I am a writer, a reader, a dreamer, and a Daughter of the One and Only King, Jesus Christ.

I believe in reaching for the stars, but being content with the ground if God keeps me there.

I'm not normal. I was homeschooled my entire life, am best friends with my brother, and currently have no college plans. (which is because I don't know what to do with my life, #sendhelp)

I'm an ISFJ/INFJ (that test is so confusing) and used to be shy and unconfident. God has been slowly teaching me how to break free of my fear, and it's literally the best feeling ever.

I drink a lot of tea. Hot and right out of a teapot is my favorite way, unless it's summer. Then I want a glass of sparkly, icy sweet tea.

Lest you think me a only great reader, I will also tell you I take pleasure in many things. (But do think me a great reader. I am not afraid of the label.) Piano, photography, and a little bit of art fill my time between my other interests. (I may as well include the fact that I help my mom with housework, though I'm not sure I'd call that an interest.)

I'm a country girl at heart and am a proud owner of a pair of cowboy boots.

I live in Michigan. Go green. :)

I yearn to travel. Please send me a plane ticket to anywhere*. I'll take it.

Team Cap all the way. And Bucky. Bucky needs a team. Bucky needs a family to protect him and give him hugs and hot coca. #morehugsforBucky

Hufflepuff and proud.

In case you were wondering about this blog's name, I have red hair and am prone to ramble.

Welcome to my blog! I hope you stay awhile. ♥

*Anywhere I'm not going to die


Roman Holiday
Pride and Prejudice ('95)
Only Angels Have Wings
The Sound of Music
BBC Robin Hood
Remember the Titans
Amazing Grace
Captain America
The Comancheros
October Baby
Anne of Green Gables
How to Train Your Dragon
North and South
Rio Bravo
Lilies of the Field
Father Goose

Sense and Sensibility
The Blue Castle
Return of the King
Emily of Deep Valley
Mara: Daughter of the Nile
The Horse and His Boy
Ella Enchanted
Catrin in Wales
The Secret Garden
The False Prince
Outlaws of Sherwood
With Every Letter
A Tale of Two Cities
Anne of Green Gables
The Horse and His Boy
Jane Eyre
Fireflies in December
Behold the Dawn
Prairie Rose
Harry Potter


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