February 21, 2018

Six Non-Canon Ships

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Cordy's Lovely Blog Party is still in full swing, guys! We have till the end of February to participate in this fun Valentine's Day themed party, so do hop on over there and check it out. (Oh no! I said hop! I'm as bad as the stores that already have Easter candy out already! *wails*)

Today I want to share five non-canon ships with you.

Five what, you say? Well, I'll try to explain it. In the fandom world, "ships" are used to describe relationships us fans support. For instance, fans of Pride and Prejudice "ship" Darcy and Elizabeth as a couple.

(Make sense? No? Good. Let's move on.)

Non-canon refers to relationships that aren't actually in the story. Basically, it's wishing that  two people in a particular story were a couple, even though they never were. For instance, Mr. Collins and Elizabeth would be a non-canon ship. (PLEASE don't tell me anyone actually ships them....) 

Anyways. If that doesn't make sense, sorry. You'll catch on, trust me.

One more note--thanks to the lovely Miss March, (who can count, it seems ;)) it was recently brought to my attention that I actually included six couples in my last "Five Couples post", not five.  Oops. :/ Thank you for pointing that out, Miss March! But apparently this is a theme with me, because I planned this post to contain FIVE couples, but again came up with six. :P *sigh* Oh well. (At least I actually counted them correctly this time. :P)

In no particular order, here they are...

1) Bucky and Wanda from the Marvel movies

No Vision and Wanda for me. Nope, don't care, Infinity War. :P

Ever since watching Civil War, I decided that Bucky and Wanda was my ship. Because Bucky NEEDS someone and so does Wanda. She's so lost after her brother dies and I just think these two would be perfect for each other. You want a list of reasons? Here you go:

-They're both former Hydra experiments so HELLO common backstories
-She could probably use her powers to heal him
-They both have the same color schemes: red and black
-They've both gone through Very Traumatic Losses

Bonus: They have similar tastes in makeup :P

2) Enjolras and Eponine from Les Miserables

Enjolras and Eponine just SHOULD HAVE BEEN A THING.

Because, after all, Marius had Cosette.  Yes, I get it that Eponine pines after him and gives her life for him and all that jazz, but seriously?? Didn't she even notice the handsome revolutionary leader in the red jacket? (Not to mention, Marius wasn't exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer, just sayin'.)

Also, it would have been great to see Enjolras fall in love with someone other than France and then get a bunch of teasing from the barricade boys about it. You know, things like "who cares about your lonely soul, Enjolras, remember??"

He needed a taste of his own medicine. :P

(PS. I went from having no videos on hand for Enjolras and Eponine to having two after a quick youtube search. I like them both a lot, so here's a link to the second. Honestly, most of my love for the second one is because BBC Robin Hood audio is used.) (!!!!)

3) Finn and Rey from Star Wars
I know I mentioned them in this post, but I had to mention them here, too. I'm intrigued by the different relationship possibilities Star Wars may give us in the next movie, but I STILL SHIP FINN AND REY SO MUCH. They were my favorite thing ever since I saw TFA for the first time and they will be no matter what happens in the end of this trilogy. ♥

All I know if I'm probably going to be disappointed, thus why they're on this list. :P

4) Allan and Kate from BBC Robin Hood
This one's for you, Olivia. ;) But it's also for me too because ALLAN AND KAAAAATE.
I still would like to give the producers of BBC Robin Hood a piece of my mind. Because they had something PERFECT going and then they ruined it and made Kate into the most annoying flibbertigibbet in all of cinema and UGH.

Why why why.

I couldn't find a Allan/Kate video that I liked, so instead you get a video about Allan. But 1:05 to 1:16 has some particularly cute Allan/Kate moments so it works, I guess. *shrugs*

5) Gwaine and Morgana from BBC Merlin
Besides Gwaine's lack of morals (aHERM) I really adore this guy and I think he and Morgana would have been an EPIC couple in BBC's Merlin, especially if their relationship played out somewhat like how this video portrays it. Like, they fell in love when Morgana was still good and then she became evil but he stayed loyal to Arthur and.....and...can't you just imagine an epic showdown between her and Gwaine???

I just really think this would have been awesome. (But BBC likes to ignore awesome possibilities in its tv shows, methinks.)

6) Alf and Laura from Lark Rise to Candleford

Okay, everyone's going to hate me for this, I think. For the record, of Laura's romances, Fisher is my favorite. She should have ended up with him. BUT, since this is a post of non-canon ships, I thought I'd talk about these two. (Because I assume non-canon ships are ones that never happened at all, not romances that didn't end happily.)

So yes. Ever since, like, episode one of Lark Rise to Candleford, I expected Laura and Alf to end up together. They were such good friends! And he liked her! And they were just sweet and were childhood friends and—

Nope. Didn't happen. *sigh*

Do I like Alf and Minnie together? Yes. Do I think it's nice that Alf and Laura were still friends despite not being a couple? Yes. Do I like Laura with Daniel? Last time I watched it, I didn't, but I may change my mind. Does it make sense that Alf and Laura didn't "fit" because of the different lifestyles they chose? Yeah...

Do I still wish Alf and Laura had been a couple? *whispers * Kind of. :P

Do you ship any of the couples I listed?
Who are some of your non-canon ships?


    (Ok, if we're only talking about season one and two... ok. I wish they'd ended together. But Alf and Minnie are my OTP so yeah. :-P)

    Enjolras and Epo... YESSS I SHIP THEM TOO JUST BECAUSE. (And there is one line in Les Mis where there is a mention of them giving each other a certain look (if I remember correctly) so you know MAYBE Victor Hugo had this tiny maybe-plot at the back of his head.) (And yes Eponine, why don't ya look at the handsome redcoat. Seriously, girl, are you blind.)

    I would have added JO AND LAURIE. :-P
    And Mr Collins and Mary Bennet. Haha.

    Hey, this was such a fun post. Thx.

    1. I KNEW YOU'D SAY THAT!! And I do think they are adorable together. It was just hard to accept something different than what I'd been expecting, I guess. And yes. Past season 1 or 2, Laura and Alf don't fit together as much anymore.

      YOU TOO YAY!!! (I think I remember that line! I hope Victor Hugo did mean to hint at that. <3) (Haha exactly. :P)

      Good additions!

      Thank YOU, Naomi! :)

    2. Yes, Mary Bennet and Mr. Collins SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN TOGETHER!!!! Right on, Naomi!

    3. Yes! Joe & Laurie. I will probably never forgive L.M. Alcott. :(

  2. I went back and forth about Laura and Alf through the whole series and there were points where I definitely wished they'd ended up together and part of me still wishes it but in the end I think they each ended up with who they should have been with.
    And I'm going to be super upset if Finn and Rey do not end up together as it looks like thee movies are heading.
    I'd never even though of Gwaine and Morgana before... you make me wonder. I've kind of been wanting to watch it with my husband so maybe this is the excuse I need to go back and view it again.

    1. Glad it's not just me who thought they might have been a good couple, even if you did change your mind at the end. :)

      Me too!! We'll have to construct a support group.

      Ooh, I'd love to hear your thoughts once you do! Hope you enjoy the re-watch, and thanks for your comment, Lois! :)

  3. Twelve and Clara Oswin Oswald, well you could argue it did happen but still it was very very subtle that they did end up together in the end.

    This will make you cry

    and this will make you cry and laugh

    oh dear trust me to suggest an Age Difference couple *giggles* sorry about that!

    Gotta dash for uni now!

    1. Cool, Evie! I haven't seen Dr Who, but the videos you linked to are very cute. Thanks for sharing!!

  4. YES. Finn & Rey! <3 (I have also been feeling like those of us who ship them will be disappointed in IX, but I will always ship them.)

    1. Okay, I really like them too... (But what about Rose?)

    2. (I love Rose; she's so sweet.....but I just really want Finn and Rey together. :/)

  5. Okay but your "confused" gifs really made me grin xD

    I definitely ship Enjolras and Eponine. Partly because Aaron Tveit and Samantha Barks just seem to . . . go together, ya know what I mean? There's a certain chemistry lurking there.

    Also: I think this song would be an excellent fit for the two of them: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ewk9BoeEWsk

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Not sure about Bucky and Wanda, myself. I think I like her with Vision. It's a lovely video, though <33

    In terms of my own non-canon ships: I ship Clint and Natasha, HARD. As you already know ;-) They're one of my most important fictional couples, period. Before I saw Black Panther they were my Only Marvel Ship, in fact. And now I have a new one, which I will NOT reveal because of #spoilers . . . and it's quite a good ship . . . but Clint and Nat are still my favorite. *heart eyes because they are so very wonderful*

    I also ship Parker and Eliot in Leverage. Hard. And yes, I know; Parker and Hardison are cute too. BUT NOT AS CUTE AS PARKER AND ELIOT WOULD BE. I firmly maintain that. *nods head*

    Exhibit A: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=siC48DJCYGs

    (Have you seen Leverage, by the way? I have a feeling you'd really like it. Olivia introduced it to me and it's just fabulous. And really quite clean.)

    1. Yay! :D

      I'm glad you do, too!! "A certain chemistry lurking there." < Exactly. That song does seem to fit them well. :)

      The whole Vision thing kind of weirds me out, since he's not actually human?? But then, most of the other superheroes are basically not even human because of all their special stuff...still. I'll have to wait and reserve my opinion on that one. :P (I'll still always ship Bucky and Wanda though.) Glad you liked the video. :)

      YES! Wow, you have two now? That's so cool! Heehee, okay....I'll look forward to seeing what I think once I watch BP. ;)

      I haven't seen Leverage, but it definitely sounds fun! Maybe I'll watch it someday. :)

      Thanks for sharing your ships!! :D

    2. *scratches head* Why . . . why should it be a problem that he's not human?

      Don't mind me. I've just watched wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too much Doctor Who ;-) Plus I've always had a thing for sentient robots, all my life. So that doesn't weird me out. Although I could see how it might be weird for you. :)

      Yes. I now have a grand total of TWO Marvel ships! And it really is a grand ship <3 You'll love it, too, of that I am sure.

      Of course! :D Thank you for sharing yours!

  6. Because it's like she's in love with a machine and that seems Wrong to me. :P

    But, as I said, most of the Marvel people aren't 100% human anyhow. And yeah, I don't watch a ton of sci-fy sort of stuff, so that may be why it weirds me out more than you. (For the record, I do like Vision as a character, though! I have nothing against him in that regard. :))

    Yay!! I'm sure I will, too. :D


    1. Well . . . I've been lowkey in love with R2-D and Buzz Lightyear since I was a tiny tyke so I'm afraid it's a bit late for me to consider that argument :-P

      I do see what you mean. It's just . . . a different perspective, I guess, from mine.

    2. I do get that--when I was about 10 I pretty much had a crush on the car from the Herbie movies, haha. :P But....that doesn't mean I don't think it's extremely strange if a movie tries to make a human and a non-human character fall in love and have a relationship....because....it's like...no. :P

      It's kind of similar to Beauty and the Beast. I can certainly use the fantasy-fairytale side of my brain to enjoy that story, but if the story is put in a more realistic light...it would be wrong for Belle to agree to marry a "beast" if he truly is an animal and all that.

      Okay, that all got kind of deep. But yeah. I think you're right, we just have different perspectives. ;) (It's kind of funny, actually because I know YOU can't enjoy stories where arranged marriages turn out all right--where I see them in a more fairy tale kind of light. This is like that conversation, but backwards. Funny how we can feel so differently on similar-ish things. :D)

  7. WinterWidow for me!!

    Enjolros and Eponine. I've considered that one before and I'm not against it.

    NOPE!!! I'm a Damerey shipper ALLLLLLLLLLLLLL the way!! And I ship Finn and Rose.

    Never seen that show.

    Ah! Gawaine and Morgana! That would have been cool, but I ship Mergana more.

    Not seen this show either.

    1. Haha! I personally can't seem them together...but that's fine that you do. :)

      My friend ships Rey and Poe, too. :D We frequently have discussions about Poe/Rey vs. Finn/Rey.

      Ahhh. I loved Merlin and Freya. :)

  8. Yes yes yes a thousand times to Allan and Kate!!! Those two were amazing and deserved each other. I am still so angry that Kate had to be yet another love interest for Robin, and I'm furious with the way her character was written.

    Awe Enjolras and Eponine would be so perfect together! Never thought of it before, but now that you mention it.....YES I ship!!

    Amazing post :)

    1. Yayyyyy glad you love them, too! SAME. Kate and Robin were awful. No no no.

      Aww, I'm happy you approve!


  9. I definitely am in total agreement about Alfie and Laura- I rooted for them from the start after they maliciously tricked me into thinking they were destined for eachother from the first episode!!!

    1. Exactly!!!!! Glad to hear someone relates. :P


    Non-canon ships. I tell ya. My main non-canon ships are Sherlock and Molly from BBC Sherlock (THEY'RE TOTALLY A THING), Ruby and Whale from Once Upon a Time, and as you pointed out, ALLAN AND KATE FROM ROBIN HOOD. It's weird, thinking about that ship is a mixture of sniffles and just plain irritation, because REALLY, KATE?! REALLY?! FOR REAL?!


    Anywho! I haven't seen Civil War yet, but that sounds promising. ;)

    And Eponine and Enjolras! *another sigh* Ah, if only.

    I kind of want to see Merlin but then I also kind of really don't because my feelings don't need to be pulverized by a medieval BBC show AGAIN? You know?

    Welp, I don't really ship Laura and Alfie, but to each their own. ;)

    Delightful post, m'dear friend! :) <33


    2. IKR.

      I haven't seen Sherlock but if I did, I'm pretty sure I'd ship Molly and Sherlock, too. And: "that ship is a mixture of sniffles and just plain irritation, because REALLY, KATE?! REALLY?! FOR REAL?!" << HAHAHA YESSS.

      Can't wait to hear your thoughts on Civil War. :D

      I knoooow. :(

      I kind of really want you to see it too....but I also don't want you to break your heart over it. So yeah. Don't do it if you don't feel up to it. :/ (But IF YOU DO.......tell me. Please. :D)

      Yup. :)

      Thank you!!!! <3

  11. Allan and Kate - I like the sound of that! Same with Gwaine and Morganna - that would have been awesome. :)

  12. Okay, PARDON. This has nothing to do with your post. But you kindly commented on my art blog and my finger slipped and DELETED IT. I am very sorry. But thank you for what you said in your comment!

    1. Ahhh, no problem, Victoria! I've done that before, myself. Thanks for letting me know! Glad you got my comment. :)

  13. Ooohh, this was rather juicy, haha. :D I was very interested by your choices!

    I'm not familiar with Marvel movies or Merlin, but as for the other four!
    110% with you on Eponine and Enjolras. YES. They both needed each other! Please! Even if they still both died, at least let them have each other to love and feel wanted by. Why, Victor Hugo. Whyyyy.
    Yeah, I think Finn and Rey could have worked! I was rooting for them in TFA, definitely! (Especially with the "You got a boyfriend? Cute boyfriend?" line, haha.) I was disappointed that nothing seems to have come of it. I'm curious to see how they'll end it? Maybe they think Rey is cool enough going solo... (Ha. Haha. That... wasn't an intended pun of any kind.)

    I don't remember particularly caring for Kate's romantic life, but I could see her and Allan together. At least for his sake. :P (POOR ALLAN.)

    Haha, you know what? I was hoping Laura and Alfie might end up together too... at least until Minnie came along. They were cute together, and while I DO like Minnie and Alfie together, there was definitely a point when I thought Alfie and Laura had something special going, for sure!

    Well, the only other non-canon ship (a phrase I'd never heard of before until now, so your gifs were basically ME haha) I would say is Molly and Sherlock, as Olivia mentioned. OHHHHH YESSSS.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it, Gabby!!

      YEESSS, glad you agree about Enjolras and Eponine! Exactly. It would have been lovely if they'd have had each other during their brief time before the barricades. <3 *sniff*

      I'm glad you think so! (Yess, that line is great. xD) I know! It is rather crazy that there are so many different "options" for Rey right now. :P Finn, Poe, Ben....or going "solo, as you said. ;D

      Exactly. I care more about Allan than I do Kate, though I do feel bad for her in a few very select, small instances. :P

      You too?? glad it wasn't just me. :)

      Haha, glad I explained, then! :D Awwww. I've seen a few fanvideos of them and they DO look adorable. <3

  14. "(Oh no! I said hop! I'm as bad as the stores that already have Easter candy out already! *wails*)" Hahaha. Seriously, girl, you're so funny! That totally made me smile. :D

    Miss March can count! Who would have thought?! *chuckle*

    Ah! So it was Alf and Laura! Thanks for finally satisfying my curiosity. :P And I have to say, you're almost making me ship them now. But honestly, that video! That's not even fair. A video like THAT, and OF COURSE they should be together, but it's not an accurate depiction of the way things really are, you know. (Let's be realistic about this, haha!) ;) Still it's a cute video. And I enjoyed it. And if Laura didn't have a knack for getting on my nerves quite so much I would probably want her and Alf to be together a whole lot more. (Though that's only if we're leaving Minnie out of the picture, of course. :))

    1. :D I'm glad you liked that!

      I knoooow, right? I just couldn't help but expect them to end up together and though it makes sense why they didn't...it still made me a little irritated. :P Come on, period dramas. It's supposed to be OBVIOUS who the heroine will end up with, right from the beginning! ;D
      (Aww, yes! I couldn't wish Alf and Laura together if that meant Minnie was left out. :( )

  15. Well, wow. When you said, "non-canon" you weren't kidding.

    You did present your case very well but...I don't think Bucky has a match in the Marvel universe as of yet, at least not one that I like. And that's only my opinion. On the other hand, I'm not overly "shipping" Wanda and Vision so *shrug* I guesssss, they would work. Not sold but still fine-ish. haha.

    Okay, WOAH! WAIT A SECOND! Alf and Minnie!! I totally agree with you on the Fisher point, I actually think they changed Fisher to write him out of the show because to me, he was acting out of character when he "chose the road" over Laura. And I'm not a Daniel fan. However, I don't need Laura being with Alf!! I love Alf + Minnie too much!! They are just too sweet!!

    1. Hee. :D

      I gotcha. I think Wanda and Bucky COULD be a really good pair, but I think Marvel is taking her character in a different direction....so even if Vision wasn't in the picture, I'm not sure they'd be good for each other anyways. :P Poor Bucky.

      I know! Fisher should have stayed. Awww! Mind you, I'm not saying I wished Alf and Laura had ended up together, despite Minnie and Daniel and everything. I just expected it from the first, so getting used to what REALLY happens was difficult for me to wrap my mind around. :P Minnie is so sweet, and she an Alf are adorable together. :) I wouldn't want to ruin that.

  16. Haha, "Not to mention, Marius wasn't exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer, just sayin'." I agree with that!

    Allan and Kate!!!!!!

    1. I know, right? xD Poor Marius...*shakes head*

      Yesss! :D


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