Methinks I accidentally forgot that he existed...

    1. I hope you enjoy it when you do, Kate!! And eek, you're going to college soon? ALL THE BEST! I hope it goes extremely well! :D

      Saaaammmmee. <3 (Have you seen him in Man of Steel?)

      Sounds like you do! :D

      Whaat? No way! You can't forget that! ;) Go listen to some of his music! :)

    2. Same here! Most people fall into two camps - DIEHARD fans and the ones who say "they're written for children, so it was cheesy." I hoooope I fall into the first category because I have so many friends who love the series and I'd like to be able to flail with them. ;) YEAH!!! Heading off in the fall and super excited (and hoping that all the details fall into place...)

      YES. That's the only thing I've seen him in, actually. My brother took us to see Man of Steel IN THEATRES but it was my first superhero movie ever so I was kind of like "oh this is nice" instead of being like ALDSKFJASD;LFKJASDF;LKS THIS IS AMAZING, you know?? Oops.

      Aye-aye, captain! *salutes*

    3. There definitely seem to be only two camps when it comes to HP. :) I hope you enjoy the books!!
      (I may be actually attending my local college this fall too...so we'll be in similar boats! I hope your experience goes super well!)

      Right, I can understand not getting too excited about it the first time around. :)



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