May 24, 2018

"We have had the time of our lives"

Guys, a life changing event occurred to me recently. An event I've been planning for awhile, and one I've been thinking about for even longer. 

For the first time in my life, I traveled solo, to a new state to stay with some people I never even met.

Well. Save two people. ;) Would you like to hear from them?



Hi, fwiends!  This is Olivia.

And I, Natalie, am in blue. :) Well, I guess someone should explain how this grand occasion came about. Anyone volunteer?

I shall try my hand at it.  Alyssa invited us to her house, and we came, and here we are on our last full day together (by the time you read this, the Fellowship will have been broken).

Staaahpppp. *cries* I don't want to leave!!!! *hugs you guys* Alyssa, can I just stay forever?

Can I second that request??????!!!!!!!

Weeeelll...I don't know about forever...

Okay, FINE, then!  Gosh!!

I guess she wants us to get out of her life and shut up.

She must not love us anymore, Natalie. *cries on your shoulder*

Oh really, girls.  You are so over dramatic.  *eye roll* 

*sigh*  Well, whatever.  As we said, this is our last full day together, so we need to go do super-cool things you wouldn't understand--

Government secrets, you know.

Interrupting.  Uh, rude.

As I was going to say, we need to go, but we thought we'd give you some mini (and we mean very mini) reviews of all the cinematic delights in which we've been indulging this past week.

Speaking of indulging....should we mention all the cookies and brownies as well?

Oh, no.  Most assuredly not.  We have our images to keep up.  

He’s confident. | Community Post: 15 Reasons Eric Matthews Was The Real Star Of "Boy Meets World"

Onwards to the movie low-down!

~ Day One ~

- The Donna Reed Show

O:  This was fun!  I should not be sorry to know it better.

A: This is one of my very favorite TV shows! However, I haven't time right now to go into detail on why I like it so much so...that's all for now.  Just watch it sometime and find out for yourself.  ;)

N: We only watched one episode, and Jeff was grown up. I like him better as a little kid, but it was still fun to watch.

This is my favorite moment from the movie Penelope! She really found herself a true gentleman <3
- Penelope

Johhhnnnyyy. And Penelope. and Johnny with Penelope. This movie was ADORABLE. <3

Okay, so I wasn't sure what to expect from this movie.  I was worried it might be a bit weird for my taste.  But it was actually really fun and the romance was soooooo sweet!!  Yup, I liked it.  :)

This is one of my very favorite movies, so it made me so happy that they liked it, guys.  You don't even know. :')

- Bella 

This was a really sweet movie.  Jose was the BEST!!!  Liked him so much.  


 I adore this movie so much and it made me immensely happy that they loved it, too. (And yes. Jose is the literal best. :) :) :))

~ Day Two ~

- A United Kingdom 

A United Kingdom · Film Review David Oyelowo and Rosamund Pike outshine the filmmaking in A United Kingdom · Movie Review · The A.V. Club

Well, not a very productive day movie-wise, I must say. *shakes head*  But I was happy to have gotten to watch this one, since I've been wanting to for a while, and it was new to all of us.  I didn't thoroughly love it, but I have a feeling it might grow on me with a second watching.

This was good, but probably not one I would watch over and over.  I liked the characters, but at the same time I didn't get as emotionally attached to them as I would have liked.  Still good, though.

Same. The couple was adorable and the story very good, but I didn't LOVE this movie or anything. I liked it. (But there was too much confusing political stuff. *cough*) (Or maybe I was just too tired to absorb it. Whatever.)

~ Day Three ~

- BBC Robin Hood 

What I want to know is, if the Sherriff's strong room was that well protected, how did he ever manage to get anything out of it?  ;)

I always love Robin Hood.

We didn't get much of this watched, but it's always good to see my babies again. <333

- This Beautiful Fantastic

*switches intercom on*  "Silence."  I LOVE THIS MOVIE.

I've seen this before, but it was grand seeing it with my fwiends. :D 

I've been wanting to see this ever since Natalie and Olivia reviewed it on their blogs, so it was super fun to be able to watch it with them.  I wouldn't say it made it to my favorites' list, but it was quite good.  (Vernon was my favorite I think.  :))

- Newsies 


*can't decide which lyric to use*  *has identity crisis*  It was so much fun watching this with Natalie and Alyssa. :D

Same.  I had a lot of fun watching this.  It made me want to watch the original movie again though.  

- Napoleon Dynamite

This was gold.  I loved it. xD

This was cheesy.  I hated it.  JUST KIDDING!! It was actually pretty hilarious.  And we've been quoting it ever since.  ;)

I was so afraid of what they'd think of me after watching this movie, so I'm super relieved they enjoyed it. We've been quoting it at each other and even one of Alyssa's brothers who watched it with us. Fun times, y'll.

~ Day Four ~
- Belle 

Belle. One of the very best movies I've seen this year. Loved it! :)

Another good movie.  Man, there's just too many good movies in this world. I could have used more of John and Dido together but I guess you can't have it all. 

Yay, Alyssa finally got to watch this one!! :D

It was such fun watching this one with Olivia again, as it was the first movie I ever watched with blogging friends--her and Éowyn. And now we got to show Alyssa, too. It's such a beautiful, moving story. <3

~ Day Five ~

- Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

Umm.....I was curious to watch this again, as I've seen it before a long time ago and didn't care for it very much. I liked it slightly better than I did the first time....*hem hem*.

Yeahhhhhhh . . . watching it through someone else's eyes does drive home how truly terrible it is if you take it seriously.  I mean, I still love it dearly, but . . . yeah.  We kept telling Alyssa's little brothers who were watching it with us that Adam is NOT a man to be emulated.  ;) ;)

Yeah, don't take it seriously.  Just don't.  You'll ruin all the fun of it if you do.  ;)

- The Man Who Invented Christmas
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I'd watched this once before, so it was fun watching it again with Natalie and Alyssa and Alyssa's family.  It's really quite an excellent movie, I think.

I've been wanting to see this since it came out, and it was quite enjoyable and quotable and altogether delightful. And Dickens' relationship with his characters was fantastic. "I'm going out.....ALONE." xD (Also, Alyssa's dad has a reproduction copy of the original publication of A Christmas was SO cool to see after watching the movie. It felt like a piece of the movie come to life. :D)

I really enjoyed this movie.  It was surprisingly good, and better than I expected.  Dickens' interaction with his characters was hilarious...and very creative.

- Priceless 

A: Good.

O:  Very good, indeed.  It was pretty intense and kind of difficult to watch, but I'm glad I did.  *has inarticulate, emotional feelings*

N: I've been obsessed with For King and Country lately and just watched Priceless myself for the first time. It's super intense and serious, but I love how the story is told and the hope it offers. I'm really glad those two ^^ like it as well. :) 

-YouTube clips of Jesse and Michelle from Full House
.it was so oblivious that Michele was his favorite- #fullhouse #unclejesse


So adorable!! <3 <3

I'm so glad these two started fangirling over them, too!  I discovered these clips a month or so ago and quietly died from the sheer adorb.  I NEED THIS SHOW IN MY LIFE.  (But my library doesn't have it. *scowls*  What library doesn't have Full House???!!)

~ Day Six * ~

- Sarah Plain and Tall

I always like this movie and it's always good, but I think it was a bit too quiet of a movie for when we watched it, since we were already rather tired. 

It was sweet, but it was a little too much like Love Comes Softly. I was kind of hoping for something different. And, like Olivia said, it kind of put me to sleep. Almost. :P

Like Love Comes Softly, Natalie?  Now, now.  That's going a bit too far, don't you think?!  ;P  Seriously though, I really do like this movie (and I think it's much better than Love Comes Softly...'hem), but I guess I can sort of understand where Natalie's coming from.  And yes, it was rather putting us to sleep that day, I have to admit.  CALEB IS THE CUTEST CHILD THOUGH!  I love him so much!  <3 <3

* We also started watching some Boy Meets World episodes, as well as Doctor Thorne.

~ Day 7 ~

(more Boy Meets World and Jesse + Michelle)

~ Day 8 ~
- Doctor Thorne 

Romantic Moment of the Week: Doctor Thorne – Frank Gresham and Mary Thorne
I really liked this one. I didn't love it--some aspects of the story and characters seemed hard to connect to--but overall it was fun to watch a sweet, new-to-me period drama. Frank and Mary were super sweet and Dr. Thorne was awesome. Can't wait to show this one to my mom. :)

I enjoyed this, though I had some quibbles.  Tom Hollander as Dr. Thorne was probably the best thing about it, but I also enjoyed seeing some other familiar period drama faces and meeting some new ones.  I was a little confused by some of the "artistic choices" -- the costumes were rather weird sometimes (as Alyssa says, "too many flowers" ;)), and some of the actresses' line delivery was weird too, and some other stuff.  BUT, again, I did enjoy it.  

Ditto to a lot of what Olivia said.  It's hard to describe it exactly but there are definitely some things about this film that could have been improved.  Still it was fun watching it together and it's definitely grown on me since the first time I saw it.  (But yeah, seriously.  Too many flowers.  ;))

- Boy Meets World

Boy Meets World is my favorite show, like, ever.

This is pretty much my favorite TV show at the moment, so it was really fun to be able to share it with my friends.  :)

I'm low-key obsessed now. This show is so fun. (Stupid sometimes, yeah.) I can't stop laughing when we watch it. :D 

Love it!  The quotability is strong with this one.

Aside from movies, we've had fun engaging in Many Deep Talks (mostly after midnight *cough cough*), reading each others' writing, singing and playing the piano, playing with Alyssa's little siblings, eating, running thither and yon, attending a dance, attending a Sight & Sound show, taking pictures of ourselves like the vain hussies we are, using far too many Napoleon Dynamite quotes, and, of course, laughing, laughing, laughing.  
*end of what we all wrote together*

There you have it in a very small nutshell. Olivia and Alyssa and I were blessed to be able to arrange a nine day visit together, in which we truly had the time of our lives. I can't even begin to describe how amazing the visit was, and how much if affected me on so many levels. It was wonderful spending so much time with my friends, and Alyssa's family deserves a large round of applause for welcoming Olivia and I into their home. Because she and I are a bit crazy. ;) (heehee) But seriously, we both felt as if we became part of the family during that visit, and we honestly miss everyone now that we're gone. 

Of course, saying goodbye to Alyssa and Olivia was the hardest part for me. These girls are my kindred spirits and the sisters-I-never-had, and the deep talks and support and prayers we shared will stay with me for a long, long time.  I was so abundantly blessed during our visit. And I'm still experiencing the blessings that come with a friendship like ours. 

There's so much more I could tell you—about what we did and about what personal revelations I experienced from this adventure—but I could write ten blog posts and still not cover it all, so I'll end it here.

Girls, till next time. Saying goodbye was one of the hardest things I've ever done, but we all know it won't be the last time we see each other, Lord willing. :) I'm so grateful and honored to call you my friends. (But know it. ;))

But if it has to end
I'm glad you have been my friend
In the time of our lives
-Tyrone Wells


PS. Figured we needed a little Cory after that sentimental mush, Olivia and Alyssa. ;)


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    1. <3 *hugs* One day you and I will get to write a post like this. :D

  2. Sounds like you guys had a great time!!! I'm glad you were able to do it!

  3. !!!!!!!! I'M SO HAPPY YOU GUYS GOT TO MEET UP EEEEEEK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (I miss you all. *hugs everyone*)

    Also, um . . . I'm guessing you haven't gotten very far in Boy Meets World yet . . . YOU WILL CRY. You will sob, in fact. Just sayin :-P


      (Awwww. WE DO TOO. *hugs back* Can't wait to see you again someday. :D)

      GEE THANKS. :P (Why do all the shows I like involve Feels?)

  4. Aaaaahhhh, I didn't notice the "you know it" bit at the end the first time I skimmed through this! You. ;D

    Haha, I'd forgotten Eric's head toss xD

    ACK YOUR ENDING. *cries on your shoulder again* Right back at you, right back at you. <333

    1. Hahaha! Aww, I miss that kid. :( (AND I MISS YOU AGHHH. *hugs tight*)

      My brother and I just watched that episode. It was so great. xD

      *hands tissues* Get off my shoulder. :P (kidding!) ♥♥♥ *cries with you*

  5. SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!! <3 <3

    I haven't actually watched that many of those movies and TV shows... but it sounds like you had great fun! (And that "Don't Hate Me Because I'm Beautiful" gif is kinda funny. xD)

    1. THANKS, GABBY!!! ♥♥♥

      Oooh, you should definitely try some of them, then! They're really grand. :D (Heehee. :D)

  6. This is so awesome and exciting, Natalie! I'm so glad y'all were able to meet up and have such an amazing time together. <3
    Also YES, Uncle Jesse and Michelle are soo cute. I still love Full House. :)

    1. Thanks, Molly Rebekah!!!
      I gotta watch it sometime. Those two are adorable. :D

  7. I love how our posts all have such a different feel to them just from the pictures we chose to include. And you chose some good ones!! ;) Wow though. You and Olivia are TOO much! You went and chose two of the EXACT same pictures (except yours are in gif form and her's in picture form). HOW??? Do you guys share a brain or something? Heehee. ;)

    That Newsies picture made me smile. So true, right? Oh the pain! :)

    Aww, your ending! <3 <3 <3 ("STOP IT STOP IT. YOU'RE BUSTIN' MY HEART!" *movie quote*) Seriously though, I'm just so blessed that we were able to do this and that it meant so much to y'all, because it certainly did to me. GOD IS SO GOOD!!! <3 <3 <3


    P.S. Love the Cory gif at the end! Very fitting indeed. *grins*

    P.P.S. Oh but now it's bugging me. The "you know it" part which Olivia mentioned in her that a reference to something which I should know? Because I'm totally blanking out here.

    1. I know! Me too; I think that made it fun to see what pictures we all chose. :D (You did, too!! :D I love your Donald Duck gifs. xD)

      I KNOW I THOUGHT THAT WAS FREAKY, TOO. I used to think I was a unique person but between you and Olivia always doing what I'm doing...*sigh*. ;)

      Yes indeed! :D Glad it made you smile.

      Awww. *hugs* (What quote is that, by the way? It sounds slightly familiar...) It did indeed mean so much to me!! <3 So thankful this trip worked out. <3 LOVE YOU!!!

      (*gasp* You used your name! ;D) (Oh wait. We already did that in the post.) (It still kind of through me for a loop to see you sign your comment like that. ;))

      PS. I thought you might. ;D

      PPS. Yes, you should! Shame on your for forgetting! (Just kidding--it's a "quote" from one of the kids. I'll tell you in Google chat, to keep the name private.)

  8. I’m just SO INCREDIBLY HAPPY FOR YOU GIRLS THAT THIS HAPPENED!!!!!! *wipes away happy tears and gives you all a virtual hug* . :)

    I loved the mini reviews muchly, and then the ending - ! Girl, what a writer you are!

    1. *HUGS BACK* Love you tons, dear friend!!!!

  9. I’M SO HAPPY FOR YOU GIRLS THAT THIS HAPPENED!!! *wipes away tears of sympathetic joy* And the ending -! My wordy girl, what a writer you are!!!!


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