February 28, 2018

a story about the sky

I've always struggled with worry. It comes and goes in different forms, sometimes dramatic and looming, sometimes small but constant. Lately I've had to deal with little bursts of worry that explode in my face. I shield myself only to look up and see another one coming.

A lot of things are changing for me right now (I could write about hundred posts about the emotional ups and downs of it all, but hopefully I can do at least one soon) (just about the specific change, not the emotional side, don't worry I won't bore you with that). But through it all one verse I've always loved has given me immense comfort.

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.
(Hebrews 13:8)

I have a love/hate relationship with change. I love uncharted, exciting adventures, mixed with tantalizing dreams and plans and challenges.

I hate giving up thing I have loved, whether it be places or people or things that remind me of places and people and eras I can never live over again. (I feel like an old woman sometimes. For goodness sake's, Natalie, you're 19 not 90. You have your whole life ahead of you. :P)

Today, after a morning and early afternoon of feeling tired and worried but bound to accomplish some tedious tasks, I went outside with a cup of tea, my Bible, a book, and a notebook.

Before I did anything, I just sat and breathed in the steam of my tea and looked at the sky. And looked again.

Endless blue, giant clouds carefully shaped into billows and swirls, warm light gilding their edges.

It made my worries feel so small. The sky right above me was so great and glorious—and it was only a patch of the entire great and glorious sky made by an even greater and more glorious Creator.

I read my Bible and prayed and sipped my tea till it grew too cool to enjoy any longer. I felt thankful, looking at the sky. Because my worry will come and go but Jesus is constant. His power beyond anything in this world is constant. His love for me is constant.

And so is His love for you. ♥


  1. Thank you so much for this Natalie! Loved reading this little snippet! And just because, here’s a verse that has been encouraging me lately as I’m trying to figure out circumstances with getting a job or going to college... (isn’t trying to suddenly be an adult kinda hard?!?)
    Psalm 25: 4-5 “Shew me thy ways, O LORD; teach me thy paths. Lead me in thy truth and teach me: for thou art the God of my salvation; on thee do I wait all the day.”
    (And then like all the rest of that Psalm is amazing too :) :) )

    1. Thank YOU for this comment, Hannah Jo! Wow! We are totally in the same boat, I think. :) Half of my stress/worry has been because of "growing up" and trying to figure out how to be an adult....job....college....yup. I feel you. It IS hard!

      That is a beautiful verse! Thank for sharing. I'm going to write it down right away so I can remember it. :)
      (I'll have to read that one!)

      Hope things work out for you!!! Glad my post encouraged someone. <3

  2. Woooowww Natalie! I loved this, it's always so refreshing to read a post like this after another frustrating day of school, to come home and be reminded that no matter how frustrated and fed up I am with my situation, that things will work out in the end and that there is a divine plan that's better than any plan I could come up with on my own. I will be praying for you!

    Proverbs 19:21, NIV: "Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails."

    I struggle to remind myself of that verse every day, even and especially when I feel like the whole world is just plotting my downfall and I can't take it any longer. Thank you for the lovely post and encouraging words. <3

    1. Awww, Anna!!! *hugs* I'm so happy God used my post to encourage you!! Isn't it crazy how encouraging we can actually be to each other, even when we're all struggling? I agree; it's so comforting to know that God has a perfect plan for us and He'll guide us in it. :) Thank you!! I will be praying for you, too!

      I love that verse. <3 Thank you for sharing.

      I know that feeling of "I can't take it any longer." You're not alone, friend. <3 Thank you for your comment!!

  3. As someone who is a worrier herself, this post is a much needed reminder. Thank you so much, Natalie!!


    1. I'm glad it encouraged you, Catherine. Thanks!!! <3

  4. This helped me a lot today. Thank you. <333

  5. Wow. This post was beautiful, Natalie, and just what I needed right now. I've been a bit stressed and worried lately myself over change in my life, mostly due to job stuff and school plans. Just like you, sometimes I enjoy exciting new things, but other times I find it so hard not to wish for the way things used to be! ("I feel like an old woman sometimes." -- Yep! I can totally relate to that feeling, haha. ;P)

    But anyways, the verse you shared is so very encouraging and comforting, and I really need to bring it to mind more often. It's so amazing to know that even though everything around us is subject to change, whether good or bad, Jesus will always, always be constant and steadfast and unchanging. <3

    I really loved this post, Natalie. Thanks so much for sharing it! I will be praying for you, friend. :)

    -Molly <3

    1. Thank you, Molly!! I feel you. Job and school plans is usually what makes up about 75% of my stress, too. :D Aww, yeah. It's definitely difficult. (Haha, really? Glad it's not just me!)

      I'm so glad it encouraged you! Yes, indeed. He is all we can really depend on--good thing He's all we NEED to depend on, too. :)

      Thank you!!!! I will pray for you as well. <3

  6. Being in the midst of moving, I get how you feel. So many things are changing for me right now as well, and a verse I love to remember is John 16:33.
    "I have told you these things so that you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation, but take courage; I have overcome the world."
    It reminds me what a stark contrast the chaos of the world is with Jesus and His peace.
    Things might change, but Jesus will not.

    Thanks for the honest post; I'm praying for you!

    1. Amaris, I didn't want to mention it quite yet on the blogosphere, but now I have to--moving is exactly what I'm going through, too! It's a dizzingly mix of sadness and excitement and fear and change.

      Ahh, that verse is beautiful. <3 Thank you for sharing!!! Sometimes I get too overwhelmed by how crazy this world is; I will have to keep that verse in mind when I feel that way. :)

      Thank you so much! I will pray for you, too! <3

    2. Yes, moving is a mixture of fun and hardship.
      I'm keeping you in my mind and prayers!
      If you ever need to talk, you can message me on Pinterest if you want to. :)

  7. Awww! *hugs you* This was beautiful, Natalie. You know I can relate to this. I'm so glad you were able to have that peaceful, comforting moment the other day. God is so good! And He knows just how to encourage us when we most need it. <3

    1. *hugs back* Thanks, friend!! <3 Yes, He certainly does. :)

  8. This is so good. Thank you for sharing it. It's always good to be reminded that "His love for me is constant." <3

    And I relate to your struggle with worry, too -- so much. Talk soon! Love you so much. <333


      I'm so glad you liked it. *hugs* Thank you and love you too!! (We should definitely talk about worry sometime. <3)

  9. Oh, Natalie, this was such a beautiful + relate-able post. <3

    I struggle with worry and doubt A LOT. And the crazy thing is - that is EXACTLY what I do too!!! Whenever I'm really feeling it, I'll go outside by myself, find a quiet spot, take my Bible, a book and a notebook and look up at the sky, and the sun shining through the trees above me. And it helps. So much. Nature has a way of making you feel more peaceful and relaxed about life - probably because it reminds us that we're not the only living thing is this world. And also how powerful and amazing God is. Honestly, I spend most of my time during those moments just sitting, thinking, or talking to God. It always does a world of good for me.

    Thanks for the post. I hope God can help you to find strength, confidence and courage in Him. He is more than able to. <3

    P.S. Sky blue has ALWAYS been one of my favourite colours. :)

    P.P.S. If you ever randomly want to talk about things you're struggling with, I'm more than happy to be on the receiving end. Feel free to flick me an email anytime. <3

    1. Thank you, Gabby!! <3

      You too?? *high fives* That is awesome. :D What you said about nature....yes yes yes. That's exactly how I feel, too. I think having quiet time outside in a secluded spot is generally the place I feel closest to God, if only because I can quiet my mind and really be still before Him--all while noticing His glorious creation. It makes me super happy you do that, too. <3

      Thank you, dear friend! I hope the same for you, as well.

      PS. It is BEAUTIFUL color.

      PPS. Awww, thank you!! Things have been so busy lately that I really haven't had time for emailing, but I'm hoping to write to you soon! <3

  10. I have a lot of trouble with worrying, so thank you! <3


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