April 13, 2018

One does not simply get a job and keep it

Hi, my friends!

Well. I know I've been gone from the blogosphere for longer stretches than this, but it feels longer. SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW.

Before I go on, be warned that this post is heavily laced with sarcasm and overloaded with gifs. It's all true, but my reactions may be a little...exaggerated. :P
This is exactly Peter's thoughts right here. << sooooo perfect!

It's also full of craziness. Because my life has been crazy lately.

Onward to insanity!

-My family just moved across-the-state.  (Without professional movers, mind you. You don't realize how much junk everyone owns until you're packing it all in boxes and wondering how people lived back in the 1800's when apparently we can't live without ten thousand picture frames, five seasons of Little House in the Prairie (which we rarely watch), a record player and our old childhood train track.)

-Days after moving into our rental house, I (stupidly) began applying for jobs on indeed.com, thinking it would take at least two or three weeks before getting a call. Guess what? I proceeded to get interviews set up in a matter of days.

-I got two interviews, one for a hotel front desk position that asked stupid questions like "what's the most constructive personal criticism you ever received?" "where do you see yourself in five years?"

-The second interview was way more laid back and normal. It was a hostess position at a popular "family" restaurant that you can see on every other exit sign across America. (No, not Cracker Barrel, the other one.) The manager actually offered me the position about halfway through the "interview" and....after going home and talking about it with my parents, I accepted. I mean, why not, right? I've been trying to get a job for practically a year now, and I was always kind of intrigued by the restaurant business. (Basically because one of my favorite childhood computer games was Diner Dash.)

Sooooo....I finally got a job! I could earn money now!

-I went in to do scary paperwork like taxes and stuff; things I've never had to deal with before. It wasn't actually as bad as I thought but that's only because mommy helped me understand it all BEFORE I went in. (haha)

-I went shopping for all-black shoes and black shirts for said job because apparently they have a dress code. *shrugs*

-I started my first day....the same day my dad started HIS first day at his job. (I DID NOT PLAN THIS. We all were pretty much sitting around looking at each other the night before like, "How.....how did this happen?")

-I got up at 6:30 for said job. Ugh. (Let's be real, that's when I started to think about quitting. haha)

-I started work. I guess I was really scared because a customer told me I looked terrified. I laughed and told him "well, it's my first day". He was nice about it and actually made me laugh at myself and relax a bit. But still. YEAH I'M TERRIFIED I'M A CHILD.

-I also got scared stiff by the "map" that shows where guests have to sit, according to how many waitresses are working. On the outside I was like....

But on the inside....

I. would. never. learn. how. to. do. this. Dishonor on me! Dishonor on my family! Dishonor on my cow! 

-Funny thing happened. By about noon I had learned the chart so well that I was practically seating all the guests. :P (See how I overreact?) Later on, the shift manager even told me I was doing such a good job and that she felt confident enough to give me my own register tomorrow, so that I could be responsible for handling customers' pay. It was so nice to hear!! Someone had confidence in me. Ahh thank you, Mrs. Lynde, I shall always consider you a benefactress.

-Speaking of benefactresses, there were plenty of people who didn't seem to care at all that it was my first day (like, I'd say, "sorry, it's my first day" and get little to no reaction. Thanks, people. :P) But there was one lady who was SO SWEET and every time she saw me she'd ask how it was going and would say things like "you've got this!" and I was just...agh. There are still nice people in this world, guys. <3

 -But now for the bad news. At the end of my measly 6 hour shift, I was in a lot of physical pain. See, I had scoliosis surgery when I was young and since then chronic back/neck pain is pretty much something I deal with on a daily basis. It varies day by day, and thankfully most normal days aren't too bad. But certain things (sitting for a long time, uncomfortable chairs, dehydration) can trigger it and I was definitely feeling it after standing for pretty much 6 hours straight.

I really hate to use this pain as an excuse, because my pride rebels. :P I hate feeling "weak" or unable to do what everyone else my age can do easily enough.

I wish I was one of those farmgirls who can lift hay bales and do manual labor, no problem. But....yeah, I'm not. I can't even stand around for 6 hours.

I'm sure my pain was partly due to stress and tension as well, but when I came home and told my parents all about it and we weighed out all the pros and cons (biggest con being that my pain didn't go away until nighttime, even after some painkillers. My shift only ended at 2:00!) I decided I was just going to quit. Being that I was on training, I didn't need to go in the next day. I kept going back and forth, stressing about it. I didn't want to quit. I wanted to give it a second chance. But just one day was enough to tell me I wouldn't last long at this job anyways. My pain was the deal breaker. But there were  dozen other things I disliked about the job, and I knew that if I stuck it out it'd be only a matter of time till I found a new one. And that wouldn't particularly be fair to the restaurant, to train me and invest time and money into me for only a month or two of work.

#me quitting :P

-This sounds pretty wimpy, but another major thing I disliked about the job was the amount of responsibility the hostess has. I would have to seat guests, check them out at the register, box bakery items, do some light cleaning, and take carry-out orders on the phone. And if I messed one of this things up, I could have a bunch of angry waitresses or customers on my hands and THAT'S JUST SCARY.

And I hadn't even started to learn how to do carry-out orders yet.

And that involved answering the phone.

-I called the next morning and told them I wasn't coming in. They were way cooler about it then I expected, especially due to dreaming about it the night before. I frequently dream about things I'm stressing out about doing. Like later that week when I dreamt about going in to drop off my apron and name badge. But when I did that, it again wasn't as bad as I thought. I'm such a drama queen.

But yeahhh. Anyways. To say my life has been strange lately is an understatement. 

(And that's only the condensed version of SOME events. I feel like more craziness has happened to me in the last month than in some years. It's been insane.)

To balance the craziness of this post, here on some happy things:

 I just read The Witch of Blackbird Pond and ahhhh it was so good. I may review it sometime. (I WANT to.....but there's been plenty of blog posts I've wanted to write and never did. RIP.)

• When my parents are gone my brother and I have such crazy parties. The most recent time they were gone, we played a Lego video game and rented Jurassic World on clearplay and when mom and dad came home they brought pizza. Ahh, that was great. We're off the chain. :P

•Watching the 4th season of Road to Avonlea and shipping Gus and Felicty HARD. They're so cute. <3 <3 <3 (That part when he said, "That's my girl" after she came back from Kingsport? AWWW FEELS.)

•I recently made some cinnamon scones and blueberry scones and ohhh they were so good. Here's the cinnamon recipe and here's the blueberry.  (Hint: I used heavy cream instead of milk for the blueberry glaze and that made it like 10x even better.) (But either way, that recipe was pretty amazing.)

Words of encouragement from mr adam young himself

•I bought The Greatest Showman on dvd and just watched it yesterday with my parents (who hadn't seen it yet) and brother. It was just as good as the first time. And my parents liked it!!! Yay!! :D

•This video that some friends ( this person and this person) showed me and my brother:

I know it's crazy, but I laugh every time and my brother and I quote it WAY too much. 

This video is just so darn cute, awww. YOU CAN DO IT, PUPPY! ♥

•Owl City's new song New York. Ahhhhhhh GUYYYSS. I LOVE IT. And the music video is just perfect. Here you go:

•This meme, below. It's so true.


All right, I have to stop and save some of this for my REAL "lately" post. Which may be a long time coming, because spring does NOT want to seem to arrive. :P

Love y'll so much!! If you made it through this post, congratulations! You're a trooper.

So...how have YOU been lately?


  1. Way to go, Natalie! I'm proud of you for taking on such a big, new responsibility--even if it didn't work out. And you know it wasn't because of YOU, it's just circumstances beyond your control. I'm excited to see what God has planned next for you <3

    (And I'm so sorry about your back pain, I know that's no fun :-/)

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww . . . that Owl City song is so cute. It made me grin. <333

    1. Thank you, Katie!!! :D I really appreciate the encouragement!!! *hugs*

      Yay glad it made you happy!!


    'New York City' --- that music video is like my idea of a perfect summer trip haha. :-D

    PS I know what it's like to have people not care that it's 'your first day' - it's so stressful. Next time you apply for a job you know that's what's awaiting you haha. :-P

    1. Haha!! :D

      Same. Actually, to me it feels more like autumn...but yeah. Either way would be amazing!

      PS. I do feel infinitely more prepared now that I've "gone through the process", so to speak!


    Basically, I loved it, and I really should be in bed, not squealing over all you said. (So, that said, I'll have to wrap this comment up as fast as possible. But just note, I LOVED your post.)

    #1. I laughed SO hard. Like, I-can't-keep-it-in-I-have-to-giggle (while others are asleep). Your gif usage is PERFECTION, and the way you worded it and ohhh... I love your sense of humour, girl. ;)

    Well done - I'm so proud of you for taking the job and giving it your best shot! And don't feel bad about turning it down. Physical pain is definitely something that you need to respect and not abuse. If a job gives you pain, then quitting the job is the right solution. I'm just sorry you had to let the job go after you finally got one. But if the job success was so fast, who knows what else may be just around the corner! I'm sure God has amazing plans for you. :)

    Oh, what did you think of Jurassic World? I saw it when it came out, with my sisters, in the theatre. We aren't into the Jurassic stuff at all, we were just really bored and wanted to get scared. But it didn't really work, because we weren't that scared, haha. :P (And we don't "do" horror, ha.)

    OOHHHH that baking sounds good! Maybe I'll give them a try... :D

    HOORAY FOR THE GREATEST SHOWMAN!!! I loved it! I can't wait to get the DVD.

    I watched the Star Wars Bad Lip Reading video and oh my stars... I laughed SO MUCH. That was hilarious! XD I'm going to have to show my siblings! Some of those lines were crack-ups... "git your own girlfriend." HAHA.


    Oh that Owl City music video is scrumptious!! It's like Pinterest, but in a video... they're so cute. <3 <3

    Loved, loved this post. <3

    My life has been school and seeing friends and learning dances off YouTube and rehearsing a play with my siblings and reading books and singing songs and trying not to grow up too fast. :)

    Love you. <3

    1. Eeeek, THANKS GABBY! So glad you enjoyed it! :D

      I always wonder if my gifs are funny or just annoying, so I'm really glad you find it humorous, too! :D I enjoy making these kinds of posts!

      Awww. Thank you for understanding. <3 I find it hard to explain to people sometime because I'm afraid they'll think I'm just being a wimp or something. :P So I super appreciate your encouragement. *hugs*

      I did find it fun to watch! There were moments that kind of creeped me out, but I think whenever there were anything dinosaur craziness going on, it made me sad more than anything. Even though clearplay cuts out violent parts, it's still obvious when people or dinosaurs get eaten and I just....ugh. No likey. :P Also, the part where all the long-neck dinosaurs got hurt....that legit made me cry because those kinds of dinosaurs have always been my favorite and....yeah. Not good. :'(

      I KNOW. Just thinking of quotes from that video makes me laugh. :D

      "It's like Pinterest, but in a video." << THIS. YES. :D

      Thank you. <3 Aww! Your life sounds like a lot of fun. AND YES. "Trying not to grow up too fast." Thou art wise!!! :D *hugs*

      Love you, too. :)

  4. You must really like Hugh Laurie - I noticed you used three gifs of him! :) Hopefully, you will find a job that is a perfect fit for you soon! Love your morning person gif! Hee Hee!

    1. He's great as Bertie Wooster! :D Thank you, Katherine!!

  5. You poor thing! I only have a very simple summer job, that is two hours twice a week. I hope you can find one that suits you!

    Haha! I got that reference too! :D

    1. I need your job! Sounds perfect for me. ;D Thank you!!

  6. Quitting was brave and sensible.

    I waitressed for a little over a year in high school and I hated it with the fire of a thousand suns. Also, I developed back problems that have bothered me for the 20 years since then. I didn't even want to be a waitress, I wanted to be a Walmart cashier (such lofty ambitions), but my mom had been a waitress and loved it, so obviously I would love it too because we were exactly the same person, right? ::mutters grumpily twenty years later over this::

    So I hope you find a job you enjoy AND don't get hurt by.

    (My first summer after college, guess what I got a job doing? Cashiering at Walmart. Cuz I totally went to college and realized I could be my own person and not just keep doing the things my mom assumed I would like because she liked them. Cashiering wasn't the Best Job Ever, but it was way more of a match for me than waitressing.)

    1. Thank you, Hamlette!! It means a lot to me that you all are being so supportive. :D

      Oh wow! I'm glad to hear it's not just me who found the restaurant business NOT FUN. I'm super sorry you got back pain from that. :( That really stinks.

      Thank you!! I hope so, too. :)

      (YAY! I'm so glad you got to do what you wanted!! It sounds like you learned a lot about yourself from both experiences. :))

  7. First off, I loooved the gifs that you shared in the post! They were so perfect and hilarious.

    Second, I'm so glad everything went smoothly with quitting, and I hope another job will come up soon that works better for you! I'm currently working at a fast-food restaurant, which DEFINITELY isn't my thing, but I'm just praying that I'll be able to find someplace else that's a better fit for me. (AKA not food service! All of the stress and responsibilities that come along with working at a restaurant just drive me crazy. I can totally relate to you being turned off by all of the tasks that you would have to do as a waitress!)

    Oh my goodness, the Star Wars Bad Lip Reading videos are HILARIOUS. Crazy and silly yes, but still so funny. Have you seen the music videos that they've done? "Seagulls" and "Hostiles on the Hill" are the best. My family and I laugh so hard at them and often find ourselves singing them around the house. It definitely doesn't make us sound intelligent, since the lyrics are complete nonsense, but they are so catchy and hilarious! XD

    1. Thanks, Molly Rebekah!!

      Right?? I always kind of thought restaurant service would be fun, but now I see it's WAY too high-stress for me. I don't handle that kind of stress well. :P I hope you find a job more suited to you soon! And thank you for your wishes on my job hunt! :D

      They are so funny!! I have already seen "Seagulls" but I watched "Hostiles" after you mentioned it! It was great. xD

  8. Your interview story makes me laugh. :) It is seriously like the way I've been behaving lately; "Hey! Besides finishing my current phase of Math, I'm going to start a computer programming class; all while I have some other really time sensitive/things of high importance to do." ;) I'm so happy that you finally got "a job"... but I'm also really impressed that you knew how to say no to it, too; that sort of thing takes true courage, girl. ;)

    Scones just drip with British charm don't you think? And Cinnamon ones - ! I put cinnamon on (almost) everything and I think I'm about to faint at the delicious image of their dreamy scent (Was that too much mixing of the senses? :)

    A big hug to you, friend.

    P.S. BTW: that Bertie GIF is the perfect finishing touch.

    1. I'm glad it did. :) Heehee! You certainly have a lot coming up! I hope you accomplish all your goals. :D Awww, thanks! I really appreciate the encouragement. <3 It was certainly hard to quit...I didn't want to...but I know it was for the best. :)

      Yesss, they do!! Cinnamon is absolutely amazing in baked goods. :D (Haha, not at all. ;))

      *hugs* It's already been a week since I last saw you!! I'm so glad your visit worked out, it was such an awesome weekend :D *hugs again* Love you, friend!!

      PS. :D Thanks!!

  9. Okay first of all, as always, your gifs are on point. ;D #masterlevelachieved

    Second of all, GIRRRRRRRLLLLL.

    I'm so sorry your first experience was so stressful! But honestly, I'm really glad to read about it, first because, obviously, #friends, and secondly because I've actually been kind of scared of "having" to do waitressing at some point -- just because it seems like EVERYBODY has at some point or another, and I really don't want to FOR THE EXACT REASONS YOU DESCRIBED. I just feel like it would stress me SO SO SO much.

    *sigh* Anyway. Oh, I'm sorry you had scoliosis! Another of my friends has that. :( Awww, your thing about wishing you could lift hay bales and do manual labor and such . . . *hugs* <3 And, again, I'm sorry it didn't work out for you! But that's the spirit -- onwards to better things! :)

    Hurray for The Greatest Showman!! Isn't it lovely when you rewatch or reread something you LOVED the first time and it's just as wonderful the second time? ;)

    AHAHAHAH, the Star Wars video. I'd forgotten about that! Oh my gosh, I love Obi-Wan's and Luke's lines: "Dummy, it's a figure of speech." "FOUL!!!" xD xD And Leia's "FSCHNEAR!! UGH." xD

    Have you seen the NFL ones? I think most of them are pretty clean . . . can't remember for sure. But they're definitely very funny! ;)

    Awww, that Owl City music video is adorable. :)

    Ahhhhhh, that meme about adulthood. X'D

    Lovely post, m'dear! Excessively diverting. :) I've been pretty well lately, although a bit exhausted from heavy school weeks and lots of running around (though it's good!). I'm babysitting two kids two to three times a week right now (only for like an hour and a half each time, though), so that's fun but also tiring. :)

    1. AHH THANKS!!! :D

      Righhht?? Awww, I'm so glad my experience "comforts" you or whatever the word is. Because YES please don't ever feel like you have to waitress just because a lot of girls do. It definitely is NOT for everyone. I am living proof. :P My biggest struggle is sometimes feeling like I'm overly picky when it comes to a first job...but being that I HAVE been "spoiled" by being a homeschooler, I just really want to work at a place that a) will not give me pain and b) is someplace I actually enjoy or at least can tolerate being at. I feel as if that's not a lot to ask, and yet it seems to be in this day and age. :P

      Thank you so much. <3 *hugs* Your support and understanding mean so much to me. :)

      YESS it is! (Also...I get to watch it AGAIN with some pretty awesome people in about a WEEK. *cough cough smile* :D)

      Ahh I'm so glad you enjoy it too. xD It's hysterical.

      Oooh, I haven't! I'll have to check them out sometime. :D

      Thank you, girl!! I hope you're not as tired out now!! You're done with finals, right? (If so, YAY!!!) Oooh, I can totally understand how that would be tiring...but I'm a wee bit jealous, too. I honestly think I would enjoy babysitting SO much and yet I never seem to know anyone who needs a babysitter... :(


  10. well let's see...I got accepted into college, i've been out of town a couple times, I'm reading a lot and i'm slightly panicking about college....and that's it, I guess.

    1. Awesome, Brittany! I hope college is amazing for you! Don't panic; I'm sure it will be great. :)

  11. NATALIE. THIS POST WAS AWESOME!! So, SO funny!! (It's great to be able to laugh about these things, isn't it? ;))

    And that gif of Wooster right after your comment about answering the phone!!! PERFECTION, GIRL! PERFECTION!! :D (Also the Wooster gif at the end of the post. Liked that one, too. *grins*)

    I need to read The Witch of Blackbird Pond again. It's been such a long time.

    Parties with brothers! Aw, that's the best! (And pizza, too? Wow. You've got it made! ;))

  12. Ahh so glad you enjoyed it!! (And yes indeed. If I didn't laugh, I'd cry. ;) So I'd rather laugh!)

    Wooster is just so relatable. :D


    They are indeed. :D (We certainly did!


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