February 10, 2018

Lovely Blog Party Tag

Hello, my friends! Cordy is hosting "The Lovely Blog Party" this month, honoring favorite fictional couples and other love-themed posts. :)

I'm hoping  to get some posts written in participation in her party (along with my usual Valentine's Day post), but meanwhile let's start the festivities with my answers to her party tag.

Ivanhoe and Rebecca: Name a couple that should have been together
Is this the moment to say that I never really shipped Ivanhoe and Rebecca? *cough* I don't know, I guess I just liked him with Rowena. And Rebecca deserved someone more faithful anyways; I can't say I'd want a guy who fell in love with two girls at once.

Anyways. My answer shall be...ooh, I have a few ideas. Allan and Kate from BBC Robin Hood is a classic answer. (Right, Olivia?) But Finn and Rey from Star Wars actually came to mind first. Because I have a feeling the filmmakers are NOT going to have them end up together as I first hoped and....and... *cries* They would have been so sweet........
(Shhh, Anna, I know you want Poe and Rey together. ;))

John Boyega & Daisy Ridley

Jo and Laurie: Name a couple that should have stayed friends...or did stay friends...
Captain America and Sharon Carter in the Marvel movies. Grrr. Don't. Get. Me. Started.
they're practically related. sick creeps in the comics came up with that and why the hell they didn't change the story? Weinstein and his ilk probably LOVED that. Older man and young woman old enough to be his child/grandchild get with it. Peggy would vomit all over you
Hayley Atwell gets us all when it came to Steve and Sharon
even Peggy agrees

Jane and Mr. Rochester: Name a couple that looked like the chances of a happily ever after were next to none!
Well. I recently watched a Hallmark TV movie and I was SO worried that maybe the heroine and hero WOULDN'T end up together!!! :O

Ha. As if. :P

I was actually pretty worried about Ginny and Harry's future while reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I won't say anything more though because of spoilers. :)

Jane and Mr. Bingley: Name a couple that is just sooo happy!
Phineus and Charity from The Greatest Showman. <3

Kit and Ella: Name your favorite fairytale couple
Awwww. Flynn and Rapunzel from Tangled.

Molly Gibson and Roger Hamley: Name a couple where the woman is basically ignored by the suitor until the end of the story (frustration at it's finest!! :P :P)
Edmund and Fanny in Mansfield Park. Ugh, it takes him forever to come to his senses!

(And yes, I agree!! Those kinds of stories make me so frustrated with the hero....and yet...I've found myself writing one. -_-)

Sarah and Jacob Witting: Name a couple that found love later in life
This one is stumping me....the only idea I have coming to mind is actually another couple from that aforementioned Hallmark movie. :P Oh! I have it! Miss Matty and Mr. Holbrook. <3 (Aww. But now I'm sad....)
Cranford - Judi Dench and Michael Gambon

Don Lockwood and Kathy Seldon: Name a couple from a musical
Jeremy Jordan being adorable in Newsies Live (annabethcnases on Tumblr)<--- I LOVE this part so much!!

Anne and Gilbert: Name a couple that didn't start out on the right foot
Seb and Mia from La La Land. ;) "What a waste of a lovely night."

La La Land (2016)

Faramir and Eowyn: Name a couple with the sweetest love story
Okay, the sweetest love story is a little difficult. But one of the sweetest love stories is definitely that of Rocky and Adrian from the Rocky movies. Gahh, I just love them so much. <3
"I was wondering if you wouldn't mind marrying me very much?" Awwww! Sweet rocky!
"I said, would you mind marrying me very much?" xD

Thanks for this blog party, Cordy!!!

(PS. The Lovely Blog Party runs till the end of February, so be sure to check it out! There's plenty of time to write your own post. :))


  1. Hm, maybe I should do this tag...we shall see if I find the time! :)

    *Grins* You know me well. :D There is no way I will be okay with it if Finn and Rey end up together instead of Poe and Rey. I MEAN HE SAID "I KNOW" TO HER AND ITS A STAR WARS MOVIE IF THAT DOESN'T SAY SOMETHING VERY IMPORTANT THEN WHAT DOES? Sorry, I'm way over-dramatic about this! :P No, I'm not really this serious about Star Wars...but...I was always of the mind that Poe and Rey were destined for each other. But then again I am a very odd person. :)

    A Hallmark movie where they don't end up together????? Would that even be legal????!!! :)

    (I need to watch The Greatest Showman...and Mansfield Park...)

    This was very fun and made me smile! :) Maybe I will post a happy Valentine's dooly-bopper-thingy eventually...

    1. I hope you do, Anna!

      Yessss....but Rey already has a GREAT relationship with Finn. They worked together so well, and genuinely care for each other. And I've wanted them together since I watched the first movie, so I'm not about to back out now. ;D I guess I would just feel cheated if the directors never bring them together because they made them so darn cute in the first movie.

      You know I adore Poe, but being that Poe has only JUST met Rey, I can't say what I think about them together yet. Even if they did say "I know". :P (But, that doesn't mean I'm opposed to them being together. I just haven't seen enough of them together to make me support them as couple." Yet. :))

      I don't think it would!! :D

      (Yes you do!)

      Thanks!!! <3

  2. Umm, *rubbing hands together* there's so much to say about this post! But first, thanks for doing the tag!!

    Concerning Ivanhoe and Rebecca...I think Ivanhoe was more infatuated with Rowena because she was his first and lasting love and all that. I'm not one to really like infatuated loves. Also, while Ivanhoe may have only "admired" Rebecca, I think he could have easily come to love her. In fact, this kind of situation reminds me of Edward and Lucy (from Sense and Sensibility) but, Rowena is NO Lucy. (Hate Lucy.) And I know because of their religious backgrounds and such that the union wouldn't realistically have worked out--but I still find myself loving the story in a very...I don't know...frustrated way. Haha, I don't know how to describe it. Anyway, those are my thoughts on the subject.

    Oh dear, it's funny you mentioned Finn and Rey because they came to mind as befitting candidates for a very different (as in totally opposite) category. I have never liked Finn and Rey as a couple and I grudgingly came out of Last Jedi wanting Kylo and Rey to be together. Note, I said grudgingly! (Kylo still killed Han so I'm struggling with allowing him to work things out with Rey.)

    I DON'T LIKE CAP AND SHARON!! *now whispering* But I don't like Cap with Peggy either.

    That Tangled Valentine... cuuute.

    Wait a sec...you're writing such a tale? Well, I'm sure it will be better than the Mansfield Park situation.

    Thanks again for filling out the tag!!


    1. Thank YOU for the tag, Cordy! :D I had a lot of fun filling it out.

      True...I can kind of see it that way. I guess I'd have to read the book again to really think about it. All I remember is thinking that Ivanhoe and Rowena seemed pretty happy (unlike Edward with Lucy) up until he met Rebecca. :P I can definitely see why you liked them together, I just never felt that strongly about it myself. :)

      Reaallly?? Aww. Yeah, Finn is my first choice for Rey. I'm open to either Ben or Poe (of course Ben needs to make some Good Decisions first), but my heart will always wish for Rey and Finn to have been a thing. <3

      YAY THANK YOU!!! *whispers too* Ahh, this is where we shall have to disagree again. ;)


      Aww, thank you! Yes, I never even meant to write a story with that kind of romance...it just kind of happened when I wasn't looking. :P

      It was a pleasure!!

  3. But...
    That guy in La La Land is literally on his right foot

    1. xD VICTORIA, YOU GET THE BEST COMMENT AWARD. I never even thought of that!

    2. Thank you, haha. I almost thought you did it on purpose!

    3. Nope, I totally missed that! :D

  4. This is such a neat idea for a tag!

    Eh. I'm okay with Finn and Rey being just friends ;-) As long as they continue to have an important relationship of some sort--whether platonic or romantic--I'm good.

    At first I was NOT happy with the idea of Poe and Rey getting together . . . but I must say, it's growing on me. Although I'll need to see the next movie and see them interact more to be sure of how I feel. And I did genuinely love Poe's character in this one (I didn't dislike him in TFA but I wasn't hugely drawn to him either?) So there's that.

    1. Jessica,
      I do love them as friends, but I guess that's what makes me ship them so much? It's plain Finn thinks the world of her and they already have such a great friendship that I think they'd be great as a couple, too. <3

      Yeah, I was disappointed that they didn't even meet till the END of the second movie. Grr. I adore Poe, so I'd like to see him happy with someone...I'm just not sure yet that Rey is that person. Time will tell...

    2. Time will tell, indeed. I'm curious to see how it all plays out :)

  5. I was furious about it looking like the filmmakers are going a different direction with Finn and Rey too! I loved them together! I'm not sure how I feel about Captain America and Sharon Carter.... we'll have to see how it plays out but it's a little weird.

    1. Glad someone else shipped them, too! They are just so sweet. :)
      Yeah, I can't say I like Sharon with Cap at all. :P
      Thanks for your comment, Lois!!

  6. ROCKY AND ADRIAN!!! I was totally not expecting to see them in your post but awwwww! YES! They are the sweetest, sweetest couple!!! And the proposal!! Ahhhhh! So adorable. :D :D :D (Seriously, when I came to their picture I squealed. You're making me want to watch those movies again.)

    Okay, yeah. I think I need to see the Broadway version of Newsies sometime. :)

    "Those kinds of stories make me so frustrated with the hero....and yet...I've found myself writing one." Uhhhhhh. YEAH. Why did you do that? Now everyone's going to be frustrated with poor Henry and it's all your fault. *shakes finger at the naughty authoress* ;P

    Great post, Natalie! :D

    1. AREN'T THEY JUST THOUGH? I'm so glad you love them, too. <3 I just can't get over how cute they are and eeek. When I watched Rocky for the first time I certainly never expected to love that movie like I do--and to find a favorite couple in it!


      *cry of anguish* I don't knoooooowww. :P

      Thank you!!

  7. Yeah, I’m positive Rey and Finn won’t end up together – I think it’s going to be FinnRose. :/

    Now everyone knows how I feel after loving Luke and Leia as a couple in New Hope and then #WUT suddenly it’s Han and Leia in TESB. #notfair

    HAHAHA – that Halllmark joke cracked me up. I’m sure there’s a law against that sort of thing in Hallmark. :P

    This was a fun post! I think I’m going to try it – just to wave my fist at those who think I don’t like a nice romance now and then - simply because I’m picky. :P

    1. I know and I'm so upset by it. I love Rose but...but....*sigh*

      Really?? I can't imagine shipping Luke and Leia--I've always shipped her with Han. However, I was very young when we watched them for the first time and I think we watched them out of order. That must have been disappointing, though. :(

      I'm glad it made you laugh! Haha, you're right there probably is.

      I hope you have fun doing it, Allison! Thanks for your comment!

  8. Ahh, this is so sweet! (Sorry I'm late - I'm so behind!)

    AND I AGREE!!! With all the ones I know of, anyway! :P Rey and Finn were very cute together. (The part in TFA when Finn is like "You got a boyfriend? Cute boyfriend?" always cracks me up and makes me think AHHH THEY SHOULD BE TOGETHERRR.)

    Mia and Sebastian definitely didn't start out on the right foot, but at least they would speak to each other afterwards. ;D (I LOVE Mia's sassy little "I Ran" dance in front of him at the party. GETS. ME. EVERY. TIME.) (Especially after I heard all her funny expressions and movements weren't in the script - Emma Stone just put them in, haha!)


    1. Thanks, Gabby!! (No problem. :))

      EXACTLY. I loved that part, too!

      Heehee. Yesss. She was great and I loved his grumpy face in that scene. (Wait what?? That's hysterical!!)


  9. Nice answers! I really need to watch more movies...


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