December 11, 2017

Arthur is Proud of Me

Hey. Hi. Remember me? The girl who said in a previous post that she was struggling with motivation for writing? Well, I have an announcement. That said motivation is apparently an elusive little ghost that comes and goes, because I have exciting news.

I finished another story!!!!
Arthur is so proud

Neven's Backstory is/was a highly secret story all about the villain from my fairy tale retelling of Princess and the Pea. Originally, this project started out as simply a small story for my own benefit, so that I understood my villain's past. From there it became a novella backstory that I thought I might publish it's a full fledged novel of 51 thousand-some words, and I definitely plan on publishing it one day along with Princess and the Pea, because this novel now has so much to do with my entire fairy-tale retelling world. :P
this is Neven looking upset and dirty
It's definitely the saddest, darkest story I've ever written. It's about my villain, after all. The problem is, I've come to love this villain and his story so much. He didn't begin as a villain. But Things Happen that change him, change him so much his own family no longer knows him. But the thing is, everything he did was for them.
Arthur can't handle the feels any better than I can

I love Neven and feel so sorry for all the cruel things I've done to him that happen to him in his story. So much so that I've considered changing a lot of the Horrid Things That Happen in His Life. Or at least making him live longer than originally planned (*cough*)....but I can't talk too much about this or I'll give away secrets. prepared that if you ever read Neven's Backstory you may hate me forever because of his tragic past.


(I really don't.)

(I just force myself to do it because without pain there's no gain there's no story.)

but it's really hard #authorsarepeopletoo

Anyways, I better stop talking before I start giving away all the secrets of my books and the series I have planned for my fairy-tale world. (Yes, it's become a series....hahahaha.....a long series.....a series that will probably involve the next 25 years of my life. #doomed)

So, to sum up, I've finished writing another novel. (!!!) Don't expect to hear much more about it though. *secretive author laugh* Now that it's completed, I hope to refocus my attentions on Princess and the Pea. Eeek! I'm excited. I've missed that story too much. :')

And now I'm going to watch my favorite Christmas movie, Eloise at Christmastime in celebration. 

(And yes, I need to talk about Christmas soon BECAUSE I'M EXCITED ARE YOU?)


  1. Wow! YAY!!!

    WELL DONE YOU. <3 <3 <3

    Honestly, that must be such a good feeling. I hope you reward yourself sufficiently. :D

  2. HURRAY!!! YOU DID IT!!! Way to go, Natalie!! (Writing motivation is indeed an elusive little ghost. :))

    You mean it's actually a full-sized NOVEL now?? Wow. You certainly don't do things by halves, do you?

    Oh dear. I anticipate a lot of conflicted feelings with this story. WHY NATALIE? Why do you have to write a heartbreaking story about your VILLIAN? Villains are supposed to be hated, aren't they? But how can I hate someone I feel sorry for? WHY DO YOU HAVE TO MAKE THIS SO DIFFICULT????

    Okay. I'm formulating a plan. Don't make Neven die. Just don't do it. Add another book to your series and redeem him. IT'S A GOOD PLAN!!! DON'T SAY IT ISN'T!!!

    You and your "secretive author laugh". :P

    I'm glad writing out Neven's backstory has helped to shed more light on A Missing Princess, and yay that you're finally able to get back to working on that one!! Good luck with all of it, Natalie! This is going to be a really cool series!! :D

    *whispers* And I'm going to find out all the spoilers to Neven's story. Just you wait and see. ;)


      Yeah...I certainly don't. :P Honestly, I'm not sure I can write a short story to save my life. My stories always keep growing and growing into monstrous sized novels...or series. :P

      Hehehehehe......weellll. It all depends on perspective. You'll probably hate him more in AMP, but in his backstory you'll feel so sorry for least, I hope you do! ;) (I like making things difficult.)

      I can say neither yea nor nay to your suggestion. Spoilers, you know. ;)

      THANK YOU!!! You're one my biggest fans and I appreciate it so much. *hugs*

      *sigh* You're probably right. But not today. ;P

    2. Tomorrow's not looking good, either. ;P

  3. HOORAY! Congrats Natalie!!! (That's longer, I think, than my books...good for you!)
    I'm sure Arthur is indeed very proud of you, and so am I!

    Wait, you don't LIKE to do cruel things to your characters???? *evil laugh* "Let's see, who can die next?" I disagree (very politely, :P) with Miss March...KILL HIM! DESTROY THEM ALL! (Okay, so I'm kidding...kind of.)

    I only have one question...when do we get to read it? :)

    Congrats again! (And yes, let's talk about Christmas!)


      No, I certainly don't like torturing my children. You and I will just have to agree to disagree on the whole character-killing issue. :P heehee

      Ahh, please don't ask me that. I really have no clue!!

      Thank you!!!! (Ok, I sure will soon. :D)

  4. YOU FINISHED ANOTHER NOVEL!!!!!! *grins and squeals and throws confetti at you*

    See that? You got this, girl! :-D You're a great writer. Never tell yourself you're not <3

    Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh . . . yeah . . . *coughs guiltily* Afraid I can't talk, really, on the whole torturing-characters thing. Heaven knows I do it enough myself. :-P

    1. YES I DID AND THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

      Awww. You are too amazing. *hugs*

      Haaa. Yes, you do. But so far I haven't felt BETRAYED by you, as a reader, you know. So keep going. You're doing well and I need to read your (published) books one day. :D

    I'm so proud of all your hard work! For that's what it is; HARD work.

    I agree: killing characters in stories and inflicting pain on them feels so mean... but it's also kind of fun to write, because you know that you're doing it for the good of your story. :)

    If you never publish them, I shall die. Do you hear me? DIE. LIKE YOUR CHARACTERS. (Heh. heheh. Funny me.)

    Once again, good for you, and I wish you best of luck with the rest of your writing!
    p.s. I also love fairy tales so FOR THE LOVE OF PETE PLEASE PUBLISH.

    1. OH MY GOSH AMARIS, THANK YOU!!!! Seriously this comment brought a huge smile to my face. :D

      The only way I CAN make myself do it is "for the good of the story." xD

      Eek, your enthusiasm floors me!! I shall certainly try. :)

      Thank you, dear!!

      PS. I HOPE I CAN. :D And thank you. It's amazing to get support for my books before they're even published. You're awesome. *hugs*

  6. AAAAAAHHHHH CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is so fantastic, Natalie!! 51K words?!?!?! Way to go, gurlfren!!! :) :) :)

  7. Huzzah!

    I have a terrible time killing characters. I'm always planning books and being like, "And then he dies, and then she dies, and then that guy over there dies, and then the bad guy dies in a fittingly awful way." And then when I'm actually writing, I'm like, "Hey, he doesn't have to die, right? How about I just wound him in the leg? And she totally doesn't need to die. Neither does that guy over there. Okay, maybe that guy over there does. But not the bad guy! He's not actually that bad, just kind of misguided. I'll put him in jail instead, that's fine."

    So you're going to share this series with the world eventually, yes?

    1. Thanks!! :D

      I am the exact same way. So far I've figured out how to keep two characters from dying in my stories that I had previously planned on killing. :D

      "He's not actually that bad, just kind of misguided. I'll put him in jail instead, that's fine." << Accurate. xD

      I think and dream and hope of nothing else! (Well, maybe some other things.) But yes. I'm certainly writing these books with the plan to self-publish (soon!?), God willing. :)

    2. Great!!! Can't wait for the day I can buy one.

    3. You are awesome!!!! Thank you!! :D


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