June 2, 2018

Solo: My Thoughts


Heyyyy all! Today I'm here to share my thoughts on Solo, the newest Star Wars film that just came out. (This is sort of a review....but really just a conglomeration of thoughts because I'm too lazy to write an actual review. Bullet points are easier. :P)

(Also, I hope that talking about this movie makes up for the fact that I never told y'll my thoughts on The Last Jedi like I promised. Oops.)

My brother and I went to see Solo this past Tuesday. Of course, as we drove to the theater, we talked about our expectations. He had high ones, I had low ones. I'm kind of a hard-to-understand person sometimes. Despite Han Solo being one of my favorite heroes in the history of ever (and one of my top fictional crushes since I was ten years old *cough*)...I had very low expectations for this movie. The trailer hadn't made me too excited, and I feel as if we've been bombarded with so many SW movies lately that the thought of another one was kind of exhausting. Even if it was about Han Solo.

At the very least, I went into the movie expecting to be entertained. And here's the thing--I totally was entertained. But in the best possible way.

Han Solo

*Warning* I'm not going to attempt to mark spoilers. Read at your own caution. *End warning*

•First thing's first, Alden Ehrenreich as Han Solo. I loved him. Total stamp of approval. It's not that he looked exactly like Harrison Ford or sounded exactly like him or acted exactly like him. There were definitely moments of that—but overall I think he was epic as Han Solo because he was his own Han Solo. He bravely gave his own interpretation of the character and I really, really liked it.

In fact, I feel as if this version of Han has made me love his character even more. I seriously didn't know that was possible.

(But, for the record, there were definitely moments where he'd smirk or grin or laugh and I was like "YESS you've got it that's Han Solo!!!")

•Madame whatever-her-name-was was NOT cool. I'm really tired of slug-alien-crime-lord-villains. Was Jabba not enough?? 

•The 70's-looking car/speeder that Han and Qi'ra used to escape was fantastic. (Also, just that chase scene in general was epic.)

•I wished we could have seen more of  Corellia.

•Han's bout in the Imperial Army was super duper cool. Especially when everyone keeps telling him he needs to learn to take orders. xD


• I was freaked out about "the beast" for about a minute until I realized who it was. ;) Chewie and Han's meeting was weird and creepy, but their fake fight was fun and it was so cool seeing the two become friends. (Although I kept expecting them to mention the life debt thing and they never did???)

•I really loved Rio and Val and felt as if I was JUST getting into their characters when they got killed. Not cool, movie. They and Beckett made such a cool little family-tribe and I'm a sucker for that sort of thing in stories. You know, a bunch of mismatched misfits without homes who become a tight-knit group....♥

I really don't understand why they had to die. I feel like the plot could have been the same without killing them off. Especially since Rio's death was so sad. And Val's was morally questionable, in my opinion.  #ihavecomplaints

•Beckett and Val were super cute. Another reason I'm angry they killed Val.

lordsnow: “Emilia Clarke as Qi’Ra and Alden Ehrenreich as Han Solo. ”

•Speaking of a romantic couple, I guess it's time to talk about Qi'ra (pronounced Kira) and Han.

*deep breath*

Okay, so. You know that I absolutely adore Han and Leia as a couple. They're one of my favorite couples ever, and have been since I was ten years old. But....but...but.........

I still loved Han and Qi'ra's romance.

I can't tell if it's just because I'm such a hopeless romantic, or because I genuinely found their relationship cool. I think it's 50/50. See, here's the thing:

1) It only makes sense that Han had someone in his past. So I was already mentally prepared for that, as much as I hated to admit it.

2) It's not Harrison Ford. Yes, it's Han Solo, but it's not really truly Han Solo so I can like the romance in Solo without feeling as if I'm really betraying my OTP. (one true pairing)

3 ) I loved that the relationship wasn't more than what it was. Meaning:
   -They already were in a relationship from the start of the movie so we didn't have to go through any pointless meeting/flirting/"I like you" stuff. That would have been annoying to sit through since we knew the relationship wasn't going to last.
   -Yes, they kissed a lot...but nothing beyond that was ever suggested so YES YAY THANKS.
   -Honestly, the idea of them growing up on the streets as friends/sweethearts is just so cute I couldn't help but like them. It's so sweet how they were devoted to looking out for each other. Han was so protective and caring and it just melted my heart to see Han like that. Because he always did have a heart of gold. He tries to hide it in A New Hope but he totally fails. ;)
   -Lastly, the way they "ended" it all deserves an A+. Because they didn't kill her. If they had killed her, it would have made their relationship into a heartbreaking "what could have been". But as it is, we know that she chose a life without Han, and he learned to move on and thus everything is AS IT SHOULD BE.

Qi'Ra- Solo:A Star Wars Story(2018)
•Aside from her role as Han's love interest, I really liked Qi'ra simply as a character. I appreciated that she was a little less independent than all the other main SW heroines. In the beginning of the film, she trusts her life to Han and follows his lead without question. And later in the film, though she has obviously learned how to defend herself, she's not running around shooting villains left and right, screaming, "I don't need a man!!" at the top of her lungs. She kind of takes a back seat for the action, and personally I find that really refreshing for an action movie heroine. (Plus, it keeps her from being a Leia-wanna-be. There is only one Leia; I'm so glad this movie didn't try to "replace her" or compete with her.) (Unlike what a certain tv show called BBC Robin Hood tried to do when their heroine died...)

And then there's the Big Moment at the end where we find out where her true loyalties lie and....oh boy. Firstly, I love that she still likes Han and doesn't kill him and wants to see him safe and happy. This is very cool. Despite all she's been through, she's still essentially the same person deep down, the same girl who loved Han Solo and dreamt of the day he'd come to rescue her. (okay but wasn't that scene where she talked about how dreaming of escaping with him would make her smile?? *heartbreak*) BUT...she has changed. For reasons unknown to us (which makes her character even more interesting), she chooses to abandon Han Solo for....Darth Maul?

Okay, so that part still confuses me. Yeah, I know according to the Clone Wars tv show, he survived his injuries inflicted by Obi-Wan in The Phantom Menace, but STILL. Weird. And why does she want to work for him?? Is she a Sith? I thought she wanted to help people?? I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS.

Anyways. Despite her horrible decision at the end of the movie, I still love her character.

Also, Getaway Car by Taylor Swift is her song. Seriously. I really hope some talented person who makes fanvideos on youtube puts together a video with that song, because it fits SO WELL.

•Dryden Vos was soooo cool. He had an elegant, careless attitude that was intriguing and kind of different for a SW villain. I feel like a villain can either make or break story like this, and he definitely made it. (For the record, I'm not saying I liked him as a person or approved of anything he did. I only liked him from a strictly story-telling perspective; I thought he was a well-written villain.)

•The little scene concerning pronunciation of "Sabaac" and "Han" was so funny.

Han Solo - A Star Wars Story
•I was definitely looking forward to Donald Glover as Lando (only because of this video....sorrynotsorry) and he didn't disappoint. He was suave and hysterical and totally perfect as Lando. I loved his attitude and how he and Han have a very rocky "friendship" right from the start. When he cheated at the card game, I got so angry. Although it all makes sense now why Han would say in The Empire Strikes Back.... "I don't trust him, either. But he is my friend." xD

However, I didn't care for his droid. L3. She was annoying and pointless and when she died it was like we were supposed to care but I didn't...??? (I mean, I felt sort of bad for Lando and I did feel bad for L3, but just in a general "I hate for sad stuff to happen" not "I really am sad that this specific character died.")

•Seeing the Falcon in all its glory was incredible. (Han, what did you do to this ship between Solo and A New Hope???)

Let's hope something like this is in the Solo movie but not as a flashback.

•As much as I liked Qi'ra, I did not care for her being ON the Falcon. It felt Wrong and Strange to see her in a place that Leia occupied later in time. The Falcon is kind of Han and Leia's place. Qi'ra should never have set foot on it.

•Honestly, why does Han simply boast that he made the Kessel run in only 12 parsecs? It's seriously so much more impressive now that we know he did it along with battling a giant space slug and narrowly getting vacuumed down a black hole. (And apparently there was this big plot hole thing that got solved through this movie. Never heard of it before this. But that's cool.) (Oh, and the fact that it was 12-point-something, but he "rounds down." xD This boyyyy.)

•The twist on the marauders was fantastic. I totally didn't expect them to turn out to good ol' rebels against the Empire & co. It was great. Enfys Nest (sorry but that's a really weird name) was especially amazing. I love what she said to Han about how he'd eventually join the fight. <3  (And her BACKSTORY. *cries*)

•Beckett turning out to be bad was super disappointing. He was epic while it lasted. (Although part of me can see where his "descent" was understandable, though not excusable. He made some bad choices before, and when Val died...I feel like he lost his "better half". But yeah. That's a conversation for another day. It'll be interesting to watch the movie again and really pay attention to Beckett's choices and actions.)

•Unlike Mrs. Bennet's sister, I totally didn't see Beckett's betrayal coming until a few moments before he walked into the room. And that was something I love about this movie. It kept me guessing and totally unsure of who to trust. Qi'ra especially was constantly a question mark for me. I kept going back and forth on who I thought she was loyal to. And that fight scene at the end was epic. I totally didn't expect what happened.

•CAN WE TALK ABOUT HOW THE EVENTS OF THIS MOVIE REALLY SHAPED HAN'S CHARACTER? It makes so much sense why he pushes people away in A New Hope. He's scared to trust another person ever again. Because two of the people he trusted most early on in his life betrayed him. I DIDN'T EXPECT TO GET HEARTBROKEN BY HAN'S BACKSTORY HELP.

•The ending made me so happpppyyyy. (But I wish the last shot had been the one of Han and Chewie pulling the hyperspace lever-thing back together, not the stupid dice that no one actually cares about. Yeah, whatever, their existence in The Last Jedi is now explained. Who cares?? They're still not in the original trilogy.)

•Han finding Lando on that jungle planet and winning the Falcon back was the bessstttt.

I guess that about sums it up. I LOVED THIS MOVIE. As epic as Rogue One was, I personally found Solo to be more entertaining and special to me. I do think Rogue One has a really well-woven plot and tells a very, very important story about the SW universe. But Solo is more fun, more exciting, and really really cool. And besides all that.....it's Solo. It's about one of my favorite heroes ever. You can't really beat that. ;)

Have you seen Solo?
What did you think of it?
Are there any Star Wars characters you'd love to see get their own film?


  1. Okay so I gotta be honest -- most of this makes zero sense to me because I've never seen any of the Star Wars movies BUT I loved what you said about it being nice to see a female character who trusted men/didn't run around "shooting people and yelling 'I don't need a man!!' at the top of her lungs." BECAUSE AMEN AND AMEN. I realize that women can be independent but I think... it goes too far sometimes. So far that it's more like "we hate men" than "we know we don't need them to LIVE." You know?? And honestly the whole "I don't need no man" or whatever bugs me because... we DO need men. And men NEED women. WE ALL NEED EACH OTHER AND THAT'S OKAY. Needing someone shouldn't be a bad thing, a wimpy thing, a weak thing.

    But you didn't ask for that rant, did you?? Oops. ANYWAY. I just had to share. ;))

    1. Kate, I'm glad you commented even though you haven't seen the movies!! Ahhh YESSS. I love love love what you said. I too think women can and should be independent--we shouldn't RELY on men to do everything for us. But as you said, women need men and men need women.

      PREACH. Needing someone doesn't mean weakness. It means we're human. And of course, we need God most of all and He created us to need Him AND to need each other.

      I'm glad you did share!!! THANK YOU!! :D I absolutely love your take on the issue.

    2. Ditto. I haven't seen the movie yet either. You may have hit upon why I'm not excited about this one...I may be Star Warsed out. I saw the original as a kid, loved the sequels, was left cold by the prequels. I did like The Force Awakens, but I didn't love The Last Jedi with its social justice warrior bent. But I'll look forward to being pleasantly surprised by Han.

    3. I hope you enjoy seeing it, Stanley!

    4. And I still haven't seen it yet. But I did see Incredibles 2 - reviewed at my blog. I still plan to see Han...it may have left our local theater already.

  2. Ohmyword, I think we're the same person.

    As in, your reactions? Basically identical to mine.

    L3 was annoying and whyyyyyyyyy did she have to be so cringe-inducing?

    Qi'ra was cool, and I loved that we got some look into his tragic past romantic failure because I always knew he must have one to be so... so... like he is in the original movies. I think many of us have that one failed first romance (or near-romance) that ended poorly and made us wary about love for a long time. So I really related to that, and thought the whole romance was handled really well. Not too much of it, but no question about whether each of them had real feelings for each other to begin with, even if everything went awry eventually.

    I love Rogue One in a whole different way, a deeper way, but Solo is totally my summer movie for 2018 and I can't wait to go see it again!!!

    1. I took a glance at your review before I saw the movie and now I need to go back and read it without fear of spoilers. :D I'm glad we both enjoyed it!!!

      Yay!! *high fives*

      Ughhh yes. Glad it wasn't just me. It was like they were just filling the obligatory "droid role" that apparently every SW movie HAS to have. :P

      Right? I'm glad you liked her, too. A lot of people seem to NOT like her. That's fine if they don't but I personally found her character really cool and interesting. That's very true. Han definitely didn't begin life without a few emotional scars; so I loved how the movie portrayed them without it being absolutely depressing or anything.

      Cool!! I can't wait to see it again, too. :D

  3. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    People say actions speak louder than words, so if I told you I saw this movie at the cinemas twice in four days, you can guess what I think about it, right? ;)

    I agree with so much here!!! I love the story line of Rogue One, but if there was one thing it lacked, it was great depth in character and backstories, which I felt like Solo captured extremely well. Each character had something unique and emotion-invoking of some sort (except L3. Agreed. I wasn't sorry to see her go. *cough* :P).

    I LOVED Alden as Han Solo... he did it perfectly, and Harrison Ford's character has big shoes to fill. He made his own, but still kept it easy to see how he turned into the older Han. Well done, well done!

    Qi'ra was extremely interesting... (she's so pretty, too... but that's irrelevant. :P) I loved her character arc and the complexity. I hope she doesn't turn too nasty... but then I hope that her decisions aren't pathetic in any way. (Presuming they're going to make more Solo movies and she's in them...) Anyhow, I felt as though their romance really made sense, in looking back on Han's life. It helps you understand the character he is in the later movies, and I love that.

    I loved how the storyline wasn't predictable. I did guess a couple things - Beckett turning against him, and him meeting Chewie as soon as he says "Wait, there's a BEAST?!" (*cue me chuckling*: "I know what's gonna happen!") - but it wasn't boring in any sense. I loved the revealing of Enfys Nest - that was SUCH a good twist! And honestly, all the back-stabbing and double-crossing and triple-bluffing was EPIC. And the scene where you don't know what Qi'ra is going to do (when she has the sword in her hand) was intense! AH. SO GOOD.


    I was really confused with Darth Maul, haha. I was like... oh... wait... how old is Han Solo then?!! :P Interested to see where that leads... I really don't know how someone can survive after being cut in two and falling down a large hole. I mean, really? :P

    I loved how Han won the Millennial Falcon, haha. ;D

    Loved your "review", Natalie!!!


      I know. I really loved the Solo characters. (ahhh, so glad it wasn't just me :P)

      RIGHT?? I just...goodness gracious. I really love him as Han. :) He did great.

      Haha! I thought so, too! I LOVED her hairstyles and some of her clothing. Plus I just think she and Alden made such a cute couple. :) Oooh, good point. I really hope if she's in the next movies that they show WHY she chose what she did. :P And that her reasons are, though I'm sure they won't be good, understandable. Like, I could see where she perhaps was drawn to the dark side because she's spent a life of slavery and poverty. She wants to have power over her own life...and maybe that's why she chose what she did.

      Not sayin' it's a good choice, but you know. :P It's interesting to think about.

      Aww, me too! It really does help shape his character for the later movies.

      Exactly!!! I've heard so many professional "critics" thought it was predictable and boring and I'm like...did we watch the same movie?? :P

      "back-stabbing and double-crossing and triple-bluffing: xD YES


      I knoooooooow. <3

      Same. :P His "cameo" was the only thing that felt out of place in the movie. I feel as if we could have done without it, but I guess we'll see where it leads...

      THANK YOU!!! I loved your comment. :D

  4. Great review!!! :-D

    Alden Ehrenreich did A GREAT JOB playing young Han Solo. I loved his swagger and his grin and his sassiness, and yet the vulnerability and fear hiding beneath, which he has to overcome through hard work; and when he DOES finally overcome it all by the end and rise to be Han Solo as we all know him . . . AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I was so glad they didn't try to make Han this wonder kid or something--"he was always destined for greatness"--um, no. He had to WORK for it. And he did, and it was awesome.

    I did not like Qi'ra at all and was kind of glad when she was gone. Just . . . no.

    I know what you mean about it being cool that we get to see different types of strong women in the SW universe--I like that too, in general--but Qi'ra just really rubbed me the wrong way. Possibly because she was played by Emilia Clarke. Of whom I am not a fan.

    After watching this movie, I basically concluded it was a love story between Han and the Millennium Falcon; and I still think that's what it truly is. Han is on a quest for the perfect ship; and finally, at long last, he finds his perfect ship. That line in the final card game? "She belongs with me . . ." THAT WAS GOLD.

    Rogue One is still my favorite, forever and always. (It just suits me, dontcha know ;-) ) But this film was quite, quite excellent, and I really enjoyed it. *nods*

    1. Oh--I did like L3. She wasn't my favorite droid by any means (some stiff competition there, after all), but I did like her.

    2. Thanks!!!!

      AHHH so glad you thought so, too! "his swagger and his grin and his sassiness, and yet the vulnerability and fear hiding beneath..." <<YES. *cries* So much yes. Ahhh that's an amazing point. I never thought of that, but I'm really glad now, too. :)

      Aww, darn. :P What about her annoyed you, specifically? And why aren't you a fan of Emilia Clarke? I don't mind of course, just curious. :)

      Haha! I've never thought of it that way but that's pretty cool. ;)

      My brother's favorite is Rogue One, too. :D I'm glad you enjoyed Solo!!

      PS. Cool! Glad you enjoyed her, even though I didn't. :D

    3. I'm not sure what annoyed me, actually! Just, I guess, it was the constant wasted potential--like, she COULD have made different choices, but it was abundantly clear that she wasn't GOING TO; and after a while I was just like "okay, get off the screen then." :-P :-P I mean, I know that's kind of harsh. But that's how she struck me.

      (I think the reason I'm not a fan of her as an actress is mostly because of Me Before You--I absolutely hate that story, and I know actors don't necessarily choose their roles and all that, BUT STILL.)


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