I've been gone so long you all have probably forgotten me...

Heeeey, all. Here I am. Long time no see. (I told you that exciting Newsies information nearly killed me. See? I've been away so long because I've been in the hospital.)

Just kidding. ;)

No, actually, I've just been busy with....life. I have no real excuse. :P

simply-divine-creation: Paper Canoe Printables (No More Despair):
I'm a little sad that summer has gone by so quickly, but it's okay
because autumn is just around the corner and that makes me SO happy.
Finally I redecorated my blog for autumn, It didn't come out as autumn-ish as I planned, but I love it so much that I don't even mind. :) I may change out the background, though. It feels a bit busy to me. Thoughts? Opinions? Criticism? 

Although I know it's not really necessary to complete my Goodreads challenge, I really would like to say I read 100 books this year. Problem? I'm "29 books behind schedule". I can't decide between giving up or trying to read as many light and fast books as I can...

The Thief by Chet Phillips #comics #art:

I just finished The Hobbit not too long ago (my first time!) and, though I prefer The Lord of the Rings, I enjoyed it very much. I love Bilbo Baggins. I have no words to describe how wonderful he is. :) I love that he yearned for his tea kettle so often. ;)

I also finished reading K. M. Weiland's Outlining Your Novel which was very helpful and interesting. I'll definitely be referring back to it. Speaking of K. M. Weiland, she posted this blog post that I think any and all writers should read. Especially if you struggle with thinking your writing is horrible. (Which is....all writers. :P) Here's the link. Read it. Now. You can thank me later.

"Think of your writer self as an eager, creative child. When that child doesn’t succeed, are you going to hold him in your arms—or spank him?" -K. M. Weiland

 I recently watched something I never expected to watch—or want to watch. High School Musical. I don't know about you, but those movies were THE THING when I was a kid. I never saw them  (we didn't watch many "new" movies as kids-unless they were animated ones. :P), but a week or so ago I decided to pick up the first one from the library shelf, and....well, I really enjoyed it. :)  Yes, these movies are lame and cheesy, but they're also really funny and SUPER sweet. (TROYELLA) Once you get used to it, the songs are actually pretty catchy and fun. The dancing is SPOT ON. And trivia fact--the director of HSM also directed Newsies! (ahh, that's why I loved it...)

I Fell For My Best Friend. - I Fell For My Best Friend.:

(Also, can we talk about Sharpay's outrageous and ridiculous sense of style? Like thisAnd this. )

Underrated lines in High School Musical, Best of Tumblr:

I love Chad. And his Phantom of the Opera reference was so perfect. :)

I wanted to tell a few specific readers that I watched some movies they recommended. Instead of tracking down the comments where we talked of it, I'll just tell you here.

Hamlette, from your suggested list of Patrick Wayne movies, I picked out and watched McClintock! And I loved it! Not just because Patrick Wayne is extremely amazing in it (and extremely attractive) (and that he didn't die. It was close, though. ;))  but also because it was such a funny and fun movie. The day I watched it, I was actually in need of some encouragement and the movie was the perfect distraction from my woes. Never underestimate the healing power of a good book or movie on an off day, people. (Although, of course, our real source of encouragement and healing comes from God. But then, don't you think He perhaps uses said books and movies to help us out sometimes? Just a thought.)

Jessica Prescott and Miss Meg, per your suggestion that I watch Hidalgo, I did! It was quite exciting and suspenseful and entertaining. (I may or may not have freaked out when I -spoilers- thought Hidalgo might actually die -end of spoilers-) And Fraaaank. Yes, I liked him very much. I mean, Viggo Mortenson, guys, come on. :P He wasn't quite as amazing as he is as Aragorn (how could any role be more amazing than being Aragorn, King of Gondor, Elfstone, Elessar, etc.?!) but he was an overall good guy. :)


Browsing blogs one day I stumbled upon the Musical Book Tag and decided to steal it. Actually, I didn't steal it. It was open to anyone who wished to use it. :P Also according to the post, I'm allowed to change/add any musicals I want, so I went ahead and did. 

Due to my inability to pick absolute favorites, consider my answer as "ONE of my favorite..." ;)

Wicked: Favorite Fictional Friendship
Well, I'm reaaaally tempted to say "Henry and Arthur" from my own book, but since it's not actually completed yet I suppose that'd be cheating. :P  So, I'll go with Frodo Baggins and Samwise Gamgee. <3 (From Lord of the Rings. Obviously)

(Oh, and I thought of another one! Jessy and Gemma in Fireflies in December.)

Anastasia: Favorite Villain
(Because did you hear, THEY MADE ANASTASIA INTO A MUSICAL. It's coming to Broadway!!)
Hmmmm. This is hard. I think most of my favorite villains are movie villains. Let's see....*stares at my book shelf* Auuuwehhlllll, let's just say Chauvelin from The Scarlet Pimpernel.

Phantom of the Opera: Favorite Love Triangle
I'm going to say Jane, Jehu, and William from Boston Jane. 
(Olivia, you should read that book. And the sequels. For some reason I think you'd like them.)

The Lion King: Favorite Side-Kick
Marek is absolutely adorable in Behold the Dawn.
(Hahaha, look, Olivia, it's another book on your to-read list!)

Fiddler on the Roof: Least Favorite Ending
I could say Les Mis, but that feels rather cliche and it wasn't a bad ending...just sad. I can't think of many books with bad endings. Or, endings I would change... OH! Yes, I do. Mansfield Park. (I'm sorry, Jane Austen.) I don't like how quickly and conveniently the ends are tied up in that story. I feel as if Jane Austen herself just got tired of writing it, and decided to skip to the end. Not fair. 


Daddy-Long-Legs: Favorite Book To Movie Adaption
Umm....meaning a book I like with a movie adaption I like as well? Easy. Anne of Green Gables.

Les Miserables: Favorite Character Death
Does this mean a character I love who dies or a character who dies a great death? Ummm. I'm torn. I could say Walter from Rilla of Ingleside because he's wonderful, but I could say Boromir because he dies an honorable and epic death. Make your choice. :P

Sound of Music: Favorite Fictional Family
The Ray family in the Betsy Tacy books is such a fun, sweet family.

Over The Hills (Period Drama Fun): "The Whole World Is A Garden!" A Little Catch…:
Newsies: Favorite Group of Fictional Friends
(Heh heh heh. No, this wasn't one of the questions I made myself. :P What would make you possibly think that?)
The girls in The Mother Daughter Book Club.

Beauty and the Beast: Favorite Fairy Tale Retelling
Ella Enchanted, a retelling of Cinderella. IT'S JUST SO SWEET.

All I need are books and tea:

It is time for me to leave you. Thank you for gracing my blog with your presence and reading this rather long post. I hope to pop on here more often! (But don't count on it. Heh.)
If you're feeling down today, go cuddle up with a good book and a cup of tea (or coffee or whatever you prefer) and remember that no matter how big your problems, at least you don't have Mr. Darcy's woes. Like this. Or this. Or not being able to smile on your wedding day. :)


  1. I have a book review to finish, but I just wanted to say: I'M REALLY HAPPY YOU LIKED HIDALGO.

    Really, I am. Such a great movie. Especially Frank, and Hidalgo, and the history, and the scenery . . . and everything . . .

    "Let 'er buck." *sniffle*

    1. :D Yes!

      Ohh yes, the scenery was amazing! I might have gasped at the one point where the sun was setting behind Frank and Hidalgo....it was beautiful. :') I also really loved the mix of the West (Frank) and the Middle East. It was such a cool and exciting combination!


  2. This was great, nice to see your posts back! As far as reading 100 books go by the end of the year, any progress toward that goal is a success. Enjoy what you read, and I am so impressed by your trying for that goal!

    Take care!

    1. Aww, thank you, OldFashionGirl! Indeed, yes, you're right. Thank you for the encouragement! :D

      You too! :)

  3. Natalie YOUR HEADER - that's like your best header so far (which says a lot.) Also, there's a Rose picture! From Downton Abbey! :-)

    Loved this post; and it's great to hear from you again. That quote from KM Weiland is excellent. :-P Also, Chauvelin is one of my favourite villains too, haha. He's pathetic and funny and terrible and mean and pitiful all at the same time.

    OR NOT BEING ABLE TO SMILE ON YOUR WEDDING DAY. I love that picture to bits. "Best day of my life." :-P

    ~ Naomi

    1. Thanks, Naomi!! I'm so glad you think so. I like it quite a lot myself. :) Yes!! I just loved that picture of Rose. She's so pretty and her red coat is perfection. I really want it. :)

      So glad you enjoyed it. And hahaha, yes, isn't he?! He's just the perfect villain for that story.

      I KNOW. Me too. :D

  4. Forgotten you? What nonsense is this? Of course we haven't forgotten you! (The idea! Next joke, please. ;))

    Mwhahaha! You are in a joking mood today, aren't you? Staying in the hospital? Oh, you poor dear. I think it might be advisable for you to take a break from movies for a while. I mean...if they're going to nearly KILL you!! ;)

    Your new look is BEAUTIFUL! And THAT HEADER! Wow. It's so lovely. I like the background, too. I can see why you might think it looks a bit busy, but quite frankly, that was not my initial reaction when I first saw it, so I really think it's alright. It's up to you, though, if you want to change it. :) (Your sidebar's looking good, too.)

    Ohhh! I really like that quote by K.M. Weiland. That is excellent. Thank you for including it!!

    I'm so glad you found a good movie to watch that day you were feeling down. A good movie can be such a comfort. You're right, of course, God is our ultimate source for healing and encouragement, but I think it's reasonable to assume that He would sometimes use movies and books as the tools to lift our spirits. After all, why not? He knows the things that bring us joy better than we do ourselves. :)

    The illustration of Frodo and Sam is SO cute! I like it. :)

    Haha. Yeah. Mansfield Park is rather rushed at the end, isn't it? Northanger Abbey is sort of that way, too. I wonder why Jane Austen decided to do it that way. It is very unfair, indeed. :P

    Thanks for this post, Natalie! It's so good to hear from you again! :D

    1. Heehee. ;)

      Yes, yes I was. :D And hmm...if you insist. I suppose it would be a horrible thing to die from a movie. Haha!

      Aww, thank you!!! I'm SO happy you like it. You don't think the background is too busy? That's good. I'm rather accustomed to it now, so we'll see. Maybe I'll keep it for awhile. :) (And thank you, I had fun redoing the sidebar. :))

      You're quite welcome! :D

      Yes, indeed! I'm glad you agree. And oh, good point. It's certainly comforting to know that he knows us so well--better than we know ourselves! :D

      Isn't it, though? They're just so sweet. <3

      I haven't read Northanger Abbey in so long, but I want to. I know! I for one would want to give my readers delicious endings. Not rushed and un-detailed. Why, Jane Austen, why? :/

      Thank YOU! I'm glad to be "back." :)

  5. Oh my! What a gorgeous new look! (Although it's spinning my head, since everyone's doing autumn themes and I'm more like, "Oh that's pretty but GUYS IT'S SPRING!!" Hahaha. :P) But no, that does not make me unappreciative of it. The header is ssooo pretty - it's got a slightly misty, mysterious twist to it, almost. I really like it. :D

    Haha, I'm with you there about reading. ;P I'm not sure how many books I've read this year (12? 15?) but it's not that many. But I'm okay with that. I read to ENJOY my books and SAVOUR them. I never EVER skim ANYTHING, and I often re-read passages I like, so I'm a pretty slow reader, really. ;)

    Oohhh!! You just read The Hobbit!!! I've read that book several times. It's so comfy and fun. :) Your opinion on it is pretty much EXACTLY the same as mine. :D (I knew I always liked you, haha.)

    For some reason my computer won't allow me to read the "Outlining Your Novel" blog post, but I liked the quote from it! :)

    Wow, really?! I've had lots of friends (friends who go to school) tell me I have to see High school Musical but admittedly I always decline it. It just always looked so... bad. :P Haha, but someday I'll give it a go then! But it'll never be as good as Newsies, hehe. ;D

    Ooohh, you watched Hidalgo!! Yay, I'm so glad you liked it. :) Haha, yeah sorry, I should have warned you that Frank is amazing but he's not really on the scale when it comes to Aragorn... ;P Mind you, I do love Frank very much. (So now I'm kind of curious... did you end up having any problems with the lady's dress after all? I hope it was as clean as I remember. :/) And what did you think of Jazira? Do you 'ship' her and Frank or do you think they're much better as individuals? ;) Funny, when I first glanced at her, I thought she looked a LITTLE like Arwen, and I was like 'WOULDN'T IT BE COOL IF THEY HAD ARAGORN AND ARWEN TOGETHER AGAIN. <3 <3 <3'

    Aww, that drawing of Frodo and Sam is SO DARN CUTE. <3

    Haha, I think Chauvelin is one of my favourite villains, too. ;)

    Oh dear, Mr. Darcy is rather clueless when it comes to smiling and figuring out girls. And by golly, I do wish he would SMILE MORE. You know, I don't dislike Mr. Darcy, but he's certainly not on my top 10 favourite literary heroes list. :P

    I loved this post.
    ~Miss Meg

    1. Oh, thank you SO much, Miss Meg! (Heehee, I totally get you. The flip flop of seasons is really strange...I guess it just shows how creative God is! Even though it confuses us. :P)
      I'm so glad my header "feels" that way to you, because that's exactly the look I was going for. :)

      Bravo for you! I personally can't decide between reading a ton of books or reading a few very slowly. I love both methods, I suppose. :) (Although I do admit I sometimes have to skim boring books if I'm going to retain my sanity. :P)

      Yes, I did!! And yay! It IS comfy and fun. So glad we agree. (Same here! ;))

      Aww, sorry about that. I'm so glad you like the quote, though!

      I always felt the same way about HSM. It's surprisingly very clean (unless you meant bad as in cheesy and lame. Then yes, it IS a little of that!), although the girls' outfits aren't always the *most* appropriate. But, depending on your family's standards, it may be totally fine. :)
      Do tell me if you give it a try! (Haha, it definitely is NOT as good as Newsies. :P)

      Yeah, I did! Haha, don't worry about it. I didn't expect him to be THAT amazing. It's just not humanly possible. :P No, not at all! There was absolutely nothing inappropriate in that regard. Which was great, although funny that the website I read had it so wrong. :P
      I admit I'm glad Frank and Jazira weren't a couple. She just seemed too young for him, in my opinion. I loved them as friends, though. What do you think? (And YUS! I saw her on the box and thought she looked very much like Arwen. If only... <3)

      I love it, too! <3


      Heehee, he is that! Yeah, I'm not quite sure myself. I don't *think* he's on my top ten list, but I haven't really thought about it lately. :/

      Thanks so much! :D

    2. Haha, no I meant HSM "bad" as in cheesy and lame. ;P Sure thing! (And yeah, it's gotta be preeetty good if it beats Newsies. ;D)

      Oh, I'm so glad that it didn't have any problems in that area!
      Yeah, I getcha. I confess I COULD imagine it working out, but she is pretty young for him, and Frank is pretty cool just going solo anyway... but I still really liked the ending. :)
      (Haha, exactly! "If only... <3")

      Oh, well, I've not actually thought about my 'top 10' list properly, but I can easily estimate he wouldn't be on it, haha. :P

      ~Miss Meg

    3. Ohh, okay, I see. :) Heehee, it is at first, but...I don't know. Once I finished it, I was hooked. It's just one of those perfect light, fluffy movies to watch when you want to be cheered up. :)

      Me too!!
      I agree. Haha! Yes, indeed, Frank is a cool solo guy. (But hopefully he finds love someday....maybe?)
      (I know!!)

      Haha! :D That's okay. :)


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