January 25, 2018

Review: The Greatest Showman

Eeeekkk, guys, I just saw The Greatest Showman. 

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When I heard about this movie, I immediately wanted to see it. It was a musical, it was historical (somewhat), and it was clean. Like, what even. Thank you Hollywood, for actually making a movie without language or sex or violence for once. (See? It wasn't that hard, was it??) (??????)

Commence the review.
The Opening
Immediately the movie prepares you for EXCITING, with a loud opening song and dance number. I loved the way the music was interchanged with the opening credits and Hugh Jackman's "whisper" singing and how it all builds until--


(I love the line "where the runaways are running the night". Just fyi.)

So, then we fade backward in time to Phineas T. Barnum's childhood. He's standing in front of a shop window, staring at his reflection in front of a bright red suit.

GUYS. I began tearing up not even FIVE minutes into this movie. I'm not even sure if I can put into words how the opening made me feel. Immediately I was drawn into Phineas' story, standing alongside him, wishing he had a better life.

Enter Charity and A Million Dreams and two adorable children with their hearts full of dreams and I'M LIKE "STOP I CAN'T TAKE THESE FEELINGS".

Seriously, though, A Million Dreams is very, very special to me. It's a beautiful song, full of hope and determination. I love that Phineas and Charity grew up as (forbidden) childhood friends, and that they never forgot one another and that they wrote letters to each other while waiting for the day they could get married. <3

"Every night I lie in bed
The brightest colors fill my head
A million dreams are keeping me awake
I think of what the world could be
A vision of the one I see
A million dreams is all it's gonna take
A million dreams for the world we're gonna make"

Before I move on to Hugh Jackman, I have to give a shout out to the kid who played young Phineas because WOW HE CAN SING. (Also, he reminded me of a newsie and I was totally justified in that when he sold papers for a bit. #yesss)

Hugh Jackman, Skylar Dunn, Ellis Rubin, and Austyn Johnson in The Greatest Showman (2017)
awww <3
P.T. Barnum
Hugh Jackman was stunning as P.T. Barnum. The only other movie I've seen him in is, in fact, another musical, Les Miserables. I liked him a lot as Jean Valjean, but I LOVED him as P.T. Barnum. He has such infectious joy (his smile, guys) and energy in this role. I know next to nothing about the real P.T. Barnum (and I don't want to; what little I know makes me hesitant to learn more) but in this story, he's great and his character fascinating. He's painted very realistically, with flaws that drag him down the wrong path during the course of the film. But he never crossed that point-of-no-return line. Slowly he came to realize how wrong he was--how wrong to always be chasing the approval of strangers, to be seeking glory and fame for himself, to be ashamed of the people he claimed to support, and to ignore his wife and children, the ones who inspired him to dream in the first place.

"But those are someone else's dreams
The pitfalls of the man I became
For years and years
I chased their cheers
The crazy speed of always needing more
But when I stop
And see you here
I remember who all this was for"

And that leads me to....

Hugh Jackman and Michelle Williams in The Greatest Showman (2017)

Phineas and Charity
PHINEAS AND CHARITY THOUGH. Guyyyyysss. These twooooo. Were. So. Cute. Their relationship was one of my favorite things from the movie. There is a severe lack of good marriage relationships in fiction, but this one made me so happy. It was such a beautiful picture of what it's like for two people committed to each other to go through life. There ARE struggles and temptations and problems to face, and Phineas and Charity faced them, each one becoming stronger individually (Phineas learning to refuse temptation and not stray from his family; Charity choosing to continue to trust in him and stay devoted to him even when she felt alone) and ultimately together.

I just love them a lot, guys. :')

"Hand in my hand and you promised to never let go
We're walking the tightrope
High in the sky
We can see the whole world down below
We're walking the tightrope
Never sure, will you catch me if I should fall?
Well, it's all an adventure
That comes with a breathtaking view
Walking the tightrope
With you"

And can I just get a resounding AMEN THANK YOU that Phineas chose to return to his family when he realized what a slippery slope he was on? Because I was very pleased with his actions regarding that. After all, we all have our temptations and struggles, it's what we do (or don't do) that matter. Phineas chose to do the right thing, to go back home, and to start all over and refocus on what truly matters.

And I found that very inspiring. *nods*

Zendaya in The Greatest Showman

Philip and Anne
The secondary couple in this movie is Philip, Phineas' reluctant business partner, and Anne, a trapeze artist. Personally, I felt that Philip and Anne's relationship could have benefited from a little more depth, at least in the beginning. I mean.....why did he fall in love with her? Or her with him? It was basically love at first sight. :P I would have appreciated at least ONE cute, friendly conversation between them. But usually it's just romantic tension, till they have their song together and...later other stuff happens. But shh, spoilers. :P

All that aside, I still think Philip and Anne are pretty darn cute. <3 I love seeing how they inspire each other--Philip learns how to disregard other people's opinions and seek the "impossible". Which is interesting, considering how content he said he was with the ordinary when Phineas first looks to recruit him to the show. ;) The show really brings out Philip's excited, boyish side that was hidden behind his society "swell" exterior. He's just adorable and I love him. (I mean, it's Troy Bolton, guys, come on.)

Anne was a dear. I loved how when she was on her trapeze, she was bold and confident. But on the ground, she turned into a shy girl who didn't look people in the eye and hid behind her brother. (Can we talk about their relationship too?? What little there was of it was adorable. It's too bad the movie didn't focus a little more on them because good brother and sister relationships are one of my favorite things in stories.) But when she's on her trapeze, watch out, because she's in her element and will run things her way haha. I love how firm she is with Philip during "Rewrite the Stars." She is determined not to encourage his foolish dreaming. The world has never treated her with respect and she doesn't want to get hurt again. She's seen how Philip can cave under pressure from his family and peers, and she doesn't want to open herself up to the possibility of a future with him only to get rejected.

"No one can rewrite the stars
How can you say you'll be mine?
Everything keeps us apart
And I'm not the one you were meant to find
It's not up to you, it's not up to me
When everyone tells us what we can be
How can we rewrite the stars?
Say that the world can be ours

But Philip continually pays her attention, and always treats her as an equal, proving again and again that he's committed to her until finally something happens that makes Anne realize she can't risk losing him and.....


Lettie AKA The Bearded Lady
It was pretty cool seeing Keala Settle in a movie because I've seen her in behind the scenes videos of Les Miserables on Broadway in which she played Madame Thenardier.

She was FANTASTIC in this. Her journey from being scared and ashamed of being seen until she learns that she is who is  and nothing is wrong with that  during "This is Me" was fantastic.

Tom Thumb
I'm sorry, I'm just going to say it: he was adorable. I loved how he obviously dreamed of being a soldier but couldn't because of his size.

Till he met Phineas. :) *happy feels*

Jenny Lind
I was jealous of her hairstyles and her gowns and she can certainly sing.  And I did feel kind of bad for her at a certain moment. But not bad enough that I wasn't still like "YES GOODBYE JENNY" when Phineas got his sense knocked back into him. :P

Phineas and Charity's Daughters
They were adorable. I love how the older girl had her own dream of becoming a ballerina, and how the story dealt with their difficulty fitting in with their friends because of their father.

Reporter Guy Whose Name I Can't Remember
He was funny and I loved how he gave Phineas the idea of using "circus" in his museum's name. :)

The Critical Sin of 'The Greatest Showman': It's Defiantly Uncool

The Music
Um. The MUSIC. THE MUSIC. I love pretty much every song on the album, and that's saying something. I'm trying to rack my brain to compare it with something...but the only new, modern-day musical I can think of to compare it with is La La Land.  I think I love the music of that more, but La La Land is so different from this one that the comparison really isn't fair.

The music in The Greatest Showman is bright and sparkling, full of explosive joy and thrilling energy. It makes you want to dance and it definitely brings a smile to your face.

It's amazing.

That being said, it's a little strange listening to very modern music in a "historical" musical, but I guess that's the new style? I know the Broadway musical Hamilton is like that, and though it's a style that's kind of strange at first, it is really fun.

After all, it's a musical. Anything goes. :P 

As aforementioned, I enjoy pretty much alllll the songs, but if I HAD to choose a few favorites they'd be....

"A Million Dreams"
SO MANY FEELINGS. I pretty much spent the entirety of this beautiful song in tears sooo......that means I loved it. :P

"Come Alive"
This was just so fuunnnnnn and inspiring and yes yes yes yes. I love all the group songs, but this one just fills me happiness and excitement. (And makes me  dance *cough* but we won't talk about that because I can't dance.)

"The Other Side"
Beside the questionable amount of drinking going on, I loved the choreography during this song and the fun, catchy banter between Phineas and Philip. It slightly reminded me of "Let's Have a Drink on It Now" from one of my favorite old musicals, The Happiest Millionaire (have I interested you in this movie yet, Miss March? ;)). So that's a plus. *thumbs up*

"Rewrite the Stars"
Zac and Zendaya's singing is superb. Reminded me very much of "Breaking Free" from High School Musical but even better (and that may just be because of Zac Efron anyways not the actual song. :P). Between the acrobatic stunts and their amazing voices, this song was epic. ♥

Okay, but THIS MAY BE MY FAVORITE SONG ACTUALLY? If it's not this one it's "Come Alive" or "A Million Dreams"....or "From Now On"....I don't know, never mind. :P Whichever way, I adored this song. It's bittersweet and and gently beautiful and emotional. Charity is reflecting on how her life with Phineas hasn't been easy or smooth. And yet she sings of how she will always "risk it all just to be with you" (Phineas). It's beautiful and moving. I loved that Charity is determined to stick with her husband no matter what....it's just...*tears*.

"From Now On"
This song is so beautiful and I really have no words to describe it. Just listen. (Also, listen to THIS pre-production version in which Jeremy Jordan has a cameo--!!!--and Hugh Jackman sings despite his doctor advising him not to. IT'S AMAZING.) (Thank you for showing me this, Jessica!!)

(Also, random note, I love it when he's running full-speed back to Charity and his daughters during this song. SO SWEET.)

Hugh Jackman and Michelle Williams in The Greatest Showman (2017)
this danceeee sceeneee thoouughhhh

The Dancing
The dannnccciing. <3 I love dancing in musicals. I mean, I love the singing too of course, but there's something about musical dances that just.....*happy sigh*. I love it. And this movie had some good ones.

My very favorite may be Phineas and Charity's rooftop scene because it's gorgeous and romantic and fun and it felt very much like an old-time musical. ♥ (And you know, because I love Phineas and Charity duh :P)

Philip and Anne's gymanstic-trapeze-dance-whatever you call it was just plain FANTASTIC. #skillz Probably my second favorite "dance".

All I want is to fly with you All I want is to fall with you - The Greatest Showman (2017)

The Message
I went to see this with my brother, and we had fun dissecting the message as drove home from the theater. We're both cynical of Hollywood and the themes it tries to work into its movies, him even more so than me. But you know what? We both agreed that, overall, we think this movie had more good than bad in the message.

Being yourself, being brave, taking risks for what's important are all themes. And I love that. I also appreciated the moral choices made by most of the characters, especially Phineas. This movie could have blurred the line between what's okay and what's not, and they didn't, and I'm grateful.

I was a little leery going into this movie, though, even with the knowledge that there wasn't any inappropriate content. The thing is, this movie seems like it could have been the kind of movie that promotes homosexuality. They could have easily worked in a gay character or two, in a much more natural way than, say, Beauty and the Beast

And even without gay characters, I could see where this movie could have been trying to promote all inclusiveness. That it doesn't matter how anyone chooses to live their life, and if you say they're wrong, you're a hateful, judgmental person. So go jump in a lake.

But honestly, I didn't really get that vibe as much as I feared I might. All of the main characters focused on in this movie were people who were shunned not because of sinful choices on their part, but simply because they were different—Letty's beard, Tom's size, and Anne's skin color were all natural parts of who they are as human beings, and there is nothing wrong with those things.

The people who shunned them were narrow-minded and hateful, choosing to look upon these people as freaks and "lesser humans" simply because they were different. And that's wrong.

(All this to say, I am NOT saying that people who DO make sinful choices should necessarily be shunned or looked down upon, either. Should their lifestyle be held up as right? No. But I do believe  everyone should be treated with a certain amount of love and respect, if only because they are another human being. We would all be lost without Jesus Christ, and hating another human is never okay.)

I simply found it refreshing that Hollywood didn't make a movie glorifying sinful lifestyles or behaviors, but a movie that reminds us that we are all special and unique. That we never have to be ashamed of our scars, disabilities, appearance, or anything that makes us who we are.

"I am not a stranger to the dark
Hide away, they say
'Cause we don't want your broken parts
I've learned to be ashamed of all my scars
Run away, they say
No one'll love you as you are
But I won't let them break me down to dust
I know that there's a place for us
For we are glorious"

And while the movie didn't touch on this (Hollywood is still Hollywood :P) I would finish the above message with the reminder that we ARE glorious. Because each of us were individually created, quirks and oddities and disabilities included, by an amazing, loving God. 

And given salvation and hope by an amazing, loving Savior.
The Greatest Showman <3
Historical Accuracy
This movie doesn't feel at all like a historical biopic or anything. It's colorful and crazy and full of time period inconsistencies, but when I turn off the side of my brain that insists on historical accuracy, I am able to whole-heartedly enjoy this movie. It's simply a fun, creative, fictional spin on a real-life story and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that.

The d-word is used a couple times in "The Other Side". Several costumes of Anne's, Lettie's, and some other females in the circus were quite scanty. Philip and Anne sing about "wanting" each other in "Rewrite the Stars". There's drinking. Jenny is attracted to Phineas and for awhile he seems attracted to her as well, but he doesn't encourage her and decides to return to his family. (She kisses him, but he doesn't return her kiss.)

Aaaannnd, that's literally it? Like I said, it was a surprisingly clean movie, all things considered.

I loved this movie. Yes, it's a little confusing balancing between the 1900's and the modern-day music being sung and danced, too. Yes, as a portrayal of the REAL story of P.T. Barnum, this movie probably failed. 

But I found it fun and inspiring. It created goosebumps on my arm as I heard the music, it brought tears to my eyes, and it made me smile with delight.

Happiness is the overarching feeling this movie gave me.

And considering the quote at the end of the film, I think that's exactly what the filmmakers were trying to do. ♥
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Have you seen The Greatest Showman?
What are your thoughts on it?
Do you have a favorite song?


  1. Some other blogger mentioned this too, now I'm interested in seeing it when it comes out on DVD, although I suppose the best effect is in theatre. I have to say though, I'm NOT impressed with Hugh Jackman's "singing" "ability."

    1. I hope you like it when you see it, Livia!! I do think the best effect is probably in theaters, but we saw it in a super small theater and it was still really enjoyable. So I'm sure DVD will be great, too. Aw, really? I think he's great, but to each their own. :)


    "A Million Dreams" is so beautiful and tear-inducing and just gaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. <3

    Aw, I loved Anne and Philip sooooooooooooooooooooo much. I know we've talked *grins* I was thinking some more about it, though, and I realized--the reason why I don't mind them not getting a lot of development (cause you're right, they really DON'T) is because the whole movie just has such a strong fairy-tale vibe to me. It honestly felt like I was in a fairy tale, the whole time I was watching. So . . . is it love at first sight? Yep. Do I care? NOPE. :-P

    Plus--like you said--HE'S Zac Efron and SHE'S Zendaya and they're both flippin' gorgeous together and I JUST CAN'T AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH.

    *takes a deep breath*

    I think the fairy-tale vibe was also why the modern music didn't bother me in any way--I hardly noticed it, in fact. Because I didn't really think of this as an actual nineteenth-century story; it felt like it was taking place in some timeless Never-Never Land or what not.

    I'm so happy you got to see this!!!! It's wonderful. :D

    1. Eeeek thank you!! :D

      YES IT IS.

      Heehee, I don't blame you!! They ARE incredibly adorable special. <3 Ahhh, that's a really good point. I guess I went into the movie expecting a little more realism (kind of like the Les Mis movie--there's a lot of real, gritty story between the songs). But I can definitely see why it felt that way to you. :) And, as you know, I love fairytales!


      xD I relate.

      "some timeless Never-Never Land". YES. Love that perspective. I can't wait to watch it again now with that in mind. :) (Because I DEFINITELY want to get this once it comes out on dvd)

      I am too!! <3


    I'm just going to write mine up now and be back to comment!!

  4. I'm in the middle of writing a review on this movie too!!

    But yes, it was just everything awesome!! A MILLION DREAMS!!! <3 <3

    Great review Natalie!!

    1. Yay, another review!! I hope to read yours when you finish it. :)

      I'm so glad you liked it!! Thank you!

  5. I've heard of this but for some reason I had it in my head that it had a lot of "content". Thank you for posting this and debunking that, I'll ask my mom to look into this movie and we may watch it! I'm literally always on the prowl for wholesome well made movies!

    1. Yay I'm so glad you may be able to watch it now!! I hope you enjoy it, Victoria. :D

  6. This was such an amazing movie! I mean, I too struggled a bit with the historical accuracy and the modern music, but I was able to forget it and just enjoy. It truly was stunning. Loved it, and I loved your review! :)

    1. Thank you, Elanor!! I'm glad you loved it, too!

  7. Ahhhhhh THIS MOVIE. I saw it in the cinema with my sister for my birthday and I loooved it. 'The other side' is one of my favourite songs and I also love 'this is me' and 'tightrope' and... ☺

    1. YAY I'm glad you got to see it for your birthday!! I agree; even though "The Other Side" may not be my favorite song, I actually find myself listening to it more than the others because it's so darn fun.

  8. I THOUGHT I might want to see this movie... now I definitely know it.

  9. I was super excited to see this movie and I also got to see it in theaters!! *sigh* if only Hollywood could continue this trend!

    CHARITY AND PHINEAS - my gosh, they were adorable. Just adorable. Perfect childhood romance, right there. And unlike a lot of romances, they go beyond and go into marriage, children, and even has some conflict. Which honestly doesn't happen often. And needs to happen more - because life is life, life is not a romance. If that makes sense. And I agree with you - I was rooting really hard for him to return home after that Jenny Lind fiasco and was so glad that he chose to be with his family instead of following the lights. It also gives a good example for others - I don't think families would be so broken if they spent time with each other.

    I do know about the real P.T. Barnum - and I can safely say that Jackman's Barnum is a toned down version of the real guy. The real Barnum was a LOT more eccentric, and harder to relate to.

    I do think Anne and Phillip are a cute couple - though I agree with you that they could have benefited from a few friendly conversations. I do like how they portrayed the conflict between the two of them, and how Phillip defended her in front of his parents.

    Bennet - the newspaper man - has to be my favorite foil character in a movie. I loved it when Barnum and Bennet crossed swords.

    In spite of the copious amount of whiskey (?!) in that number, The Other Side is definitely my favorite song. A Million Dreams is a close second. If "Rewrite the Stars" didn't have that lustful undertone, it would be my second favorite. "From Now On" is my definite third favorite :).

    Some of the dancing in the circus and "From Now On" bothered me, but I did like Charity/Barnum's rooftop dance and Anne/Phillip's trapeze number!

    I think that The Greatest Showman promoted true diversity - each person has a purpose and is unique in their own way, and their physical disabilities shouldn't stand in the way. I'm also relieved that there wasn't any homosexuality portrayed.

    You worded this review beautifully Natalie! I agree with everything you said, and wish when I had written my own review it was this coherent! (though I suppose that's what I get for writing it literally after I saw the film....)


    1. Yay, Catherine!! I'm glad you got to see it, too!

      Yaasss, I agree so much. There's so much that goes into a good marriage (not just a good romance that ends with a wedding! :P) and I think this movie showed that really well. And yes, I agree. Spending time together is so important.

      I believe you! I'm glad Hugh Jackman's character is one we can enjoy, even if the real guy wasn't as great.

      I loved it when he defended her against his parents, too. :)

      "The Other Side" is so addicting to listen to. It's incredibly fun. :D I can understand why it's your favorite!

      Yeaah, I agree, some of the dancing could get a little edgy here and there.

      "True diversity - each person has a purpose and is unique in their own way, and their physical disabilities shouldn't stand in the way." << THIS. YES.

      Aww thank you!!!

  10. It has a drinking song in it?? I LOVE IT ALREADY!!! (Haha, KIDDING!) It was really funny though because as soon as you mentioned the "questionable amount of drinking going on" my mind immediately conjured up visions of "Let's Have a Drink On It" and THEN YOU MENTIONED THAT SONG!!! CAN YOU READ MY MIND OR WHAT???!! Hahaha. :P I think I really must see this movie now. And like it. Because honestly, if you can pull a reference to The Happiest Millionaire out of it...well then, it must be something special. HAHAHAHA! ;D

    As usual, this was an awesome review! I don't know how you do it, but you are SO GOOD AT WRITING REVIEWS! They're always so interesting. And you've definitely made me want to see this sometime! (I just might be composing a Spring movie list... ;))

    1. BAHAHA. You made me laugh. My my, seems you have a problem we haven't talked about!! (heehee)
      SERIOUSLY? That is so funny! Hmm, I'm starting to think we do have a very strange telepathic connection...making cookies on the same day...watching the same movies...wow, that just reminded me I promised my mom I'd make cookies today. Guess I should go do that. ;D

      I hope you like it when you see it! It's definitely quite different from THM....but there ARE fun similarities. :)

      Aww, really? I'm so glad you think so because usually I find it really hard to write reviews! (YESSSSS. I see what you did there. ;))


    This review is flipping amazing and I love it so much and GAH HOW ARE WE SO SIMILAR.

    Seriously, basically Every. Single. Thing. you said, I completely agree. OH AND ALSO, thank you for sharing that part about the message. Because I had a similar concern going into it -- that it would be promoting "all-inclusiveness" and such, and I still had some conflict with that, because I feel so sure that a lot of the people involved were probably thinking that as they were making it . . . and it's hard to be thought hateful and intolerant, and . . . JUST THANK YOU. Because I loved reading about your experience with it, and the way you showed how the message can also be interpreted as appreciating everyone's individuality AS GOD MADE US. So . . . yeah. Lots of thoughts and feelings, but I'll just say thank you, I really appreciated that part. :) <3

    AND ARE CHARITY AND PHINEAS NOT A FANTASTIC COUPLE. A++, Hollywood, for dealing with the struggles of a marriage so well. I APPROVE. <333 And aww, I personally loved how they did Philip and Anne, but I know what you mean. :)

    SERIOUSLY THE MUSIC IS EVERYTHING. <33 Thanks for that pre-production video! Hugh and Jeremy sharing a high-five. <3 And then Ramin Karimloo did a cover of it, and everything's wonderful. xD I think "From Now On" is prrrobably my favorite out of all of the songs. IT'S JUST SO PERFECT.



      I'm so glad you loved this movie, too!!! You too?? I'm glad it wasn't just me. :) Riiighht, I have a feeling that was still their intent--but I guess as long as they're not explicit about it, I have less of a problem? Although obviously "hidden" messages can be problematic too sometimes.
      "It's hard to bee thought hateful and intolerant." YES. I feel you so much. I in no way want to be thought hateful toward any group of people--but sin is sin. If someone chooses to be homosexual, fine, I can't do anything about that. But if homosexuality is promoted far and wide as good and fantastic and anyone who disapproves is hateful? UM NO. Sorry, I'll have to get off that boat.

      Awww, I'm really glad you enjoyed that part. <3

      YESSS SO MUCH YESS AHHHH. ♥♥♥ I love Philip and Anne too. I guess I just wish there was MORE of them, you know?

      IT IS THOUGH ISN'T IT. (I knoooow the high five made me smile.) (Ok the whole video made me smile but whatever. :P) I saw Ramin's cover, too! Isn't it fabulous?? "From Now On" is indeed perfect.

      THANK YOU FOR THE AMAZING COMMENT. :D You're awesome and I'm really glad we both love this movie!!


    I adore this movie. My kids and I listen to the soundtrack basically every day. My girls routinely ask for me to sing "A Million Dreams" to them as a bedtime song. My own favorite song is actually "The Other Side" because the joy of two fast-talkers finding someone who talks as slick as they do and both know they understand each other -- it's So Much Fun.

    Hugh Jackman has been one of my Top Favorite Actors for years and years now, and I feel like this role suited him so amazingly well -- so much of HIM shines through here, like his joy for living and his kindness toward others. And I love that even though he's never claimed to be a great singer (he once got a role in a stage musical with the condition that he take singing lessons before rehearsals started), he puts his heart into his songs and gives them such depth and beauty. I could listen to him all day -- and between the soundtracks for this, Les Mis, and the stage version of Oklahoma!, I can if I want to :-)


      I've been listening to the soundtrack pretty much every day since I saw it, too. :D Awwwww. That is so sweet that your girls ask you to sing that!! And yes "The Other Side" is VERY fun, I agree.

      Aww, that's so cool! This is definitely a happier role than what he had in Les Mis. And I agree--a lot of people don't like his singing, and he's definitely not as talented as some people, but I think it's as you said: "he puts his heart into his songs and gives them such depth and beauty."

      Thank you for your comment, I really enjoyed it! <3

    2. I took my kids to see this earlier this week, and they all loved it too :-D

      BTW, I nominated you for The Liebster Award :-) Play if you want to!

    3. I'm so glad!! :D

      Thanks so much! I'll definitely check out your post.

  13. YAAYYYY I LOVED THIS MOVIE. P.T. Barnum as a child. I just. *sniffs* He was so good and cute and I loved his voice and the way he danced with his girl and they were together and happy and GOSH IT MADE ME HAPPY.

    I loved "A Million Dreams", and how they kept singing it while growing up. IT WAS SO SWEET.

    Zac Efron and Zendaya are arguably my favorite things about this movie. I did notice the lack of development in their relationship, however. My friend put it "They just met, and all of a sudden they're in love". I guess it can happen. *shrug* But everything else though! Their dances, their songs, everything that happens to them. I just love it. It was adorable.

    Yes, the dances.
    Yes, the messages.
    Yes, Phineas and Charity!
    And their little girls!
    Yes, yes, yes.

    (That's all I can say because I have to go now.)

    I loved the way you wrote this, btw! Beautiful review. :)


    1. I'm so glad you do, too!!! Awww, I know. He was so precious. :') It made me happy, too!!

      YESSS. ♥

      Right! I LOVE them too, I guess I just wished for MORE to their story, you know?

      Heehee, that's fine. Thank you for your comment it made me smile!! <3

      Aww, thanks!

  14. Oh, WOW, I really can't say YES enough! Just, YES to every. single. point. you. made. We honestly must think the same way sometimes. :P Yes to the music, the dancing, the couples, the relationships, the marriage, the messages... I definitely came away with it thinking "I don't mind the way they did the message. They sort of left it open for you to translate it. At least they didn't make a huge point about things (like gay marriage) when they so easily COULD have, and for that I am thankful. So I definitely choose to look at it in the eyes of God making each one of us different for a reason.

    But oh my goodness, I really can't say anything else. YOU SAID IT ALL. :O

    Also, that video you linked to of "From Now On?" WAIT WHAT. WHAT EVEN IS THAT. Jeremy Jordan? And I thiiink, though I'm not sure, there was Natalie Weiss in there too? Were they just filling in? Well, whatever it was, IT MAKES ME HAPPY. :D (Wouldn't it be awesome if Jeremy Jordan had been in the movie, though, as a cast member?)

    I'm going to go see this movie again tomorrow night. EEEEEEEE. :D :D :D

    P.S. AND THE TREE AT THE END. XD That just warmed my heart and made me go YES I KNEW I LOVED THIS MOVIE. (I loved how they made them such SWEET girls. They weren't mean or snobby or unkind - they were genuinely sweet, dear little girls.)

    1. EEek, I think we do! I'm SO glad you loved this movie, too!!! And yesss, I'm thankful, too.

      I KNOOOWWW. I'm not sure who Natalie Weiss is, but Jeremy Jordan was definitely there and I think I spotted Andrew Keenan Bolger in the background for a split second. Yeah, I guess they must have just needed extra singers to help with the pre-production? I don't really know. But as you said, it makes us happy, so it doesn't really matter. :D (I AGREE!!! The movie is already awesome, but if he had been in it.....*sigh*. It would have been 10x more amazing.)

      YAY hope you had fun!!

      PS. Totally agree. <3


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