If I'm not writing a blog post, some fan-fiction that will never been seen by the world, or in my journal, I'm probably working on one of my novels which are detailed below. My hopes are to self-publish within the next few years, Lord willing.

Although I may rethink that if a professional publisher contacts me. *hint hint* ;)

Genre: Fantasy/Fairy tale retelling
Status: Editing
Length: Novel
Expected Publication: Within the next few years

Surrounded by the strife of an impeding war between formerly allied countries, a princess seeks to be reunited with the family she's forgotten. Meanwhile, there is a prince intent on winning the hand of the maiden he has chosen to be his wife while his loyal friend and knight is faced with the most difficult choice of his life.

Love this shade of blue...Love this shade of red...the 2 go perfectly together in this photo:

Genre: Historical Christian fiction 
Status: Writing
Length: Novel
Expected publication: ???

 A historical romance set during World War II. Christian themes of trust and redemption energize the story of a girl and her family and the trials war brings to their family. Set during wintertime, this story is characterized by images such as a cozy farmhouse, hot black coffee, frigid stars, pancakes frying on the griddle, and the strength of God's faithfulness against the struggles of life.

farmhouse snow | Our farm house in the snow … in the south central Pennyslvania area.:

Neven's Backstory
Genre: Fantasy
Status: Writing
Length: Previously a novella; now a novel :P
Expected publication: Don't make me laugh

Behind every villain is a story. Neven, the villain from the retelling of "The Princess and the Pea" has much more in the depths of his past than simply a cruel desire for power.

there he is, the man himself :P

Snow White
Genre: Fantasy/Fairy tale retelling
Status: Brainstorming
Length: Novel
Expected publication: ???

Set during the same world as "The Princess and the Pea" and "Neven's backstory". 
A girl cast away from the only life she'd ever known finds herself hiding away in the mountains from her own stepmother. Sheltered and protected by seven reclusive men, each with unique strengths and disabilities, she struggles with her new life. Meanwhile, her stepmother—and a certain young man—seek to find her again.

(I actually have way more story ideas than this, but I have to keep some secret, don't I? ;))


  1. They sound beautiful! I like the Princess and the Pea, that story hasn't been re-told very much, so it sounds very original. Have you published or self published any of these?
    -Gray Marie

    1. Thank you, Gray! I'm hoping to self publish my stories once they're finished, but as of right now, I'm still in the editing and writing process. :)


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